Supplement Your Pension With Flexible Jobs For Over 60s

Supplement Your Pension With Flexible Jobs For Over 60s

Yes, you can make money in a flexible way and on your terms with the on-demand sharing economy. Supplement your pensions in the new modern way. Get involved in something meaningful.

Let’s start here:

What exactly is the on-demand sharing economy? Defined as the economic activity created by technology companies that fulfil consumer demand through immediate provisioning of goods and services.  Similarly, On-demand economy is also known as the sharing economy or collaborative consumption or even the peer economy. In addition, it is a trending business concept that highlights the ability (and perhaps the preference) for individuals to rent or borrow goods or services and not necessarily buy and own them.

Owners rent out something they are not using to someone else using these peer-to-peer services and earning money on demand. It can be a car, house or bicycle, tools, hobby or skills.

Examples of Businesses

Some popular examples of businesses in the on-demand sharing economy are UBER and AirBNB. UBER people use their own cars. With this, they can sign up as drivers and then transport people or deliver food to other people as part of their peer-to-peer network. You can work on your terms, the hours you want and in the area you want. Thus, they can earn money while meeting new people and listening to your favourite radio station.

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The second example is AirBNB. It is an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging. This includes holiday cottages, apartments, homestays, hostel beds, etc. You can do this all year long if you have a place you never use. Likewise, it can also for weeks at a time when you are travelling. Or just until you find new tenants for your investment property.  It’s a great contemporary (and cheaper) alternative to hotel accommodation.

4Retirees have partnered with hundreds of these kinds of businesses.

Far beyond UBER and AirBNB, we have partnered with businesses that support people like you and will let you earn in a flexible way on your terms. Even more, we can now match you with hundreds of these types of businesses. Just take our free flexible jobs match – the choice of businesses participating in the on-demand sharing economy is virtually endless and new ones are popping up all the time. You’ll be able to find transportation, hobby-related businesses, travel, education, business services, delivery, pet care, human care, and many more even some experimental. We keep adding new businesses all the time.

What are the benefits of participating in sharing economy?

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • Extra cash
  • Involvement in your community
  • Meeting new like-minded people
  • Do something good and get paid

The on-demand sharing economy offers so many different types of income-generating opportunities. There’s bound to be something that suits you. Likewise, you are also usually not locked into contracts, set hours or long wait times. Also, the on-demand sharing economy wants people and tries to make it as easy for those willing to work, to do so, and do so quickly.


Here are some of the additional benefits that retirees will realize from becoming a member of the 4Retirees community include:

  • Learning how your existing skills and knowledge can help you earn additional income
  • Discovering how to share your skills and trade with other members of the community
  • Learning about new technology and approaches through our learning academy
  • Involvement in 4Retirees activities offline and online
  • You can become a voluntary ambassador. Build your own 4Retirees “get together a group” in your local community
  • You can become our social ambassador. Contribute by writing articles and stories that we will publish on our websites. Even more, you can also become a social media moderator. Become influencer by telling other retirees about us on other forums you belong to
  • Become a proactive member help us co-create our community. Share your thoughts, wants and needs and we will create a perfect community for you


And, we are Retirees4Retirees we will bring you that step closer by providing retirees with the help, skills, and connections. Finally, take advantage of today’s newest addition to the employment landscape – the growing number of opportunities available in the on-demand economy as well as connecting you with each other.

Don’t hold back! Say YES to sharing economy!

Take our free flexible jobs match and get started now!

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