What Is Our Free Online Project Assessment?

Our project assessment is designed to match your current skills and circumstances with the opportunities that are most relevant to you at the present time. We have designed a short 14-question assessment to better understand your current personal and economic situation, e.g. Do you own a car? Do you like helping others? etc.…

This short free skills and project assessment takes just a minute to complete, and it can identify all sorts of opportunities for you and present you with results immediately.

What Profitable Retirement Projects Information You Will Get?

You’ll get a list personalised to your circumstances of all the profitable projects you have matched with by taking our online project assessment. With the help of our great partners, we are able to match you with a variety of projects and retirement hobbies that make money to consistently provide you with new opportunities in a wide range of different project categories to keep you excited and to give you endless ideas on how to make money when retired. You can get full access to the list by purchasing a "Profitable Retirement Project" membership, this kind of contribution also keeps our community going. The list will contain project providers details, conditions of participation, terms of use, how to start, how much you can earn from each individual project partner. All the necessary information you need in one place created for you in your member account, researched and updated weekly so that you keep getting more continually.

This may seem a bit daunting at first but many of our members start with finding a hobby for retirement. There is such a wide range of retiree hobbies available today that it is helpful to talk to our community to get tips on which one would suit you. Getting advice on how to make money when retired is also a popular conversation and an easy way to do this is to find retirement hobbies that make money. Our project assessment can steer you in the right direction so you could soon be having fun and making money.

The faster you sign up and work on your project, the faster you can start earning.

How It works

Earning income from our profitable projects is a simple and rewarding process.
We have partnered with hundreds of businesses that offer flexible and enjoyable earning opportunities for retirees and seniors.
We update and add new projects regularly, ensuring that you have a wide range of choices suited to your skills and capabilities
so that you always have many options.

Take Online Project Assessment

Take our free assessment to discover profitable projects that best match your skills and their earning potential. e.g. Hi John, you matched with 25 projects, with potential estimated earnings of $2360pm.

Unlock Your Results

Review your free assessment results and then decide if there are enough project matches to satisfy you to purchase "profitable retirement projects" membership to get full access. These will be clearly presented to you in your member account, accessible 24/7.

Be Supported, Start Earning

Simply select your choice of projects from your project match list, sign up and start earning right away. We’ll always deliver you more options to consider if you’re looking for a change or want to start something new. Our community mentors will be here to continue to support you.

If you need more assistance with choosing the right retirement project or need help
with some execution and development, book a call with our mentor now.

Understanding Profitable Projects

What It is

Have more flexibility and freedom in your work

Passion for what you do

Utilizes your current skills and hobbies

Ownership over your project work, output, and success

Fun, fulfilling, and profitable

What It's Not

Get-rich-quick schemes

Filled with scams designed to rip you off

Boring and mind-numbing work

All done and earned for you

What kind of project opportunities you will get with 4Retirees

Stuff & such

We all have plenty of stuff that we don’t use, don’t need, don’t want, and wonder why we ever bought. Why not sell or rent it and turn it into some extra cash.

Skill sharing

Opportunities to share and teach—whether it’s juggling or giving a compelling presentation, there are financial opportunities in your special skills.


Are you a carer at heart? Maybe you love to help people or animals. There are heaps of opportunities to earn through caring.

Equipment & tools

Do you have any gadgets, tools, or toys that you can share? There are opportunities to share and earn those things you already have.


Do you own something on wheels? Want to share it with others and get paid for doing so?

Home & space

Spare house, room, driveway, or any other space that can make you a little extra cash? There are endless opportunities profiting from what you already have.

Creativity and experience

You can share your passion and make money by doing what you love, sharing your creativity, designing unforgettable experiences, and sharing them either in your local community or online.

Professional expertise

We all have expertise in something that’s either work or interest-related, and we provide the opportunities to capitalise on them by sharing and advising.

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