8 Unique Gift Ideas For Older Women

8 Unique Gift Ideas For Older Women

Gift shopping for older women can be a challenging and tedious process. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary or celebration, there’s never enough time to spend researching all of the ideas.

With so many options and websites to look through, it can be an overwhelming time as you try to find the perfect gift to impress.

You have to consider the taste and “likes” of the woman you are buying the gift for, making it all that much more difficult to find the perfect gift.

As we get older, preferences change. Gifts that provide practicality or some sentimental meaning go a long way as we tend to find more value from them.

If you are shopping for an older woman and are feeling a little stuck, here are some of the best birthday, Christmas, anniversary and retirement gift ideas to surprise them and make them feel special.

#1. Gift An Experience

grandma holding granddaughters hand

Many individuals tend to get bored as they age. They have lived for very long, and they need experiences to make life interesting again. So, why not do that instead of buying an object?

We were all teenagers at one point, so we understand how simple it is to become bored. Older women have a wealth of life experience, but the experience is invaluable and we can’t ever have too much of it!

Giving an older woman over 60 the ability to experience something new helps keep their life exciting and fresh, making it a perfect choice to break up the mundaneness that senior life can sometimes bring.

Think about the woman you are buying the gift for and consider her hobbies or favourite past times, which should help narrow down your choices.

Is there a unique experience that she would love to be a part of?

Sometimes the answer isn’t always clear, but if you’re dealing with an ambitious individual, surprising them with an experience that might get them out of their comfort zone is a great idea.

However, here are a few ideas to help you get started with the best gifts for older women:

  • A boat cruise
  • A weekend getaway to a place they have always wanted to visit
  • A day trip 
  • A relaxing spa day
  • Safari adventures
  • Helicopter rides
  • Winery tour

From getting pampered at a day spa, experiencing the thrill of a helicopter ride above the Grand Canyon to tasting some of the country’s finest wines – there’s something for every woman. 

The excellent thing about these gift ideas is that they may require company, making them an ideal choice for an intimate day between them and their loved one.

Not every woman over 60 would be thrilled about the idea of a helicopter ride, but there are women over 60 who are still ambitious and daring who may love experiencing something new.

This list aims to let you know that nothing is off-limits. Everyone loves adventure, so choose one that they will love. 

#2. Gift Of Health 

girl covering old ladies eyes with hands


Health is something we take seriously as we get older, so preserving longevity goes a long way to ensure they can still do the activities they love to do.

There are many excellent gifts in this category, providing an endless amount of gift ideas an older woman would be sure to love.

With the fitness industry being so large these days, health & wellness programs are taking place in every gym and even retirement communities all over the world.

Yoga is an underrated physical activity that provides many nurturing qualities for both the mind and body. As we get older, stress gets less easy to deal with and can be tiring, both physically and mentally, so yoga can help alleviate some of those toxic points in your body.

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be all about lifting weights – especially as you get older. Gyms run boxing classes designed to help build up your cardio and gets you moving around, to help break up a sedentary lifestyle.

Take a moment and consider what might suit them better. Would they enjoy a cardio-based fitness program more or a slow-paced yoga routine? 

It doesn’t have to stop here. You can even sign them up for meditation and other such classes because mental health is also just as important as physical health. 

If you can find a well-rounded program that is purpose-built to their health needs, it can make a perfect gift choice for a senior woman.

#3. Gift Some Flair 


vintage clothes

Looking stylish doesn’t stop with old age. Trying new styles are ideal for women of over 60, given it allows them to enhance their look and try something vastly different.

We all love shopping for clothes that will help us stand out, feel comfortable and more fashionable with ease. 

Shopping for women is not always a simple task, unfortunately, but hopefully, we can make that task a little easier.

Being able to understand the fashion sense of the woman you’re buying for goes a long way, so consider these few questions:

  • Do they like classic and vintage clothing? 
  • Do they like adding accessories such as hats, jewellery, scarves, etc to their outfits?
  • Where do they love shopping the most? What shops do you frequently see them wear clothes from?
  • Would they love a gift card instead?

Giving them the ability to shop at their leisure with a gift card helps eliminate any possibility of them not liking your clothing choices, as some women may be too difficult to buy clothes for.

All these questions will help you understand their style so you can present one of the best gifts for older women. 

