The Best List Of Enjoyable Hobbies For Older Women

The Best List Of Enjoyable Hobbies For Older Women

We all love doing things that keep us content, busy and help us escape from stressful workdays. 

Having hobbies is an essential part of a happy and balanced life. Whether it be painting, cooking or even knitting – there’s something for everyone.

If you’re finding senior or retiree life a little mundane, check out some of our great hobby for retirement suggestions to help you find the perfect hobby to suit your lifestyle.

Here, we will help you figure out the ultimate hobbies for women. They’re going to keep you interested and entertained for a long while. So, stay tuned to find out more. 

Whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s, we’ve got plenty of hobbies to keep you occupied and help you learn new skills.

Here Are 14 Of The Best Ways To Entertain Yourself As A Senior

 Us seniors will have plenty of time during our day, especially during retirement, but might not have anything to do to fill those days.

These hobbies are designed to suit the lifestyle of senior women who are retired, may work part-time or are simply looking for some new inspiration.

It’s vital for seniors to feel empowered with old age and for seniors helping seniors

Feeling motivated keeps us physically active and mentally healthy and what better way to do so than with some of the most enjoyable hobbies out there.

#1. Become A Professional Home Cook

A woman cooking salmon and beans in a pan.

If you’re not a confident cook, getting in the kitchen and getting out of your comfort zone can give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Home-cooked meals are a healthy alternative to getting take out or heating up frozen meals and can improve your overall physical and mental health with consistency. 

Cooking isn’t an easy task and can be daunting, so it’s fine to keep it simple and start small. 

There’s no shame in being a non-able cook, so feel free to check out Eat Well’s in-depth directory of beginner-friendly guides. These guides include understanding basic cooking methods, how to cook with spices and herbs to tips and tricks for home cooking. 

Everyone has to eat, so get out of your comfort zone and bring your family over for dinner. Seeing them dig into a meal you made can fill you with a giant sense of pride and keep your motivation for cooking going.

It’s one of the most exciting hobbies for women over 50 who have a lot of time in their day to craft up some healthy and delicious food for friends and family to enjoy.

#2. Start Baking Some Delicious Treats

A photo of different baking ingredients including flour and eggs.

Baking is another similar option for you to try out, given that it tends to be very beginner-friendly and teaches you many basics of cooking.

The reason baking is such a great option is because the recipes are straight-forward and whilst the oven does most of the work, you can get more done around the house.

YouTube is an excellent haven for all of the best baking channels there is, so feel free to look through there for any recipe that might pique your interest.

You can make simple sweets such as caramel slice, cookies, brownies, chocolate cakes and even more interesting desserts like vegan banana scones and cinnamon rolls. 

Baking is the complete all-rounder hobby, it allows you to work hands-on with ingredients and can teach you cooking basics like how to operate an oven safely.

#3. Get Into The Garden

An older women gardening, holding a rose in her hand.

Time to make use of your green thumb! Gardening is a great initiative to get seniors out of the house and into the summer heat. 

There’s a wide range of tasks you can do to get the most out of gardening, such as mowing the lawn, planting rocks for an aesthetic look, pulling weeds and seeding some of the best vegetables that you can use to cook up a hearty meal for friends and family.

Spending time outside is great for not only for seniors but everyone in general. Getting into the sun gives you vitamin D, which is mentally beneficial, as well as keeping you fit and active. Pulling weeds can be a physically demanding task!

Sowing your own plants is a rewarding task, as you watch them sprout into fully-grown fruits and vegetables over time, nurturing them with sunlight and water. 

The best thing about gardening is that there are so many DIY guides out there, that a simple drive to a home and hardware store can help you begin your new gardening journey.

Gardening has many physical and mentally beneficial properties, which is why as a senior woman, makes it one of the best hobbies you can undertake. 

#4. Start Scrapbooking

A photo of a white scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is a hobby that allows you to get in touch with your creative side and can help you showcase a lot of great memories.

Being able to relive your best memories and reminisce on great moments with friends and family is all we strive for in our old age, so adding pictures, details and other elements of your personal life to your scrapbook is key.

Memories may fade with old age, but a scrapbook that contains all of your life’s’ important events and milestones will ensure that you never forget all of the marvellous times and people in your life. 

Scrapbooks can also double as a fantastic retirement gift to pass on down generations when the time comes. It’ll be a great way for loved ones to understand you on a deeper level and a perfect hobby for women over 50.

#5. Start Yoga Or Aerobics

An older woman and man stretching and doing yoga.

The best hobbies are ones that make us physically and mentally healthy, with yoga being one of the most popular spiritual and mental practices out there today. 

Yoga classes are very common across the world, with most gyms and fitness centres offering classes throughout the week.

Seniors are encouraged to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to offset the aches and pains that come with old age, and yoga is a fantastic choice to help keep you centred.

Yoga is not only a great hobby for older women, everyone in general and yoga classes also make a great gift idea for elderly women looking to improve their wellbeing.

Whilst the pandemic is ongoing, some of your in-person visits to the gym may be tricky, so look out for online classes and get out of your comfort zone.

