The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet

The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet

Are you on the lookout for the best retirement blogs you can visit to fill your time?

The online space has increasingly become friendlier to more seniors and retirees, lending tons of resources, guides, and entertainment. Therefore, whatever you’re interested in reading, know that there is a blog out there that you’ll surely enjoy and relate to.

We’ve curated the 33 best retirement blogs on the planet that’s created and run by retirees, for retirees. From financial advice and earning in retirement, to retirement lifestyle, travel, and just pure entertainment! Browse through our suggestions below to help you gain more perspective in living your best life in retirement.


The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet earning in retirement

Earning in retirement

Whether it’s to keep yourself active or supplement your pension, who doesn’t want to venture into earning opportunities in their retirement? For example, these blogs will help you manage your finances well and/or find that profitable retirement project that you’ve been looking for.

1. 4Retirees

Of course! You wouldn’t be here if 4Retirees was not part of the best retirement blogs online! 4Retirees is a global online community that encourages retirees to develop their current skills or learn new ones to find earning opportunities offline and online. But we have more than informational and motivational blog articles. 4Retirees offers online courses, a special jobs match program to match you with earning platforms, and a very helpful community to connect you to like-minded retirees.

2. Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai has now become one of the best blogs on retirement planning, wealth management, and finding passive income. Check out this blog for information about investing in real estate, tips on managing your wealth, and finding financial products to help you earn and save in retirement.

3. The Retirement Café 

This retirement blog focuses on helping not-so-wealthy retirees find comfort in their retirement life using investment products and wealth planning. The blog is owned by Dirk Cotton, who is a retired executive of a Fortune 500 technology company. Moreover, he has extensive history researching and publishing papers on retirement finance.

4. The Retirement Manifesto

This blog is a “manifesto” or a promise by blogger-owner Fritz Gilbert. He swears that his goal is to educate, challenge, and encourage his fellow seniors and retirees to take the steps necessary to achieve success on their retirement journey. His topics cover advice and insights to help retirees achieve financial freedom, find confidence in financial planning, and create a legacy.

5. How Much Can I Afford to Spend in Retirement?

It’s just as straightforward as it sounds. This blog talks about your spending budget whether you’re are a pre-retirees or currently retired. Let this blog help you answer this question: how much can I afford to spend in retirement? The blog is written by Ken Steiner and Bobbie Kalben. They both advocate the use of basic actuarial and financial economic principles to help people make better financial decisions in retirement.

6. Retirement Essentials

Those who live in Australia will find great value in this fintech service called Retirement Essentials. The blog offers paid financial services to retirees. But it is also home to insightful blogs and articles that can help Aussies retire in a smarter, more cost-effective way.


The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet senior travel

Senior Travel

Traveling may just be the unofficial hobby of seniors! Therefore, don’t let your age stop you from ticking off your bucketlist. Be inspired and get some tips for senior and retired travelling from these fellow travel junkies.

7. Never Stop Traveling

You can trust that you’ll get only the best travel advice from this blog. Jim Ferri started this blog and he is a man who lived his personal and professional life traveling. To keep churning out new content, retiree travelers and writers help him by sharing about their passion for travel and their travel experiences.

8. Senior Nomads

The Senior Nomads is a blog by Debbie and Michael Campbell, who have spent the last seven years traveling the world. Since 2013, they have visited more than 300 cities in 85 countries—and their experiences are all housed in this blog for you to get inspiration and entertainment from.

9. Arnie and Jo On The Go

This blog started out as a way for traveling couple Arnie and Jo to share their travels with their friends, However, it has now blossomed into a full-on travel guide for other retirees and seniors who want to stay on the go. Check out the countries they’ve been to, read about their travel recommendations, and browse through guests posts.

10. The Travelling Lindfields

Lyn and David Lindfield are the boomer couple behind this travel blog. They seek not just to inspire seniors and retirees to start traveling, but show us how to really do it. They have so many helpful guides for seniors who want to embark on interesting travels. For example: Try snorkeling in one of the largest reefs on the planet, cruising through the Mekong River, and visiting the world’s most beautiful botanic gardens.

