10 Best Free Websites With Free Online Courses For Seniors

10 Best Free Websites With Free Online Courses For Seniors


We live in an increasingly inter-connected world. Everything from shopping, social networking, studying, job applications, accommodation bookings, researching topics, to watching movies are now being done over the Internet. Because nowadays, it seems that it would take a lot of effort to go about day-to-day life while refraining from using the Internet.

Has it taken you a long time to catch up with modern technology? Feel left behind? Do you find it daunting? Don’t know where to start? Do your children or grandchildren get frustrated with your technological ignorance?

One option is to choose to be a total Luddite like me or be one of those who refuse to learn digital time, the metric system, how to use an ATM or other online payments, how to use a VCR, what is AI, or how simply to use or make most out of your computer.

However, choosing such an option will cause you and others nothing but an inconvenience. You will be constantly relying on other people to do certain things for you. Thus, you will lose independence. As a result, people might eventually refuse to help you, subsequently rendering you helpless.

The other choice is to increase your digital literacy. This way, even if you are not interested in using the Internet, as a result, you will still have the ability to do so if you ever need to.

But you might not know where to go to develop your digital skills.

Not to worry. There are a number of resources available to enable even the neophyte to become just as tech-savvy as those who have grown up with technology.  Read on for some of the best ones.



Website is created by the Australian government.  We are very proud to tell you that we are one of the participants in this government program.  We are here to help people like you and other less skilled to get more knowledge and useful skills and information in technology. This amazing website offers free online courses in digital literacy.

When signing up (BE CONNECTED) choose from drop-down menu 4Retirees PTY LTD as your partner. Aimed at mature people and intended to empower them to be digitally literate and to know how to stay safe and secure on-line. The website is ideal for the absolute beginner. Topics include “What is a Computer?” “What is a Laptop?” “Using a Mouse”, “Using a Touchscreen”, etc.  In addition, advanced topics include such things as “Using A Digital Camera and “Using Facebook”, “On-line Shopping”, and “Socialising”.

Likewise, if you know of anyone who needs help, who needs to learn how to use computer and internet perhaps you can volunteer your time and go to help them. Sign them up with Be Connected program and our community so they can learn ongoing.


A free-to-use website created by the British Broadcasting Corporation. It provides information about how to get connected to the Internet – whether at home or in a public place – and how to use it safely and securely. For instance, the content includes: “Social Networks and Blogs”, “Beat the Bullies” (about how to deal with cyber-bullying), “What is a Search Engine?”, “Crowdfunding”, “Applying for Jobs On-line”, “What Can I Safely Upload?”, among many others. Thus, this is an ideal site for anyone wanting to know how to make the most out of the Internet without being negatively affected by it.



Do you have a physical or mental condition that makes using a computer difficult? Do you know someone else who does? This website might be able to help. It’s a free website detailing how to cater your computer usage to your physical and mental needs. Specific computer programs and functions, and specific electronic devices that help one use a computer are detailed.

For example, if a person you know has poor eyesight, this website shows how to use the “Narrator” function on the computer. Text are to be read out loud. Typing a password is not required for the facial and fingerprint recognition software. In addition, this website also gives advice on how to stay focused on the computer-related task at hand without being distracted, and without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.



This is a series of free courses on-line about the role of computers in modern society. Specifically how to use a computer, how to use particular software, how to use the Internet, how to secure your computer from on-line threats, and digital audio, video, and photography. A prerequisite for doing the courses is knowledge of how to use a keyboard and mouse. Detailed Courses and includes assessments. Also, doing such courses will make you very tech-savvy, and you will be able to impress your grandchildren with your acquired knowledge.


This is an on-line database of various free on-line computing courses and tutorials. Covered all sorts of topic. An example includes “Copyright”, “Basic Computing”, “Advanced IT”, “Health” (about how to understand health-related technology), etc. It’s a handy guide, with links to plenty of websites.


This is a software program that is free to download. It makes one’s computer easy to elderly people to use. Designed for the computer novice in mind. It creates an interface with six “buttons” that enable the computer user to use the Internet, send and receive e-mails, chat with other people, and other functions. Overwhelmed with the options? This is worth checking out.


This is a website on which people can upload videos for other people around the world to watch. You can find videos about all sorts of things on YouTube. In addition, you can also find instructional videos on all sorts of topics, i.e. learning particular languages, playing particular musical instruments, how to crochet, how to use a computer, and how to use a particular software. Furthermore, YouTube is completely free to use.


This website provides free computing tutorials aimed at seniors and beginners. Additionally, individual lesson topics include the basics of computing, as well as photography, graphics, Internet, e-mail, and Microsoft Office.


This website offers free computing tutorials. Individual lesson topics include “Beginners’ Computing”, “Microsoft Excel 2007-2017”, “Visual Basic .NET” and “Microsoft Word 2007-2017”. This is in addition to “Beginners PHP”, “Java for Complete Beginners” and “C#. NET for Beginners”, “Web Design” and “Javascript for the Beginner”.


This website offers free tutorials about particular computing software. Individual lesson topics include Windows, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel Internet, and even how to build a web page. This website would be perfect for people who are using computers already and want more from it.

Once you feel more upskilled in the digital world, then perhaps it’s a time to put that in work. Make extra cash from that experience. Find new flexible job opportunities for retirees. We have some options available to you and they depend on your skills, interests and current living circumstances. Take our free flexible jobs match. Get your personalised list of flexible jobs opportunities one day then start making extra money the next!

We can’t wait to hear all about your learning experience.
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