#6. Start Sailing Or Camping

A man on a yacht.

If you’ve never been on a boat before, maybe this is the perfect time to experience something new and unfamiliar. 

Not everyone may love the outdoors, but nature can be a beautiful place if you take the time to soak it all in. 

If you are an avid outdoors lover, then getting away for a camping weekend might be the best thing to help you maintain a busy or stressful lifestyle.

Camping is fun, keeps you feeling fresh, and allows you to explore the best hiking and nature spots that your area has to offer.

#7. Become A Photography Pro


An elderly lady taking photos with a professional camera.

Photography might seem like an expensive habit, but the reality is, you don’t need a fancy camera to take high-quality shots these days.

Almost every smartphone has a HD camera, allowing you to capture all the best and most exciting memories without a hefty price tag or investment.

If you’re wanting to make photography a hobby, it also complements camping notably well. On your camping weekends, make sure you take loads of photos of all the beautiful landscapes, animals and landmarks you see along the way. 

All you have to do is pick up your camera, get clicking and you’ll feel like a photography pro in no time.

#8. Learn An Instrument

3 senior women playing instruments.

 Learning how to create music can be extremely fun and rewarding, especially if you love a particular genre.

In this booming technical age, there are a wide variety of online courses that can teach you how to play anything from an acoustic guitar to the flute – the possibilities are truly endless.

Learning how to play an instrument is a timeless hobby, and although most people learn in childhood, there’s no reason why you can’t start it as a hobby even in your senior years.

#9. Start Journaling

A photo of a senior, lady laughing.

What better way to express yourself than write down exactly how you’re feeling?

Seniors have lived very fruitful lives full of experience, wonder, ups-and-downs and everything in between. 

Much like scrapbooking, journaling is a great way to express yourself without judgement and can help alleviate stress and negative feelings.

It can also be a place to write down things you’re looking forward to, reminders of important events – make your journal as personal to you as you like.

#10. Become A Volunteer

A senior woman volunteer.

Helping people is one of the most selfless and rewarding acts we can make as human beings.

Giving your time to people that need it most can help you feel accomplished and proud of yourself.

Not only that but helping others in a time of crisis can positively transform their life for the future and doesn’t require that much effort – simply being there is enough for some people.

There are plenty of ways to volunteer and spend your time aiding the community, such as donating clothes and other essential products to local shelters, visiting animal shelters and helping foster animals or even heading down to your local church or sports group.

Using your free time to help others helps you feel like a better person and you will undoubtedly find it rewarding.

#11. Learn A New Language

A photo of many different flags on a white board, with people looking at it.

Hola, como estas! Did you understand that? Well, if you decide to learn Spanish, you too can greet someone in the world’s 4th most used language.

Learning a language is perfect as a hobby choice, given it doesn’t require much money, effort or even time. There are plenty of ways to learn a language for free, but the best place is Duolingo.

Even spending 30 minutes a day brushing up on your progress will ensure that you’re bound to learn the language at a comfortable pace.

To fast-track your learning, you can even start watching TV shows and movies in the language of your choice as well.

This helps build up your vocabulary, gets you familiar with accents and common phrases too.

#12. Play Word Games

A group of people playing with words.

Keeping your brain stimulated as you get older is vital, as it helps keep you focused and alert. 

There are a wide ranges of games that might interest you, such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, Hangman and Boggle. 

Most of these games have shifted to the online world, so conducting a Google search will bring up free, online versions of these games that you can play against other real humans. 

Don’t neglect flicking through newspapers and magazines either, as some of them will still include crosswords which are a great way to train your brain.

Playing games is always an enjoyable pastime, not only will you be having fun whilst doing so, but you will also be working on your memory and cognitive awareness.

#13. Start Bird Watching

A woman looking through a pair of binoculars.

Birds are some of the most exotic animals to exist, with over 18,000 different species of all different colours and forms.

Bird watching can be quite peaceful, especially if you’re observing a bird with bright and vivid colours. 

It’ll help you get out of the house and into your local area, where you can study and observe the local birds in your area, write down their features and even conduct further research on the ones you’ve seen.

Getting out into the wild is enjoyable and can help awaken a newfound love for nature that you might not have had before.

#14. Begin Dog Walking

A senior woman smiling with a black dog.

Everyone loves dogs! Some of us may be cat people, but there is no denying the grip that cute dogs have on all of us.

The great thing about dog-walking is that it can become a profitable retirement job, especially if you know people who travel frequently and may have to leave their pets at home. 

If you don’t currently have a dog, you can always offer your neighbors, family, or friends if they have dogs pending that you have a good relationship with them!

Final Thoughts

We hope you found some our list of hobbies for older women useful and hopefully you’ll find some enjoyment out of them.

Finding a pleasant hobby is no easy task, especially as your options get limited with older age. 

As a woman, there are plenty of rewarding hobbies, exciting and some will be sure to push you outside your comfort zone.

Whether it be scrapbooking or camping, there is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and schedule.



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