What Wisdom Would You Share With Younger Generations?

What Wisdom Would You Share With Younger Generations?

The insightful wisdom that comes with age is a truly special thing. Older generations are gifted with the ability to look back and reflect on things that have happened in the past with hindsight.

You’ve probably gathered a wealth of life knowledge and experience over the years, and are now better equipped to tackle future challenges.

There is no better way to extend the wonderful benefits from this wisdom, than to share it with those who need it most – the younger generations.

But what wisdom can you share, and how?

The power of storytelling, memories and practical advice

Your advice and insights to younger generations can be both illuminating and inspiring. Whether the stories you tell are serious, light-hearted, moving or practical, they’re bound to be useful for others to hear and absorb. Wisdom shared with the younger generations is particularly beneficial because it gives them an opportunity to apply your advice to their own lives, whether it is right now or further down the track.

There are vast possibilities of what the wisdom you impart could cover, but some common themes include: Cooking, food and the importance of family time. Pass down your favourite recipes along with little stories of the good times the dish evokes

Retirement communities often have retirees, both older men and women, that tend to be fantastic storytellers – perhaps you’re the same! Often your life seems truly incredible, adventurous and grand as you grew up in a time that was so different from the present. Tell your stories, discuss what you’ve learned and explore the ideals you now hold close to your heart as a result.

Find opportunities to impart wisdom to the younger generation

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with all the advice and wisdom you want to share with your loved ones, but the best way to share this is not all at once! Take advantage of particular opportunities perfectly suited to discuss specific topics or tell certain stories.

There are critical moments in people’s lives, turning points where they need advice and wisdom the most – graduations, getting their first job, moving out of home, engagements, marriage, or having a baby. Whether it’s your child, grandchild or friend or friend in retirement communities, plant your seeds of suggestion, provide constructive and positive tips, and entrust them with your honest opinions.

It’s always important to start with a foundation of trust. In order for your wisdom to have an effect and be considered, it’s essential that you are trustworthy, sincere and 100% genuine.

Now, it’s your turn 

Do you have particular life experiences that have been your teachers that could also be useful for others? Have you looked back at times from your past and seen things with fresh eyes and a renewed perspective?

Share your wisdom through these thoughts and tales with the young people in your life. They have much to learn ahead of them! Hopefully they can learn from previous mistakes. Think about their lives and actions in new ways. Gain a fresh perspective to enlighten their goals and aspirations. At the very least they get to know you a little bit better by you sharing your insights and experiences. Join retirement communities and impart the knowledge and experiences that you have encountered.

Over to you – what wisdom will you share with younger generations?

We wish you many beautiful life-changing stories to come. Go ahead. Tell us yours!

Your, 4Retirees team

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