What is your retirement style of living? Does it reflect your passions, hobbies, your attitudes and values? At 4retirees we want to make sure you live your life in style, happiness, confidence and you have time of your life, no matter what that is or means for each of you individually.

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woman make up Foundations Perfect For Mature Skin Over 60

8 Foundations Perfect For Mature Skin Over 60

Like many things in life, your skin changes with age. Choosing the best foundation as a mature woman shouldn’t be a daunting task.  Our skin goes through many battles throughout…...

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A bunch of wrapped up presents all in different colours.

8 Unique Gift Ideas For Older Women

Gift shopping for older women can be a challenging and tedious process. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary or celebration, there’s never enough time to spend researching…...

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woman over 60 fashion

Best Fashion Advice For Women Over 60

Being over 60 is a wonderful feeling – you are independent, free, and ready to enjoy yourself in this next chapter of your life. This is why one of the…...

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A Helpful Guide On The Best Shampoo For Gray Hair In 2021

One of the most common changes with age is the inevitable graying of your hair. Graying shouldn’t be a daunting period and it’s made much easier with a fantastic hair…...

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