Here’s Why Digital Literacy Gets More Important With Age

Here’s Why Digital Literacy Gets More Important With Age

The digital age does not wait for anybody. In fact, digital literacy is now one of the most important skills for anyone–seniors and retirees included–for a more fulfilling lifelong learning.

As a citizen of this global and technological society, the impact of technology, social media, and other online activities is gigantic. Digital literacy is important for people of all ages. For students, a home PC or laptop is non-negotiable. For working adults, the threshold of minimum digital literacy is climbing, and being able to master technology opens many doors. Nowadays, everything is practically online!

If you’re still starting on your digital literacy journey, here are some things to ponder on.

Digital Literacy as a learning tool

Digital literacy is known as the ability of an individual to use computers, the internet, and technology. In addition to finding, creating, and communicate information, digitally literate people are more attractive to potential employers.

The online world has also opened so many opportunities for learning and developing your skills. For students, online research is a huge part of school learning. For employees, job requirements in different fields often are filled with proficiency with computer and tech tools. Much of the things we don’t know how to do can be found online. It has become an online catalogue of skills and a global library of knowledge from where we can learn and grow.

Importance with Age

Digital literacy also becomes more important with age because it helps seniors bridge the gap between the younger generation. As seniors, there is so much information online that before wasn’t available to us. It lets us see more of the world without actually leaving our home.

But with the throve of information online comes challenges and opportunities for bad people to spread misinformation. This is why as guardians of our kids and grandchildren, it is also our duty to safeguard them from the increasing perils of false information that is also starting to grow online. Our maturity is important in guiding the younger members of our family and community to know how to use technology and the internet responsibly.

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Communication has also been greatly revolutionized by technology. We can now communicate with anyone from all over the globe through various media like photos, videos, chats, voice calls, video calls, webinars, and more. Social media enables you to reconnect to people you thought has been long gone from your life. It also helps you keep connected with those around you.

Benefits of Digital literacy



In general, digital literacy opens so many doors and potential that were previously only content of science fiction movies. There is so much more we can do and explore if we just open ourselves to the possibilities of the online world.

  • Digitally literate people have more advantage in numerous sectors, from information technology to the administration business. Digital literacy helps us improve our tech skills.
  • Digitally literate people have more access to learning materials. We can learn so many things from articles, library databases, video lectures, and online courses.
  • Family ties remain strong when a whole family is digitally literate. Video conferencing, social networking, and email correspondence can keep you connected with your family members, wherever they are in the world.
  • Digitally literate individuals save time and cash. Paying bills, applying for employments, doing assessments, and banking can all be done online.

Digital literacy starts with you. If you need help starting on your digital journey, check out our FREE ONLINE COURSES on using some of the most important digital and tech tools, or sign up for a FREE DIGITAL MENTORING SESSION with our online mentors.


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