20+ Stylish Hairstyles For Short Grey Hair Over 60

Grey hair is part of our life, it is part of nature’s way of telling us to age gracefully. Most of the time people tend to hide these grey hairs upon appearing, while others choose to embrace it.

Lately, even some teenager is choosing to dye their hair in this colour. So why not go grey?

As a woman over 60, choosing to go grey is quite economical as it saves a lot on the numerous dyes that you would have otherwise have purchased. Embracing your gray hair requires less effort too, and is made easier with purple-based shampoos designed for gray hair that help remove brassy undertones.

When styling grey hair, the desired length is always considered before the texture and type of hair is considered. Here are The Most Sexy Short Grey Hair Over 60 styles that will make you not only look young but also feel beautiful and stylish.

1.Classic bob

short grey hair over 60 1
Source: Instagram

Bob hairstyles have always been fashioned no matter the colour type you want, and once again the classic bob hasn’t disappointed. This style is characterized by its straight look and is good to your natural grey look. As with bobs, it is easy to maintain and gives a focused look.

2. Short edgy style

short grey hair over 60 2
Source: therighthairstyles.com

The edginess of this style is achieved by the flicks sticking out. It is a natural-looking hairstyle that makes it one of The Most Sexy Short Grey Hair Over 60 styles to consider. For those with round faces, this hairstyle complements your features to give you a graceful appearance. It is also a good style as you transition from colour to grey.

3.Curly short bob

short grey hair over 60 3
Source: Hadviser.com

Having curly hair is quite advantageous for women over sixty. This is a sexy hairstyle for ladies with curly grey hair. The bob cut will focus on and enhance your beauty.. It also gives your grey hair some volume and movement.

4.Spiky Grey Pixie

short grey hair over 60 4
Source: Hadviser.com

This bold pixie is sexy and trendy for women over 60 with glasses. Glasses complement this style and even add youth and vitality to your look. The hair is cut in such manner that at the top it’s relatively longer to give the hair some volume. The back and sides are then cut short. The result is a sexy short hairstyle for women over 60.

5.Forever young

short grey hair over 60 5
Source: therighthairstyles.com

This is a light and sensationally sexy style of grey hair for women over 60. The hair is side-parted and has room for some bangs, which can be styled to your choice. A hairstyle that doesn’t steal attention from your striking facial features. If you like simple yet sassy then this is the style for you, as it is airy and fits perfectly with  grey hair.

6.White blonde razored pixie bob

short grey hair over 60 6
Source: Instagram

The blend of pixie and bob gives way to a sexy hybrid hairstyle for short grey hair. Styled with some bangs offers a sophisticated look that draws attention towards your eyes. The blunt fringes frame your face giving you a majestic sexy look. Layers can be introduced and directed towards the chin for an elongating effect on the face. You can also highlight this style to suit your preference.,

7.Short rounded bob

short grey hair over 60 7
Source: hadviser.com

Bobs are known to be a safe hairstyle, one could even say comfortable. A sleek cut on straight hair creates a sexy grey short hairstyle for women over 60. This style suits women with black hair, when the greys are just starting to appear. It creates a natural salt and pepper style. This can be given a unique detail by your stylist performing a neat and tidy undercut.

8.Natural grey pixie

short grey hair over 60 8
Source: hadviser.com

The pixie heavily depends on the glamour of natural hair to give a sexy short over 60 hairstyles. With grey hair, it makes it a good option as the natural grey of the hair will add to your sense of style. It is a style that is for women who are over 60 with oval faces. Those with round faces are encouraged to have layers at the top. This layering also makes it good for those with thin hair.

9.White feathered bob

short grey hair over 60 9
Source: Instagram

A bold creative way to adorn that grey hair and give it a smooth flow. The introduction of feathers makes it a superb style for women over 60. This sexy short hairstyle for grey hair can further be given a pop effect by highlighting the front section. Feathers also are a great way of adding volume.

