The No 2 Skill Every Retire Should Have!

The No 2 Skill Every Retire Should Have!

You’ve heard the old saying, “Want something done, then, give it to a busy person.”

How is it that some people get “to do’ lists as long as their arms accomplished in a day and others struggle to accomplish anything in a day or entire week?

Time management skills is the deciding factor. People who get lots done are usually the best, jugglers! They are better at managing their time and resources than those who don’t.

So, the Number 2 skill, every retiree should master should be time management, or better yet, “time juggling”!

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The simple fact is this, more often than not; retirees find themselves busier in retirement than ever before. Some even sum it up this way, “I don’t know how I ever had time to work!”

With only 24 hours in the day how do you fit in all those wonderful activities and interests you have postponed until now? You have to squeeze every moment out of each day, that’s how!

Even though some retirees admit one of their biggest fears prior to retiring was running out of things to keep me busy and engaged. That’s far from the reality for many.

None of us know how much time we have left, so often this serves as a motivating force to stuff as much into our days as we possible can. Whether its fitness, workouts, hikes, gardening, reading, playing ball with the dog, spending time with friends or family, travelling, taking up a new hobby, cleaning the house, searching the web, getting to the odd jobs, knitting a pair of booties for your latest grandchild, or even going back to school, life can feel like a three ring circus.”

So, what does every circus need?  A good juggler of course!

Here are a few time management skills reminders to help you brush up on your juggling skills:

  1. Complete your most important tasks first – only you can tell what is most important to you.
  2. Learn to say, “no” to those things you don’t feel are important.
  3. Give your full focus to the task you’re doing at the time you’re doing it.
  4. Get an early start – and use the best part of the day for the appropriate tasks.
  5. Turn your daily tasks into habits. So you just do them in your daily round and you don’t even think about them.
  6. Give each task a time limit – you can be somewhat flexible, but have a good idea of how long each task should take. Perhaps even give more time to those that are higher priorities for you.
  7. Turn your waiting time into productive time. Maybe you bring your knitting with you and do it on the bus. Maybe you search the Internet while you’re waiting to see the doctor, make active use of potential lost time.
  8. Batch your related tasks together. If you have to grocery shop, visit the post office and drop off the clothes you just culled from your closet, make one trip, not three.
  9. Exercise regularly and eat healthy. This will help you to be your best self. With more energy, you’ll be a much better juggler.

Finally, enjoy your juggling! It’s great to get lots done in a day, but if there’s no payoff other than a tick on your “to do” list, then you’re probably not the best juggler. Those jugglers, who really enjoy their juggling, are far better at it. So, make sure that your improved time management skills gives you more enjoyment as well as feelings of accomplishment.
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We wish you many happy days of juggling. Tell us about yours!
4Retirees team

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