11. Chickery’s Travels

The RV life has become more popular among travelers, and in this blog, you’ll see how retirees Sean and Julie Chickery do it. Read about the essentials of RV travel, helpful resources, and itineraries for RV travelling around the US. You can also watch Sean and Julie’s vlogs here.


The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet lifestyle

Retirement Lifestyle

In these blogs, you’ll certainly find anything and everything under the sun when it comes to retirement—beauty, shopping, health, books, or general ramblings.

12. Sightings over Sixty

Read to find something more personal or if you want to pick the brains of a baby boomer on different topics and how they relate to being a retiree. This blog is very active and always has good stories to read. It’s easy to read, entertaining, and feels just like a friend who relates to your thoughts and problems.

13. Baby Boomer Retirement

This retirement blog covers a lot of topics regarding living your second act in life, from travel to money to health. But our favorite thing about this blog is that it has a lot of resources for retiring in the US or retiring overseas, which makes it very relevant to a global base of retirees.

14. Feedspot

Feedspot is unique in that it’s not just a blog, but a collection of blogs from all over the world. Using Feedspot, you can add and keep your favorite blogs in one place, so you won’t miss out when they publish something new. Feedspot also collates the best blogs related to your interests, so you don’t need to go out of your way to look around; they have it all for you.

15. Senior Savings

Who doesn’t love discounts and savings? Senior Savings is a retirement blog especially dedicated to this. They curate the world’s best deals and put them together in one place for seniors and retirees to take advantage of. Apart from discounts, they also have lists on different topics like beauty, health, finance, and entertainment.

16. 64plus

64plus is a website by retirement coach Dr. Jon. He specializes in helping seniors and retirees clarify their goals and intentions to achieve a fulfilling retirement. If you’re not yet ready to spend for Dr. Jon’s coaching, he also has numerous articles on the blog section of his website. He shares some of his insights on living your retirement life well here.

17. Retirement Explored

This retirement lifestyle blog is owned and managed by “Retire-agers” Helene and Zaf Liatsos. In this blog, you’ll find so many stories of other inspiring “Retire-agers” or retirees who are still active in their second act in life. You will also find articles on their downsizing journey, their travels around the world, and a podcast you can listen to.


The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet senior women

Senior Women

A place by senior women, for senior women. Boys not allowed inside!

18. Senior Women Web

This blog is a home built for seniors and retirees over 50 years old, who just want to know more about what older women are up to these days. But it’s not all girl talk! Senior Women Web covers a lot of retirement and senior lifestyle topics—from relationships and shopping to money and health.

19. A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50

Owned by writer and retiree Judy Freedman, this blog is devoted to the millions of baby boomer women who are looking for a way to reinvent themselves, better themselves, or just look for something to do in retirement. Judy’s philosophy is to “age gracefully.” She shares this to her readers through her articles on travel, book and movie reviews, and reinventing retirement.

20. Feisty Side of 50

Meanwhile, this blog by Mary Eileen Williams, M.A. is dedicated to revolutionizing the spirit and style of aging. After years of working with thousands of baby boomers dealing with job search and career transition issues, Eileen has now made it her personal mission to reach as many senior and retired women through her blog. Read about tons of topics surrounding retirement—from food and shopping to health and seniorpreneurship.

21. Senior Style Bible

Calling all senior and retired women! Senior Style Bible celebrates the allure of mature woman and hopes to inspire a more modern approach to fashion. The blog is owned and written by 80-year-old Dorrie Jacobson, a retired Playboy Bunny, model, and fashion influencer. It mirrors Dorrie’s own feisty and bold outlook on retirement. She certainly is an inspiration to senior women all over the world to embrace their femininity even in their second act through style and fashion.


The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet senior health well-being

Health and Well-being

Health and well-being are very important facets of ageing well. Therefore, it’s good to firstly, keep up-to-date with new advances in senior health; secondly, find resources on staying healthy, and more importantly, take care of your emotional and mental well-being through these blogs.

