Community Mentor & Moderator – Volunteer Australia (AU)

Community Mentor & Moderator – Volunteer Australia (AU)
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Do you use social online networks in Australia?

Community Discussion Groups or Forums? FB or Twitter? Any other network that you volunteer on?

Community Mentor & Moderator is facilitating different topic discussions that they feel knowledgeable at and happy to share and mentor others on, you simply volunteer your time and skills.

Here are a few examples of what that volunteering could be:

  • mentoring others on how to do online shopping
  • online banking
  • how to start your own business
  • craft skills
  • tell others all about gardening or golf
  • teach others a language or volunteer to help them organise next travel

I am sure you have one or two awesome skill and hobbies. I am sure that you will be happy to volunteer, share and mentor others about them.

About you?

Do you like to volunteer? You should be active on the internet, on social networks, like commenting and chatting with other people. Starting new discussions, sharing photos, jokes and funny comments, maybe recipes or even telling people where to go to see something cool! You have around 1h free of your time a week and you are happy with flexible timings. You are a global member of our community.

What Will you do?

  • You will be creating discussion topics or groups and moderating them in our community via your member account.
  • As an expert in one or two subjects you provide our community members with the knowledge and guidance, you simply volunteer your time to mentor them about your hobby or passions.
  • Naturally attracting other retirees to come to our community to meet new friends, learn new skills or earn extra cash.
  • Community Mentor & Moderator is an evolving process that includes responding to comments and questions, creating some content, liking comments, starting a discussion, introducing members to one another in our community and much more.
  • As a Community Mentor & Moderators, you must have the ability to maintain perspective and above all, not take things personally. The ability to understand and manage one’s emotions will support 4Retirees healthy online community.

What’s the approach?

  • You like to volunteer.
  • Have your own mobile phone, tablet or computer with access to the internet.
  • You are free around one hour a week or more. This doesn’t need to be a  consequent one hour it can be five minutes at a time. Whenever is good for you to have a chat and to reply to the community members.
  • We will guide you and help you, you volunteer and we collaborate together. In the first month, we will be defining your communication styles and understanding your potentials and skills.  This will also help greatly to improve your own social interactions and let you have some fun.

If this is something you would like to do, apply below now or send us an email on

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