Lucky 13 Part Time Jobs That Help You Make New Friends

Lucky 13 Part Time Jobs That Help You Make New Friends
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Most people can’t wait to reach retirement. Step out of that full-time work environment and have more time to themselves. It may then be surprising to retire only to crave having somewhere to go every day. But the truth of the matter is that a large percentage of retirees feel they would like to take up some flexible work again. And it’s not because they’re in need of the money. In fact, retirees long to work because it feels good to have something productive to do. Not only can it restore a sense of purpose, but it can also be a great way to get out of the house a bit and even make new friends. With so many great options in terms of part time jobs for seniors, you can choose a job that will suit your needs and your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a job to be more social, check out our list of part time jobs that will position you to make new friends:
  1. Bookstore Assistant

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Working in a bookstore, especially if you love books, can be a great way to make new friends. Apart from organizing shelves and arranging new book displays, you’ll also be there to help customers. You can recommend books to people and even get chatting on books you’ve both read. Things like book clubs have proven just how effective a good book can be in bringing people together.
  1. Coffee Shop Barista

There are many perks to becoming a barista at a coffee shop. The constant smell of freshly brewed coffee is one of them. Learning the art of making beautiful coffees is another. But even more so is the sociable nature of being a barista. This is because every coffee shop has its locals. As you get to know their orders, you’ll start enthusing over some coffee. You’ll be sure to make some interesting new friends.
  1. Retail

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Working retail is a very social job. Far more interesting than just keeping the store in running order and looking neat, you’ll also be helping customers find what they need. If you are personable and friendly, people will remember that each time, they visit the store and gravitate toward you naturally for help. Over time you’ll be sure to make new friends.
  1. Local Tour Guide

Now, if you’re a real social butterfly and love getting out and about you should consider becoming a tour guide in your local area. With this job, not only will you be making friends, you’ll be forming connections with people from different parts of the country. All that and you get to go on fun outings!
  1. Bartender at Local Pub

If you have a cozy local pub in your area and you’re looking for social part time jobs, you may want to ask if they have any vacancies. There is probably no faster job to make friends with than bartending at your local pub. The locals will come in often and as the bartender, you’ll have the chance to talk to everyone as you pour their drinks. Plus, if there’s a tv with a game going, you’ll have something to start up a conversation about.
  1. Driver

When you sign up to become a driver, you never know who you may end up giving a lift to. Lots of people catch rides alone and welcome a friendly driver as a company on the way to their destinations. Because of this, it can be a great way to make friends in your area as well as earn some money.
  1. Photographer

If you’re looking for part time jobs and have the skill and passion for photography, you may want to try your hand at photography. You can do this freelance, by offering photoshoots and event photography, for events, kids birthdays or even weddings for example. You’ll get to work directly with people by capturing their special moments which is a lovely way to get to know somebody.
  1. Tutor

If you have a skill or subject you’re particularly good at, you can use it to make friends by becoming a tutor. You can tutor one on one or tutor a few people at a time. The time you spend with your clients every week can bring you together and forge lasting friendships.
  1. Restaurant Host/Hostess

As far as socially active part time jobs go, becoming a restaurant host or hostess is pretty high on the list. Especially at a slightly smaller restaurant, you’ll be on shift when the regulars come for lunch or dinner. It’ll be your job to greet them warmly and show them to their seats. People will get to know you and it can be a lovely way to socialize.
  1. Handyman

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When you think of part time jobs to make friends, being a handyman may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But as a handyman you’ll be helping people in your local area and not only will you possibly get chance to chat to them as you work but they’ll often be very grateful for your help around the house. What better way is there to meet people than that?
  1. Country Club Attendant

If you love golf and being outdoors, not only is this the best of the part time jobs for you but it’ll also be an excellent social experience. You could be doing anything from helping on the greens to driving the golf carts of golfers around. Either way, you’ll be right in the position to get chatting to some of the club members and making new connections.
  1. Auctioneer

Not a lot of people consider becoming an auctioneer. But nowadays it’s as easy to get started in as many of the other part time jobs we’ve listed. There are even sites where you can sign up to become an auctioneer. And while you’re attending the auctions, you’ll get a chance to mingle and make some great new friends.
  1. Translator

Translator jobs usually make great part time jobs as most people don’t need translators 24/7. And as we know, language brings people together. Your ability to speak another language can be a great way to make people feel understood and at home. And that’s bound to make your new friends. As you can see there are so many different part time jobs that would put you in a great position to make new friends. You can visit our site and join our community of like-minded individuals where you’ll surely make friends too. You can also take part in our free “Jobs Match” program if you’re looking for casual or part time jobs like these to boost your social life a bit. We are also looking for volunteers in our community in case you would like to get out and about your town.
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