22. Aging and Health Technology Watch

For something more in-depth about the senior and retirement market, this blog has excellent articles and insights. Tech industry veteran and elder care advocate, Laurie M. Orlov, started this blog, Aging and Health Technology Watch. It’s filled with market research, trends, blogs, and reports that provide thought leadership, analysis and guidance about health and aging-related technologies and services that enable boomers and seniors to sustain and improve their quality of life.

23. Aging with Dignity

Aging with Dignity is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 by Jim Towey when he was legal counsel to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. More than 25 years after, Aging with Dignity became a mission for him. The organization aims to defend the right of the elderly, disabled, and mentally ill to have their human dignity respected and safeguarded, particularly in times of serious illness. Jim’s blog, housed under the organization’s website, tackles issues surrounding retirees’ health and well-being.

24. Changing Aging

Retiree health and wellness is a very important topic. This is why it’s great to have blogs like Changing Aging, which aims to challenge the conventional views of aging. Topics include disrupting dementia, embracing elderhood, aging literacy, the retiree community, Covid-19, and general health and wellness for retirees.

25. Retirement – Only The Beginning

For Dave Bernard, the author of this blog, retirement is more than just the financial planning. He believes that every retiree should embark in finding things to do to make the most out of their retirement. This is what this blog is all about: varied topics to make your retirement good, healthy, and fulfilling.

26. Cake

It is inevitable to talk about the subject of mortality when it comes to retirement. Therefore, it’s great that there is more conversation on this topic now, especially for retirees who want to start their end-of-life planning. This blog aims to empower retirees to live in accordance with their values all the way to the end through insightful blogs, guides and tips, and end-of-life planning resources.


senior homes

Retirement homes

Do you think moving into a retirement home or a retirement village is the right choice for you? Downsizing or relocating to a retirement home is a huge step. Therefore, you should spend time to learn more about your options before you jump into your next big step.

27. Sunrise Senior Living 

Sunrise Senior Living delivers resident-centered care services to around 2,400 residents in the UK. But more than their paid services, they also have insightful articles and inspiring stories for retirees to enjoy wherever you are in the world. For example, read about how a Sunrise resident celebrated her 103rd birthday, or how retirees are enjoying socially distant fast food drive-thru.

28. Housing Care

This website is like a one-stop-shop for all information retirees need about retirement housing and home care. It’s run by the charity Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC). The blog provides comprehensive information on sheltered housing, residential care homes, retirement villages, and nursing homes. These resources help seniors and retirees across the UK make plans for their later life.

29. Where You Live Matters

Where You Live Matters was created by the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) as a senior living resource for older adults and their families. This blog is filled with helpful and comprehensive resources surrounding retirement life. Read about active retirement, assisted living, downsizing checklists, retirement communities, independent living, and even guidance for caregivers and families of retirees.


senior laughing entertainment jokes


Senior Entertainment

Sit back, enjoy your tea, and most importantly, have a laugh!

30. Suddenly Senior

Find humor, entertainment, nostalgia, senior advocacy, and other useful information put together in an entertaining manner. Suddenly Senior is one of the most-visited blogs dedicated to seniors and retirees, with more than 3 million hits a month. To read some senior jokes and crack a laugh, definitely check out this blog.

31. Elder Chicks

Elder Chicks is a blog by retirees Dr. Thelma Reese and Dr. Barbara Fleisher. You’ll find articles that talk about anything and everything about retirement. Dedicated to senior and retired women, the blog is an engaging and entertaining place in the web full of insights and information on mastering the art of a senior life.

32. Grandma’s Briefs

Freelance writer Lisa Carpenter started his blog when she first became a grandma in 2008, to clarify that the stereotypes surrounding “grandmas” are simply not true. In this blog, she aims to highlight the active, engaging, and interesting lives of real grandmas. This includes all the good, bad, humorous, and heartwarming stuff that comes with it.

33. Over Sixty Shades of Gray

This blog was created by award-winning journalists Barbara Tuerkheimer Paskoff and Carol Pack. It is all about journeying through life’s later years—told in cartoons, quotes, puzzles, and hilarious bits. You will also find excerpts from their published books titled “Over Sixty: Shades Of Gray” and “Our Coronavirus Diary.”




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