Why SEEK Part Time Jobs Are Not Options For Seniors

Why SEEK Part Time Jobs Are Not Options For Seniors
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Once you get old and enter the senior bracket, your taste for those extravagant shenanigans lowers down quite a bit. You simply look for a simple meal, your normal clothes, a quiet evening under the stars, and maybe, a little side income that gets the ball rolling. 

Seeking jobs through SEEK

Residing in Australia, you know pretty well where to search, if you need a job. Simply open your browser and visit seek.com. SEEK is Australia’s largest job search portal which is internationally recognized and people value it. But, does seek offer jobs for seniors, or should I say, can Senior citizens seek part time jobs through SEEK.com?

This raises a pretty tricky question, which I guess even SEEK is not sure about. Probably they do need to enter a senior section to their website to broaden their user base but things seem a bit weak when you look out to seek part time jobs for seniors. If you don’t really agree with me, how about I highlight a few points here.

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SEEK focuses extensively on careers

You might be thinking how this is a counter-productive thing. The truth is, ‘It is not’. What could be wrong with focusing on one’s career? 

The only possible explanation for this question would be, ‘What if you don’t need a career to look on to?’ What if you’ve already gone through all those drills, worked hard all those hours and achieved all that you wanted, a long time ago? If you simply need to look for something simple, something less crazy, something less stressful, and something that a senior citizen would like? What if you simply seek part time jobs or a single job for that matter.’

SEEK focuses on full-time jobs and fixed employment

Full-time jobs are obviously favorite for most people. They give you more job security and you don’t need to go through the hassle of finding an extra job if you wish to earn more. 

This passion for success is pretty commendable but it works better for a teenager or a youngster who looks down the next 40-50 years of his life and where he wants to be. Unfortunately, this is not the case with seniors. They already have their entire life planned out and they’ve already lived a major chunk of it. All they need is something simple and rather part-time to earn their basic needs, without the crazy stuff, as well as an opportunity for seniors helping seniors

All jobs are either about computer or the Internet

A person who is around 55-60 years old is not that tech-savy. Nowadays, everything is run through a computer and with Internet, the world has turned into a global market. Senior Citizens don’t have much know how of these modernized jobs. With old traditional methods of working having simply diminished, job opportunities for seniors have shrunk in this regard as well.

Respecting seniors

There is no doubt that if a company wishes to earn extra, they need to go where the market is. Youngsters seeking jobs are in vast numbers and they do bring in profit to the company but senior citizens deserve our respect. They need to be offered jobs where they can genuinely work, not some posting out of mere formality. I have a firm belief that seniors have a right to seek part time jobs if they want to and they ought to be respected for that.

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