Events, Activities & Classes Organiser – Volunteering Near Me – United States (USA)

Events, Activities & Classes Organiser – Volunteering Near Me – United States (USA)

Who is the event, activities and classes organiser?

Events & Activities & Classes organiser is someone who brings a group of people together. The person organizes an interesting class to learn about specific skill or topic, or simply organizes events or activities for people to enjoy, socialise, meet one another, relax and have fun together in a respectful manner.

What will you do?

As the Events, Activities and Classes Organiser, you will be organising, arranging your online class, or end to end local social gatherings for retirees in your state, city, town or suburb. The activities can vary from simple public meetups, locally-themed get-togethers, museums and art exhibitions, drinks, lunch or dinner, local activities like walks in the forest or by the beach, lakes and many more. This is basically your idea, your outing, you are taking charge of organising this for 4Retirees members and their friends. At the same time, you will be with people, out and about, you will be making new friends and getting recognition in the community. This also has to be done in mind with your local pandemic regulations according to the local government law.

As the Events, Activities and Classes Organiser, it is your responsibility to:

  • Create ideas for events, activities and classes
  • For the online classes, we will be able to support you to host zoom event via our account and we will help you structure the class as well
  • You will be solely responsible to create your own local event, we will help to promote in our media channels
  • Plan each local activity and communicate with participants/invitees
  • Work with the 4Retireees mentor to promote your events via weekly eNewsletter
  • Communicate your events and activities by creating posts on meetups, FB, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest and our own 4Retirees community group as well as other channels you might have identified yourself
  • Always practice good listening skills; be able to process; to effectively mediate, and to identify members needs and activities that 4Retirees members would like to attend
  • Good interpersonal skills, always establish and build good relationships with other people, be kind, caring and welcoming, make everyone feel good and a part of the community.
  • Make sure everyone knows and complies with 4Retirees community guidelines rules at the events and activities

You can also support and volunteer by organising activities for people who need care and support, as well as assisting individuals so they can take part. These participants are usually based in care homes, day centres, aged care facilities but you could also organise community events in their locations if you get specific organisation permission to do so.

As the Organiser, you are focused on building and growing 4Retirees community, raising questions or alternatives, developing sound and well-planned strategies and activities that benefit and improve our member’s lifestyle and facilitating all those sessions.

Many of you have been asking us if we have any opportunities where you can do “Volunteering Near Me” so we are hoping this has answered your questions and we can bring joy to your life. We will be alongside you all the way by guiding and helping you with your ventures!

If this is something you would like to do, apply below now or send us an email on

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