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Why Should You Book An Appointment With Our Mentor?

We’ll help connect you to profitable retirement projects by understanding your skills, interests, capabilities and current circumstances to find what suits you best. With the help of our great partners, we‘re able to consistently provide new project opportunities in a wide range of different project categories. No matter if you do know or you don’t know what project you would like to do, we are here to help you define that for you.

This is your first step to a fun, fulfilling, and profitable retirement!

How It works

Follow those simple steps to have an insightful and productive appointment with our mentor.
Finding a purpose and getting started on your new journey will be made an easy, simple and rewarding.

Step 1

Purchase one-off "mentoring membership" to get connected to a mentor in order to get advice, inspiration and guidance.

Step 2

You will get a confirmation email from your mentor and a private meeting appointment will be booked at a time that suits you. You can join via call or video or even WhatsApp - whatever is more comfortable for you.

Step 3

Our friendly mentor will listen to you, your needs and will assess your skills and current circumstances. Mentor will give you advice on the options you have, as well as guide you through the process.

Step 4

Depending on your needs, you might get outlined a personalised project plan of opportunities or simply get help on the existing project that you already pressuring. We are flexible on the approach, we are focused on delivering value back to you.

Take Free Online Assessment And Get Connected To Profitable Projects Instantly

What Kind of Profitable Projects Mentors Can Connect You With

Enjoyable, profitable hobbies related to your passions and desires.

Projects that make great use of your existing skills and capabilities.

Projects that utilize your past work experience.

Projects that allow you to use of your current resources to generate profit.

Projects that allow you to explore your compassionate and humanitarian side.

Projects that allow you to explore your compassionate and humanitarian side.

For more advanced project experience, we can help with your small business plan, go to market strategies or marketing plans in your existing project

We can also help you develop the following projects for a small fee, all personalized to your needs!

Build service website for your small business

Build your blog website

Help you monetize from your current or new blog/website

Help you sign up and get started with sharing economy project platform

Help you build Influencer profile on social media by ramping up your followers

Help you drive more visitors to your current website

Help you with social media advertising

Help you with google Advertising

Online Shop (e-commerce)

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