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How it works

Earning money with 4Retirees "Jobs Match" program is a simple process and a lot of fun. We partnered with hundreds of businesses that offer flexible earning opportunities "side gigs". We keep adding new jobs regularly so that you always have many options and choices.

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Complete the free "Jobs Match" program to learn which jobs you match with and their earning potential. e.g. Hi John, you matched with 25 flexible jobs, with potential estimated earnings of $2360pm.

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Become a Free Global Member to get access to the full list of your job matches "side gigs". These will be clearly presented to you in your personal 4Retirees member account.

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Simply select your choice of jobs "side gigs" from your match list, sign up and start earning right away. And, we'll keep delivering you more options to consider.

Take Free Flexible Jobs Match Now

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Join us and benefit from our flexible "Jobs Match" program at 4Retirees!

  • We connect you to extra income to supplement your pension "side gigs"
  • Work when you want
  • Work as many or as few jobs, tasks or projects as you wish
  • Find the combination that works best for you
  • Try new opportunities when you need a change
  • You can earn money from home while driving, when on holiday when sleeping while doing what you love
  • Tap into your hobbies, interests, skills and passions and earn money from them
  • Your job match opportunities are continually maintained, updated, and expanded so you continue to have lots of choices
  • Flexible jobs opportunities, no lock-in contracts, no long office hours, lots of variety
  • 20+ categories and over 100s companies that offer flexible earnings opportunities
  • You have easy access to all your job match opportunities from your 4Retirees member account 24/7
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