Partnership Ambassadors – Paid (United States)

Partnership Ambassadors – Paid (United States)

What will you do as a Partnership Ambassadors?

As a Partnership Ambassadors, you will be the front face of our business, you will be our representative in your state, city or town. You will be helping us find partners who would like to sponsor, donate or advertise with us. You will do that mostly by approaching those businesses in person or calling them and offering them opportunities to partnership with 4Retirees.

What partnership can you offer to those businesses as a Partnership Ambassadors of 4Retirees?

You can offer the following forms of partnership and we are also open for your ideas and business suggestions as they arise:


  • Other 3rd party businesses can use our community channels to advertise their product or service. They can only do so if they pay for this advertisement placement as this will help us grow our community further and provide benefits to our members.


  • Small, medium or large organisations (sometimes even individuals) may want to sponsor our events, activities, our member’s lessons, courses and other activities.
  • Quizzes & Competitions: Business will fund the prizes for our members winning the quiz or competition
  • Small, medium or large organisations may want to partner with us on co-branding promotions to promote their business to both member databases.
  • Partnering with local governments, councils, charities or churches on local events.


  • Businesses or individuals financial donations

How can I do that?

Simply use your wealth of experience and knowledge gained during your working life.

Every one of us knows many businesses in their local area. Some of you may know or be friends with the CEO, Managing Director, General Manager or other senior representatives of the businesses. Why not talk to them over a round of golf, at a BBQ or while sharing a coffee? You never know who is willing to help our community and you can earn money for your next holiday by simply activating all the contacts/network you already have.

Your financial recognition:

As recognition for your contribution, you are paid a % of the total value you brought to 4Retirees community on a monthly basis.

This a freelance based contract. 4 stages of financial recognition are recognised – 5%, 10%, 20% and a mutually agreed value if the amount is significant.

How will this help the 4Retirees community?

Simply nothing is free in this world. Someone needs to pay for our online website maintenance and further improvements, the content, the people who work or even volunteer here, all administration and much more.  As you can see simply nothing is wasted here. Any financial gesture can help change or improve millions of retirees lives worldwide.

Additional compulsory requirements:

  • Valid Police Check (we can help obtain this)
  • 2 references (people who know you personally or professionally and can vouch for you)

If this is something you would like to do, apply below now or send us an email on

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