3 Artistic Casual Jobs Illawarra For Seniors

3 Artistic Casual Jobs Illawarra For Seniors
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Are you are a senior in search of casual jobs Illawarra and that, too, of an artistic kind? We bring you three artistic casual jobs you could apply for:

  1. Santa Photographer

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If you love kids and Christmas, this is the perfect job for you. Santa photographer jobs is one of the most popular casual jobs Illawarra. The season begins in mid-November and continues through to 24th December.

If you have knowledge about photography and know how to operate a DSLR camera efficiently, you can apply for such job.

  1. Part-Time Casual Teacher

Teaching is one of the best part-time or full time casual job you could try. Over time senior and retires want to feel alive and active. Nothing does it better than surrounding yourself with the happy spirit of young children.

Do you have prior experience in teaching? Have in-depth of a subject you think you would be great teaching? You should consider getting a casual job as a teacher. But as you are in Illawarra, keep in mind that you would require a Working with Children Check because it is a pre-requisite for every person who is seeking child-related work.

  1. Pre Press Design Officer

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For casual jobs Illawarra, casual jobs in business operations are quite the rage. They include digital and off-set printing, food packaging and distribution, recycling, and commercial laundry.

If you are interested in working in business operations, there is a wide variety of casual jobs Illawarra you could opt from. One of them is a Pre Press Designer officer who could try if you are a creative graphic designer.

To get into creative jobs you have to think everything from an artistic point of view and be creative all the time. Also, the job requirements of a Pre Press Designer entails explaining how each design relates to the project and the client’s product while ideally achieving the business and communication objectives. In addition, you will be expected to focus on the vision and mission of the company.

Finally, to work as a Pre Press Designer, you should have-depth knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Acrobat on Mac platform. So, do keep in mind that it is one of those casual jobs Illawarra has that requires a Trade Certificate or equivalent qualifications. Also, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience, along with attention to detail and brilliant design and creative skills.

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