Online shops such as Nordstrom, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic are all great choices if you’re looking for brands offering a wide variety of clothing in both affordable and designer brands. 

For the Aussies, you might want to consider shops such as David Jones, Target and Tulio

#4. Gift Something Personal 

just for you gifts


We all love handmade and personal gifts, especially with older age.

They remind us that the other person deeply cares about us and have put in a lot of thought to making our day all that much more special.

Personal gifts help make an elderly woman feel loved and wanted by giving her something personal with a lot of sentimental value.

This gift idea will take some creativity and innovation, so think about the woman you’re wanting to create this gift for. 

Personal gifts like this should showcase their personality, their interests and how much they mean to you.

Of course, you will have to think long and hard about what would make them smile. However, here are some of the best-personalized gifts for older women to help you get started:

  • A gift basket of all their favorite items
  • A handwritten letter or card
  • A homemade gift 
  • A luxury experience they will never pay for themselves
  • A collection of their favorite perfumes
  • A video of the best memories of their lives
  • A jar full of handwritten memories and reasons why you love them.

These are personal gifts, and they show that someone is willing to go the extra mile for them. 

They are also inexpensive gift ideas that showcase your creativity, and gifts that require creativity end up feeling more personal which is always a plus.

After all, isn’t that what we all want? When people go above and beyond to make us feel happy, it’s only natural to reciprocate and make their day that much better.

#5. Gift Some Skills 

young woman and old woman at table

Learning is a lifelong experience. One never stops learning, and many women love to learn about new things as they get older. The curiosity and thirst for learning never stop at any age. 

Here are some skills you can present as gifts for older women:

  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Jewellery making
  • Photography
  • Dancing
  • Singing

Buying an easel and some paint can help bring out their creative side, whereas dancing can help them keep active and even feel more youthful.

There are plenty of online classes and courses that can help senior women learn new skills such as painting, dancing and drawing. 

If you want to help them get into the kitchen and try some new recipes, there are plenty of YouTube channels purpose-built for this.

The list is endless. There are so many skills that one can learn. Of course, if you want to give the best gift, you might want to gauge their interest first. 

Will they be more interested in art or perhaps learning how to make their own glamorous jewellery? 

Many platforms offer people of all ages the chance to learn new skills and for seniors meeting people!

#6. Gift Some Care 

gifts for older women lip gloss

Much like a day at the spa or a deep massage, we all love to feel pampered, so a beauty pack could be a great choice to help senior women feel gorgeous and glowing.

Elderly women will love these gifts, which are sure to help them feel more youthful.

Help them into their caring side by reminding them they deserve some attention and care too.

#7. Gift Some Comfort

fluffy white pillows

There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable. Whether it be slipping into bed after a long day or kicking your feet up on the couch after work, we all know and love that feeling.

Adjusting to old age can wreak havoc on our bones and muscles so having things that bring us a sense of comfort and healing can be beneficial.

Getting pampered is one thing, but what about a new fluffy pair of slippers?

At home, we all live in our moccasins and ugg boots because they’re warm and comfy and as such, would make a perfect gift for a woman who might be on her feet doing housework all day.

That’s just one example, but the list is truly endless.

Comforting gifts for older women can include a TENS machine, supportive pillows, a thick dressing gown, an electric or weighted blanket or even neck pillows can go a long way to keeping you warm, comfortable and pain-free throughout even the coldest seasons.

#8. Gift Some Value

A vacuum cleaner on wooden floor in a white room.

Receiving gifts of value are the best because they are useful and serve a purpose.

Gifts of value can be anything that person might truly need. Did their vacuum cleaner recently break or die out? Getting a replacement for them might be just what they need to make their special day so much better.

Are they wanting to eat healthier? Perhaps an air-fryer might be a great choice, given they can fry, bake and dehydrate their favourite foods with up to 75% less fat.

The possibilities are endless.

To generate ideas about what this person may truly need – just ask. Strike up a conversation about how things are going with them and generally, people will always tell you about things that have gone wrong and you become the perfect answer to their problem.

Final Words 

Gift shopping for an elderly woman doesn’t have to be difficult, and we hope that we were able to give you some great gift ideas to make their special day all that much more special.

Taking into account their interests and their personality will help narrow down some of the best choices, whether they are 40 or 60 – there is something for every woman.



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