4Retirees is a contemporary community that supports a worldwide movement to promote retirees inclusion in the changing digital, social and economic world. 4retirees we’ll show you what to learn and how to learn, where to earn and how to participate in what is shaping up to be a very different world than you were born into.

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Retirement Projects & Hobbies

The Best List Of Enjoyable Hobbies For Older Women

We all love doing things that keep us content, busy and help us escape from stressful workdays.  Having hobbies is an essential part of a happy and balanced life. Whether it be painting, cooking o...

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The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet featured
Mentoring In Retirement

The 33 Best Retirement Blogs On The Planet

Are you on the lookout for the best retirement blogs you can visit to fill your time? The online space has increasingly become friendlier to more seniors and retirees, lending tons of resources, gu...

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Skills & Learning

The 4 Easy Steps To Setting Up Your First Blog As A Retiree!

Is blogging for you? Before anything, I want you to ask yourself these questions: Do you love to write? Do you have decent writing skills? Do you love sharing your opinions with others? Do you lik...

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get involve
Discovering A New Purpose

Reaffirm Your Relationships – They Are The Most Essential Ingredient In Creating Happiness

Positive relationships are an essential ingredient in achieving true happiness. You may have heard from people that you will experience a lot of changes when you retire. I have seen from my own eye...

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Starting Business In Retirement - Seniorpreneurs

9 Important Things To Know When Becoming A Seniorpreneur

Are you about to embark on retirement? Or perhaps you are in the middle of retirement and just realizing now how much time you have on your hands? Do you want a profitable retirement project to keep y...

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Foundations Perfect For Mature Skin Over 60  woman makeup
Lifestyle & Travel

8 Foundations Perfect For Mature Skin Over 60

Like many things in life, your skin changes with age. Choosing the best foundation as a mature woman shouldn't be a daunting task.  Our skin goes through many battles throughout our lives - from a...

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4Retirees will help you understand what to learn and how to approach the gig economy opportunities. How you can access these days flexible, part-time, and profitable projects for retirees to supplement your pension, we will show you where to earn...

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Join our Community 4 Retirees, we want you to get the most out of your life, learn new activities, new skills, take free online courses and get back to your old hobbies, reinforce your relationships with family and friends and...

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The world is changing, we retirees are evolving as a nation, we are developing your skills & learning, we continually enhancing existing or learn new skills in order to stay up to date and participate in social and economic life....

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Retirees are more technology savvy then many would think. We are here to show you how to use technology in a practical way in your day-to-day life, how to make the most out of technology and give you the latest...

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We want you to complement your retirement income, so that you can work one week and travel the other two-three weeks. We’ll provide you with best travel tips and we’ll partner with industry best providers to give you tailored and...

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What is your retirement style of living? Does it reflect your passions, hobbies, your attitudes and values? At 4retirees we want to make sure you live your life in style, happiness, confidence and you have time of your life, no matter what that is or means...

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4Retirees believe in a highly connected world, a world of equals and a world where everyone benefits from digital, social and economic inclusion. We support a world that is bursting with new possibilities and opportunities for participation, a world where all retirees can live a better-connected life, and we’re doing our part to create it.   4Retirees bridges the existing gap by providing you with timely, easy to understand, practical and useful information. We are keeping you up to date on profitable retirement projects for over 60s, emerging innovations and technologies, helping you to learn new skills, find retirement hobbies that make money, helping you to embrace the world of the internet, social media and how to patriciate and stay connected with one another.   Join our movement! Share our stories! Help us create a world with more knowledge and more enjoyment! 4Retirees – Where wisdom meets fun.
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