Reaffirm Your Relationships – They Are The Most Essential Ingredient In Creating Happiness

Reaffirm Your Relationships – They Are The Most Essential Ingredient In Creating Happiness

Positive relationships are an essential ingredient in achieving true happiness.

You may have heard from people that you will experience a lot of changes when you retire. I have seen from my own eyes how retirement can change a person, as my father who is someone who has been retired for quite some time has changed in showing more of his not so serious side, showing more humour than I have ever seen before. He was so serious before because of his commitment to his work, but now is more relaxed and therefore seems much happier.

Retirement Gives Us Time For Personal Exploration

This time of our lives gives us time to really explore our identity and be a role model for our children or spouse. It’s a time of reassessment, reflection, reprioritisation, and reaffirmation to what’s important.

Changes that occur are emotional, psychological and physical, so don’t ever feel that you’re alone or question the emotions you’re feeling. It’s a time for consideration, yes – a time to listen to those emotions.  You make finally realise what you want in life with a clarity of expectation you’ve never had before. With the right mindset you can achieve your goals, develop new skills and live a more conscious life. Whether it’s a change in diet, living arrangements, taking up yoga or strength training, it’s up to you.

Meditation was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had, explains Ray Dalio who is the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates. As meditation becomes more widely known these days as more people are seeing the benefits of this practice, it’s about getting to that quiet place.

I, for one, have trouble concentrating on one thing at a time, as remembering when I once tried meditation and only lasted a few minutes. It’s one of those activities where you have to really focus, but once you keep practicing you will build that skill called patience over time.  With time an available resource, there are plenty of new paths to explore. This exploration can lead to identifying qualities within yourself that will help you to really flourish.

Everything Is Better When Shared

While becoming a better you is commendable, isn’t everything better with someone to share both milestones and everyday moments with?

The power of encouragement can help you in your new pursuits and it can provide added support for celebrating your new achievements. And this goes both ways. Now that you have the time, perhaps you can become more supportive, encouraging and reaffirming to help your spouse, family or friends to explore their own pursuits.

Healthy relationships give us energy, strength, support, and, yes, happiness.

They are the foundations that make the rest of life’s adventures worthwhile.

When we are living life to the fullest having your loving family and friends by our side makes it so much more enjoyable.

Combating Loneliness – be connected (sing up and drive them)

There still may be occasional times when you feel a bit lonely.

A review of studies looking at various types of interventions on senior loneliness found that the most effective programs for combating isolation had an education component: for instance classes on health related topics or computer training.

The Australian Multicultural Community Service located in Victoria, offers Internet and computer skills courses for seniors. The benefits are more than just a new skill and time with people learning.

Once you’ve developed even the basic skills required to use a mobile device, tablet, computer, etc. you have an entire ecosystem at your disposal to reach out and connect with the people in your life.

The use of technology for over 75’s is growing everyday. With new devices like the Grandpad, connecting with others is as easy as a finger tap on a screen. Digital technology can remove geographic barriers by enabling instant communication and sharing data.

If you’re lonely, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who in life do you really need to connect with?
  • Do you have a family member who lives far away?
  • Could you make a better effort to stay in touch with them?
  • Are there family members you haven’t seen or spoken to in years?
  • How about people you haven’t connected with because they’re far away?
  • Do you miss people from your past that you wonder about?

You may find learning to use this new technology a challenge, but it keeps getting easier and easier and you will get the hang of it. And, when you do, you’ll probably find that it is so worth it!

Set Some Relationship and Social Goals

Whether it’s family first and friends second, or the other way ‘round, set yourself a challenge to be better connected.

While nothing beats a great face to face, person to person, in real life experience. Connecting via technology can be a great substitute when that’s not possible.

There are benefits of using the many social media platforms, like Facebook They allows you to stay in touch with existing friends and while continuing to build your network of people.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Snapchat are perfect for staying connected. They enable families, friends, and acquaintances to stay in regular contact with one another despite vast physical distances, and also enable people to meet and socialise with others both online and in real life.

Why not try using different apps that connect you?

Test out a few.  Maybe start with such Simple Social, which is an app designed with an older generation in mind. Simple Social is a cleaner, less cluttered version of the classic Facebook. You can browse effortlessly through the app without investing long hours to learn how to navigate the interface.

A far more widespread way to meet people is through which connects individuals with common interests usually through in person events around that shared interest. All you have to do is sign up and enter your interests and location. The options are almost endless so start with things that are important to you and once you get the hang of it, then maybe step outside your comfort zone.

Remember though, it’s important to take a few precautions when meeting new people online, such as giving out as little information about yourself as possible. You should always be careful when sharing information online especially when you really don’t know that person very well. There are classes that cover this topic as well.

Today’s retirement isn’t like that of yesteryear. The options for staying connected and busy are many. So why not make it a priority to get all the support you need? The more you learn and put yourself out there the more confidence you gain, and then building your network of people becomes easier and easier and hopefully you become happier and happier!

That is Exactly Why 4Retirees is Here

We are here for (4) you! We can help upskill you so you too can get the most of technology and forge stronger connections. This is where 4Retirees can be of great service.

Our growing community provides regular information and tips on the modern technologies that retirees can tap into and shows you how to use them. We give you all the information you need, and in layperson’s, terms so it’s simple to understand and delivered in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Connect with other retirees via 4Retirees

With regular visits to our website, you’ll be modern technology expert in no time. You will get familiar with all the lingo, the tools, and become better connected with your family and friends without too much effort.

As a retiree, you can connect with other retirees via 4Retirees’ forums and on our Facebook page, where you can share what you have learned and ask others for advice.

And if you want to make some extra money to finance all these new retirement goals and maybe go visit that cousin of yours you just reconnected with who lives half way around the world, you are in the right place!

We’ll help you every step along the way

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In the meantime, remember it’s our relationships that deliver our happiness. You’ve worked hard to get here, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be the happiest you’ve ever been. Isn’t that ultimately what retirement is for?

At 4Retirees we’re a curious bunch… we’re keen to know… besides your relationships, what else makes you unbelievably happy?

We wish you many beautiful times with your friends and families.

Go ahead. Tell us your story!

Your, 4Retirees team

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