Become a Digital Mentor – Paid or Voluntary Job (Australia)

Become a Digital Mentor – Paid or Voluntary Job (Australia)

The purpose of becoming a digital mentor

Millions of people don’t know how to use the internet and how to get online. This can be your close neighbour, friend,  someone in your family or even a complete stranger you met at the library or an event.

Be their biggest advocate by demonstrating how the internet can be meaningful for them.

This is a great chance for you to gain practical experience yourself and make a positive difference and impact in other peoples lives. At the same time, you will be with people and you will be making new friends and getting recognition in your local community.

What will you do?

You will be helping people age 50 years old + to learn the online world.

Provide group training or one on one online support to older people as part of the Be Connected internet training program at 4Retirees.

This role focuses on encouraging participants to be connected online, build their basic online and technology skills, and assist them in using their digital devices.

What are the key responsibilities?

  • Complete our training and induction program provided by 4Retirees
  • Provide safe and friendly online or offline group classes, either in your local area nominated by you or our office in Sydney or Brisbane
  • Provide a safe and friendly one on one learning environment in your local community
  • Structure learning to specifically accommodate the needs of the participant
  • Get familiar with our online learning modules and be able to point the participant to appropriate online learning modules and encourage their completion at home if possible
  • Provide weekly or monthly new learners registration form in order to track how many new learners you mentored and registered each month. This is required in order to provide you with payment if you wish to be financially rewarded.
  • Be punctual and inform others in advance if you are unable to attend or be late
  • As a digital mentor, it’s good to start with the basics and develop your own digital skills gradually with our tutorials and courses we have available.

What skills are you required to have at minimum to began as a mentor:

  • You need to understand how the internet works, a logical way of using basic technology and how to problem solve
  • Competent use of computers (PC), laptops, tablets, smartphones, how to set up and use email and basic skills in word and excel would be beneficial
  • You need to demonstrate the ability to be patient, providing instruction in a way that is easy to understand as everyone learns a different way and at a different pace
  • Ability to work autonomously with a participant
  • Very good communication and organisation skills
  • Willingness to work with your local communities, retirement houses, aged care homes, libraries and church organisations to find participants and recognise who needs the training from you

Your location of work and required hours:

You as volunteers can nominate your preferred location, area of work, or you can use our CBD Sydney or Brisbane office to run a group or one to one training. If and when required we will also help you set up online classes using zoom platform.

We would like you to work from 2-4hours a week.  We are also open for you to do less or more depending on your availability.

You will be working with and be supported by 4Retirees lead digital mentor about your group and one to one mentoring classes each month

Additional compulsory requirements:

Valid Police Check (we will help obtain this and pay for it)

Your Financial recognition:

We will pay agreed in your volunteer contract fix $ value for every 10 new mentored and register learners. Therefore, earnings opportunities depend on how many new learners you are willing to voluntarily mentor.

If this is something you would like to do, apply below now or send us an email on

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