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I am meeting very knowledgeable and friendly seniors here, seems like everyone is looking for a new thing, a new purpose or just the side gig they didn’t know that continue reading >

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Amazing Service!

Great Course! Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma arrived very quickly on the same day I ordered it – Amazing Service! I can’t wait to get the certificate at the continue reading >

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma it’s a fantastic online course. Very informative, easy to follow sessions with a test facility at the end of each session. You can complete continue reading >


I really like learning about new income strategies and earning opportunities from the sharing economy, it’s very smart! 4Retirees have lots of great tips and advice on how we can continue reading >


I love that I am meeting people from around the world that I can relate to and chat about pretty much anything. I like the community wall, I like to View Full &r...

continue reading >


I like that I can volunteer my time and by doing this I keep meeting some wonderful people from around the world. I feel like I am part of a View Full →

continue reading >


I like the courses the most. I have already taken so many free courses and I keep learning very interesting skills and information. I thought I knew a lot but ...

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