Top 6 Fun And Cheap Getaways For Seniors In Victoria

Top 6 Fun And Cheap Getaways For Seniors In Victoria

The state of Victoria has a lot to offer, from fantastic beaches, contemporary bars, unique tours and high-end restaurants. You have your choice of the fabulous (and free) natural wonders of the land and cultural heritage. From zoos and aquariums to wildlife and wineries, we have searched for the best cheap and affordable activities for you to enjoy while you’re in Victoria. Here’s what we found.

1. Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Tour of Melbourne

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Looking for a memorable dining experience? While this activity isn’t exactly the cheapest one on this list, it is an experience you won’t want to miss. When you board the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the maitre d’ and personally escorted to your table inside the luxurious air-conditioned carriages. You’ll take a scenic journey through the historic districts of South Melbourne, looking out over the Yarra River, and enjoying views of Prahran, St Kilda and Malvern. The mouth-watering menu options include a 4-course lunch, a 3-course dinner or a 5-course late dinner.  And the best part? Starting at 90 dollars a head, it’s’ still very well priced and everything is included, meaning you can drink from their amazing wine and beer selection at no added cost.


2. Phillip Island

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There’s so much wildlife to see on Phillip Island that you might want to make it more than a one day trip! And you don’t have to rough it there either! The island has lots of things you can do in addition to seeing the amazing animals (seriously, is there anything as cute as a penguin?). These additional amenities include massages, spas, hair and beauty, as well as restaurants, wineries, and breweries! Australian pensioners entry to Phillip Island is only $12.60, then it’s pay as you go should you want to indulge in any other offerings such as spas and restaurants).


3. Old Melbourne Gaol

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What better way to look into our chilling history than to go on a Gaol Tour! Or, better yet, take the “Night Gaol” tour (AKA The ghost tour).  This tour goes for an hour and is filled with truly chilling stories from staff about the souls once housed there. If you’re looking for an exciting and immersive trip through time, then this is the tour for you. Tickets for pensioners are just $35.


4. 12 Apostles & The Great Ocean Road

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Described as the jewel in the crown of the majestic Great Ocean Road, the 12 apostles is a sight that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.  These grand limestone rock formations were sculpted naturally by the wind and the waves, and are part of the Port Campbell National Park.  And what’s more, there are lots of things to do along the way on the great ocean road that can make this into a wonderful road trip. Why not immerse yourself in the rainforest scenery of the otway ranges, or take a walk along bells beach or indulge in a helicopter ride up and down the coast? The wonders of nature are everywhere along the great ocean road. See how many apostles you can count.


5. Wine Tour!

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With Victoria’s more than 21 distinct wine regions and 800 wineries, when visiting Victoria a wine tour is a definite must! With different regions known for either premium cool climate wines, Italian varietals, fortified or full bodies reds, there’s a region for whatever your taste.

Wine tasting at the cellar doors are usually free with purchase, and most wineries also have stunning gourmet restaurants attached. If however, you’d like to go on an official tour (so you don’t have to worry about driving) then there are many options.  ‘Wine Tours Victoria’ has day trips to the Mornington Peninsula that pick you up and drop you off at your hotel and include a 2-course lunch, wine and morning tea for $180 per person. You can choose to tour the Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra Valley, the Macedon Ranges or the Bellarine Peninsula, or all of them!


6. Have a Picnic! (At the Victorian Royal Botanical Gardens).

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While BBQ’s are a no-no here, picnics are perfectly acceptable at the Victorian Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, and there’s no entry change.  Could there be a better al fresco setting for lunch? We think not.  Enjoy the idyllic surroundings, take a short or a long stroll, learn about our Australian flora and eat whatever you desire! This is a cheap, but thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a day or a few hours.

We wish you many happy days of sightseeing in beautiful Victoria.
Tell us about your trip!

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