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What Are Profitable Retirement Projects?

These are opportunities that retirees can explore to have more fun, fulfilling, and profitable retirement lifestyle. It’s all about harnessing your current skills, passions, retirement hobbies to make money and understanding your circumstances to start a project, hobby, side gig, small business, or venture that will keep you active and supplement your income. The on-demand sharing economy enables these profitable projects. This is a concept that highlights individuals’ ability and preference to provide peer-to-peer service, to rent or borrow goods or services and not necessarily buy and own them.


63, Australia

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My project is making passive income from my unused tools and hardware that I rent out through online platforms.


67, United Kingdom

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My profitable and enjoyable project is homemade juice making for the local people and grocery shops. I am now making an ongoing profit from this.


66, Australia

My brave but fun project is selling my used and new goods on Facebook marketplace. I learned new skills and started making profit now.

Why Should You Book An Appointment With Our Mentor?

Our Mentor will help you find exciting opportunities to bring happiness and meaning to your retirement lifestyle. We will learn your story; then, we will empower you and enable your skills and hobbies to become profit makers for you. We will find opportunities that give your retirement a purpose and a profit. We will help you build your project plan, connect you to profitable retirement projects and teach you how to make money when retired by learning all about your wants and needs. We connect you to retirement opportunities by understanding your skills, interests, capabilities, and current circumstances to find what suits you best and what makes you happy. Whether you already know what project you would like to do or have no idea, we help you to define the best options for you. This is your first step to a fun, fulfilling, and profitable retirement!

How it works

Follow those simple steps to have an insightful and productive appointment with our mentor.

Finding a purpose and getting started on your new journey will be made easy, simple and rewarding.

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Fill in a short appointment contact form

st2Step 2

Our mentor will
contact you within 24h to arrange an appointment

st3Step 3

Make a FREE assessment
appointment with one of our skilled mentors

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If you qualify for new projects and hobbies, book a session with a mentor to get you started

What Is Our Free Online Project Assessment?

Our assessment is designed to match your current skills and circumstances with the most relevant opportunities for you at present. We have created a short 12 question assessment to fully understand your current personal and economic situation so we can assess your options.

This short assessment takes 15 minutes on the phone or Zoom, and it can identify all kinds of possibilities for you.

What Profitable Retirement Projects Information You Will Get?

Once you qualify and book an appointment with our mentor, you will get a list personalized to your circumstances of all the profitable projects we have found and matched to your skills and needs. Thanks to the support of our great partners, we can match you to a variety of projects and retirement hobbies. These will help you make some extra money and provide you with new enjoyable opportunities in a wide range of different project categories. All these projects are personalized to your skills and requirements to keep you inspired and give you endless ideas on how to have fun and make money when retired. The list will contain project providers’ details, conditions of participation, how to start, and how much you can earn from each individual project partner. All the necessary information you need in one place will be created for you by our mentor.

This process may seem a bit daunting at first, but many of our members begin with finding a retirement hobby. There is such a wide range of retiree hobbies available today that talking to our community to get tips on which one would suit you is extremely helpful. Getting advice on ways to make money when retired is also a popular conversation, and an easy way to do this is to find a retirement hobby that makes money. Our project assessment will steer you in the right direction so you can soon be having fun and making money.

The faster you get mentor support and work on your project, the faster you can start earning.

Understanding Profitable Projects

What It Is


Having more flexibility and freedom in your work


Being passionate about what you do


Utilizing your current skills and hobbies


Having ownership of your projects, work, output, and success


Fun, fulfilling, and profitable

What It's Not

row2 .png

A get-rich-quick schemes

row2 .png

Filled with scams designed to rip you off

row2 .png

Boring and mind-numbing work

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All done and earned for you


Join 11,918 happy and thriving retirees who get endless support, mentorship and inspiration!

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Benefits of taking advantage of profitable retirement projects


We connect you to our reputable partners who provide personalized, profitable projects.


Earn extra income to supplement your retirement pension with ease.


Conduct work on your projects at your leisure with flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.


Work as many or as few projects as you wish, the choice is yours.


Find the combination that works best for you, your skills and capabilities.


Try new opportunities when you need a change .


Earn passive income from home, while driving, when on holiday, when sleeping - all whilst doing what you love to do.


Tap into your hobbies, interests, skills and passions and earn real money from them.


Project opportunities are continually updated and expanded so you continue to have lots of new and fresh choices.


Flexible projects with no lock-in contracts, flexible hours in a range of various industries.


20+ categories and over 100+ credible providers that offer flexible earning opportunities, allowing for a personalised, tailor-made plan.


You have easy access to all your project match opportunities from your 4Retirees member account 24/7, with advice from experienced mentors and seniorpreneurs.

If you need more assistance with choosing the right retirement project or need help with some execution and development, book a call with our mentor now.

What Kind of Profitable Projects Mentors Can Connect You With

Enjoyable, profitable hobbies related to your passions and desires

Projects that make great use of your existing skills and capabilities.

Projects that utilize your past work experience.
Projects that allow you to use of your current resources to generate profit.
Projects that allow you to explore your compassionate and humanitarian side.
Projects that make great use of your existing skills and capabilities.
For more advanced project experience, we can help with your small business plan, go to market strategies or marketing plans in your existing project
sell house
We all have plenty of stuff that we don’t use, don’t need, don’t want, and wonder why we ever bought. Why not sell or rent it and turn it into some extra cash.
Opportunities to share and teach—whether it’s juggling or giving a compelling presentation, there are financial opportunities in your special skills.
Do you have any gadgets, tools, or toys that you can share? There are opportunities to share and earn those things you already have.
Spare house, room, driveway, or any other space that can make you a little extra cash? There are endless opportunities profiting from what you already have.

You can share your passion and make money by doing what you love, sharing your creativity, designing unforgettable experiences, and sharing them either in your local community or online. 


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