Why They Are So Popular – Retirement Villages Mandurah?

Why They Are So Popular – Retirement Villages Mandurah?

Mandurah is a city that stands out and has become one of the most sort out places in Western Australia. Being home to Peel-Harvey wildlife and migratory birds, has turned this place into a tourism gem.

It is this environment that has made this place an excellent location for retirement villages.

Location relative to Perth

The small city boasts of being less than 45 minutes away from Perth via the freeway (It is accessible by train). The proximity to Perth has  resulted in many Retirement Villages in Mandurah. Which means you can go shopping in the city and in two hours you will be home. As a retiree, you can even look for a casual job in Perth and still manage to commute from your retirement village.

Serene Environment.

Being a small city, retirement villages in Mandurah have built on this offering retirees a quiet relaxing environment. The shores offer a peaceful and tranquil  environment, especially during the summer. You get to feel the caress of the ocean breeze and the sight of birds decorating the sky. Knowing this, most retirement villages in Mandurah boast resort-style  living with some villages offering epic picturesque beachfront views.  Locals here also are friendly and caring compared to city life where everyone is always in a rush to get somewhere.

Unique Community Vibe 

With a lot of retirement villages in Mandurah offering community centers and social activities as part of their packages, there is always something to do. At these community centers, you can go swimming in heated pools, get creative in the workshop, play a game with a friend or even visit the community library. The other reason for the popularity of Mandurah Retirement villages is that Mandurah boasts  four  golf courses spread across the city. Besides the golf club you can also go for bowling with your friends.

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Source: Mandurah Mail

Mandurah is supportive to entrepreneurs with immense support from the local community and organisations. If also you are a job seeking retiree, jobs are also available in the area with more in  Perth.

 Seamless Transport

 Retirement villages Mandurah provide convenience and peace of mind with free transportation to and from the village.  Uber is also available in Mandurah. These retirement villages also have been built close to bus stops. The best part is that you will never be late for an appointment as traffic within Mandurah is minimal making traffic jams a thing of the past.

Variety of Retirement Villages Mandurah.

When it comes to cost most people always consider it when choosing a good retirement village. Retirement villages in Mandurah offer value for money by offering a variety of purchase terms that will suit your budget. There are budget-friendly homes, apartments, and luxurious villas, all having different purchase structures. Others are solely for renting, others going for fixed period leasehold and even others are for sale. As a retiree, there is an ownership structure that will fit your expected budget in retirement villages Mandurah.

Mandurah is a safe city that offers  an adventurous life in the various retirement villages. You just have to find your perfect retirement village. After finding this you will find moving in to Mandurah as rewarding. Life here is not too fast till you forget to enjoy that treasures of the place. Instead Mandurah is the place which will offer you the time to appreciate the sandy beaches, the beachfront views, and the flora and fauna in the parks. If you are a retiree living in one of the Mandurah retirement villages, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email, share your stories and experiences with thousands of retirees, or simply visit https://4retirees.com/ check local casual jobs opportunities to get some pocket money and meet new friends or simple leave your review on our website.

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