We are 4Retirees, an online community where experience and opportunity meet.

We started with the belief that retirement is the career move we all wish we could make sooner.
It’s the fast track to freedom; it’s a chance to take adventures off hold, rediscover your life, and start living those dreams.

After all, as a retiree, you’ve earned it. And we want to make sure you keep reaping the rewards.

Which is why we created 4Retirees—an online community that shows you new ways to put your experience to work like sharing your skills online, meeting like-minded people, and profiting from the opportunities in the on-demand sharing economy.

It may be a new way of doing things, but it’s perfect for people like us. Flexibility, freedom, and the income to live life on your terms; It’s what we believe retirement is all about.

4Retirees. Where wisdom meets fun.


Our Vision

4Retirees was created with one goal in mind; to help retirees take advantage of a new world of opportunities.

We believe the online and on-demand sharing economy offers a new way to future-proof your retirement dreams. It lets you earn additional income while still having the freedom to do the things you love most.

And it all starts with our online community, 4Retirees.

Run for retirees and by retirees, you don’t need tech-smarts. We let you learn from people just like you. No one knows better than a retiree how much the world changes. And 4Retirees is the network that helps you keep up.

Our Mission

We want 4Retirees to be a meeting place of ideas, inspiration, and experienced retirees. Together, we will create ongoing opportunities and an expanding network of support.

Our aim? We want to make us the number one resource for retirees.

Whether you’re looking to travel, to learn, or to follow a dream, we’ll help you generate the income and knowledge you need because a lifetime of experience should always be rewarded.

Our Promise

As a member of 4Retirees, you’re part of a vibrant, welcoming community that helps generate all sorts of opportunities. Connect with like-minded retirees, discover and share new experiences, or enjoy the rewards of paid and voluntary work—all online and off.

Along the way, you’ll collaborate with people just like yourself, people who are enthusiastic about making the most of their experience and their retirement.

Together, we form the 4Retirees workforce—one that is for retirees and by retirees.

4Retirees Manifesto

We’re for the most experienced generations.
We are for those who’ve shown us the way.
We are for the people who make us – us.
The people who smile on a Monday.
And, we are for those who have learned from experience.
And those who know that retirement is life’s biggest reward.
It’s why we are 4Retirees.
We are an online community that shares the same belief.
While life begins at retirement, we can make it even better.
We believe there are incredible opportunities.
We are for the chance to learn, to earn, and to see
wisdom at work.
We believe in trading new skills and forging new friendships.
Amazing things can happen just by talking.
We believe technology is powerful too.
And retirement is the perfect time to put tech to work.
With the income it unlocks, retirees can carry on dreaming.
Adding new destinations and experiences to their
list of to-do’s.
We’re all for rewards.
And, we’re for experience.
We’re 4Retirees.

Where wisdom meets fun

Our Core Values

  • Empowering retirees
  • Supporting your development
  • Openness and authenticity
  • Fostering inclusion
  • Friendship and honesty
  • Encouragement and independence
  • Generosity
  • Giving back

The Benfits of Joining Our Community

  • Access to ongoing opportunities and ideas about new income streams
  • Learn how your existing skills and knowledge can help you earn additional income
  • Discover how to share your skills and trade with other members of the community
  • Learn about new technology and approaches, innovations and world of internet
  • Become a part of our retirees’ job market for paid and volunteer roles
  • Join a community of like-minded people with shared experiences
  • Meet new friends at social events run by the community
  • Become part of a worldwide network of retirees

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