10.Wavy A-line bob.

short grey hair over 60 10
Source: hadviser.com

Styled by cutting the back hair short and gradually varying the hair lengths to the longest at the front. The waviness creates a desired voluminous effect something that most women over 60 long for. It is a low maintenance choice for women with short grey hair over 60.

11.Blonde Layered Bob

short grey hair over 60 11
Source: hadviser.com

This hairstyle for short grey hair over 60 is a great option for those seeking a stylish, yet youthful look. To add distinction, why not try feathered strands? You can be as adventurous as you want with this style in order to achieve that individual look you desire. This sexy bob hairstyle for women with short grey hair over 60 also gives the hair some movement.

12.Curly grey fun

short grey hair over 60 12
Source: hadviser.com

If you have curls and you are looking for a hairstyle that will suit your personality, why not try this style, especially those with a salt and pepper colour. If you don’t have curls and you want to create this youthful look, you can use perms. When cut short, the curls will have an elegant sexy look and is a definite option for women with short grey hair over 60.

13.Ashy hairstyle with stacked layers

short grey hair over 60 13
Source: Instagram

A hairstyle that lets you achieve that desired colour depth regardless of your existing colour. The stacking of layers which are cut from the middle of the back all to the way to the nape adds texture and thickness. The layering coupled with the ashy color give the blonde hairstyle a sexy feel and make it one of the sexiest looks for women with short grey hair over 60.

14. Grey tapered pixie with feathered crown

short grey hair over 60 14
Source: Instagram

Another haircut that adds volume and which can provide a feeling of confidence due to its youthful look. It also elongates the face and the neck. Styled by making the feathers run only from the front of the head to the crown at the top. This sexy hairstyle for women with short grey hair over 60 gives you a sophisticated look that stands out from the crowd.

Feeling sexy can be enhanced by a great new look. And what better place to start than a stylish new hairstyle? Try one of the many hairstyles for short grey hair over 60 and create the new you! For even more great options, you can also have a look at these additional grey hairstyles for over 60.

Here are some more options for Short Grey Hair Over 60.

15. White & Gray Ombre

white gray ombre

Ombre’s are always a fashionable choice and continuing thus tradition well into your 60’s is a perfect option for those wanting to embrace their gray hair. Similar to blonde and brown ombre hair, it naturally transitions into a nice, dark, foggy hue.

16. Super Short Gray Pixie

A super short, gray pixie hairstyle on a woman over 60.
50+ Beautiful Pixie Cuts for Older Women

A haircut that speaks volume about your bold personality and is a perfect choice for those women wanting an easy to maintain hairstyle.

17. Medium Length Swoopy Layers Hairstyle

A medium length swoopy layers hairstyle on a senior woman with gray hair.
Source: therighthairstyles.com

An excellent hairstyle for women with salt and pepper coloured hair. The length allows for a sweeping ombre effect and helps you appear more youthful.

18. Silver Balayage Pixie

A silver balayage pixie hairstyle on a grey haired woman over 60.
Source: Pinterest @ Kim Bell Hair Cuts

Pixie hairstyles bring a great deal of variety and flexibility. Balayage pixies bring a feminine look to a traditionally short hairstyle – a fantastic choice for those wanting a voluminous hairstyle.

19. Short Gray Shag Hairstyle

A short gray shag hairstyle on a woman over 60.

A gorgeous hairstyle, perfect for older women wanting to make a statement with a hairstyle full of dimension and versatility. Spike it up with pomade or matte gel depending on how much of the ‘spiky look’ you’re going for.

20. Layered Fringe

A layered fringe short hairstyle on a senior woman with gray hair.
Source: hadviser.com

A modern hairstyle guaranteed to help you feel more youthful with this beautiful, contemporary look. Keep it medium length and add a sweeping, layered fringe to really make a statement.

20 gorgeous, short hairstyles that will make your 60s fun and exciting!

Didn’t find the right hairstyle? No need to worry. We’ve got another helpful list, packed full of the 22 best short hairstyles for over 60’s.

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