Retirement Gifts for Military Veterans

Retirement Gifts for Military Veterans

Retired military personnel are rightly honored for their service to their country.  However, the transition from military to civilian life can be difficult.  A study by DeLucia & Kennedy (2021) found that: “Veterans experience a transition when they return home from military service and resume life as a civilian citizen, or a resident who is no longer part of the Armed Forces.  Veterans who participated as co-researchers in this study identified the term transition and described it as the passage from military to civilian live.  They described that military-to-civilian transition often involved social, emotional and physical changes.”

One of the ways friends and relatives can show their gratitude for veterans’ service is by buying them retirement gifts.  You could give the veteran a gift to encourage them to relax, a gift to help them with a new hobby, or something to help them recall good memories.  Here are some suggestions for retirement gifts for veterans.

Veteran Retirement Gifts to Encourage Relaxation

After a busy life serving in the military with their days scheduled with activities, it may take a veteran some time to get used to the idea that they can now relax.  A present to remind them that it’s OK to put their feet up could make a great retirement gift for a veteran.

Personalized Slippers

Personalized Sippers

A pair of slippers is the ultimate relaxing footwear choice for a retiree.  Choose a pair with a cozy lining and a good grip for the greatest comfort.  If you can add a personal touch, it will make your gift extra special.

Spa Day

spa Day

It’s nice to give someone something they wouldn’t get for themselves.  While a day at a spa might not be something a veteran would choose to do, there is no better way to unwind.   You could get them a DIY spa set if they prefer being pampered at home.



Nothing says relaxation like a hammock!  Laying down and gently swaying is the perfect way to unwind.  It’s easy to find hammocks with a stand, so you don’t need a big garden with perfectly placed trees.  Many hammocks now come with extra stabilizing ropes, so there’s no danger of the occupant being tipped out.

Bath Robe

dressing gowns

Members of the military will have been accustomed to a life in uniform, so giving them a bathrobe could encourage them to relax.  Treat them to a good quality bathrobe in which they will be comfortable lounging around their house.

Retirement Gifts to for a New Hobby

After retiring, many begin new hobbies or enjoy having more time to spend on existing pastimes.  A survey by AmeriForce Media found that veterans’ most popular hobbies were working out, running, hiking, beer brewing, and art therapy.  A gift supporting a hobby would make a good retirement gift.



Surveys show that 63% early two-thirds of Americans say travel is an important retirement goal, and veterans are no exception.  A suitcase would make a great retirement gift for a veteran.  You could treat them to a high-quality overnight bag or a suitcase small enough to qualify as hand luggage – something they might not get for themselves, but that would make short spontaneous trips easier.

Beer brewing kit

brewing kit

Beer is a popular staple of military life.  Nowadays, it is easier than ever to brew beer at home.  A beer kit is a great gift to get a retired veteran started.  Not only do people enjoy the process of brewing beer, but the end result is a tasty drink ideal for sharing with friends and family.

Painting set


Recent research has shown the many benefits of art therapy and has helped many veterans cope with readjusting to civilian life.  Whether it is photography, painting, sculpture, or writing, a creative hobby needs equipment, and supplying some is a thoughtful retirement gift.

Insulated Bottle

Water Bottle

After spending time in the military, many veterans have developed a love of being outside and keeping fit.  Many popular hobbies for retired veterans are hiking, running, river rafting, and going to the gym.  Staying hydrated is essential to enjoy physical activities, so an insulated bottle that can keep drinks hot or cold for hours would make a useful retirement gift.  Bottles can be personalized to make your gift more personal.

Retirement Gifts to Keep Memories Alive

Retired veterans will have built up many treasured moments over the years of their military service.  A retirement gift that celebrates these good memories makes a fantastic gift.

Digital photo frames

photo frame

A digital photo frame can hold hundreds of high-definition photos.  Images can be loaded onto a USB or SD Card and plugged directly into the frames.  If possible, you could collect photos from friends, colleagues, and comrades to add to the collection, making it a thoughtful retirement gift.



Creating a scrapbook takes time but can give a retired veteran a unique retirement gift.  Collecting photos, mementos, and messages from friends into an album will help to keep memories evergreen.  Adding records of achievements and awards will also celebrate their successes.

Photo cube

photo cube

A photo cube is a fun retirement gift for a veteran.  Photo cubes can be decorative with wood, stone, or glass borders.  Text can be customized and engraved on a photo cube to add a personal touch.  Some photo cubes are hollow and can be used to hold flowers, pens, remote controls, or whatever the retiree desires.

Custom Blanket with a Photo Collage


A fun retirement gift for veterans is a blanket with a photo collage.  Not only will it bring to mind some of their fondest memories, but it is also practical, giving them something to keep them warm and snuggly.


Retired veterans richly deserve to enjoy their retirement years.  Giving a thoughtful gift to help them enjoy themselves in a lovely way to show appreciation for a veteran’s service.



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