4 Original Casual Jobs in Dubbo for Retirees

4 Original Casual Jobs in Dubbo for Retirees
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For many who are not clear on what causal jobs are, here is a brief description. Casual jobs usually:

  • Do not provide sick leave or paid holiday leave
  • Have irregular hours/shifts
  • Are temporary or short term
  • Do not have any guarantee that they will be ongoing

Most of the casual jobs Dubbo is on an as-needed basis. This means that your shifts could vary from hour to hour, day to day, or week to week. Most of the casual employees do not work for fixed hours while some have to complete regular work hours. As there is no guarantee from the employer regarding the casual jobs Dubbo, you can quit without giving a notice period.

Here are the top 4 casual jobs Dubbo can to offer for retirees:

1. Fill Team Member

Retailers are always on the lookout of enthusiastic, energetic, and motivated persons. For casual jobs Dubbo, there are few openings for a fill team member. The person shall be required to help the customers with shopping by replenishing, merchandising, and ticketing the stick across the different departments of the store. Also, he has to follow rules regarding Occupational Health and Safety to ascertain a safe working environment for contractors, customers, and staff members.

2. Casual Retail Team Member

There are plenty of casual jobs Dubbo in the retail sector. Retirees seem to flourish quite well in this field. Also, there are always openings for the casual retail team member, especially around the holidays. Retail stores seek a person who could provide an impressive in-store experience to the customers that inspires them to visit again. Also, you need to have all the relevant information and knowledge on your fingertips so you can efficiently engage with the customers.

You will have to be a team player to achieve goals. Also, your job responsibilities will include receipting, merchandising, and replenishing as well.

3. Customer Service Representative

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Apart from retail, there is another area where retirees seem to do exceptionally well in casual jobs Dubbo. That is customer services. This is based on prior experience and passion to communicate with people. A large number of retirees prefer to get a job as a customer service representative.

If you think you have it in you to deliver a great experience to the customers and provide a great service to the customers, you can apply for a CSR job.

4. Casual Customer Screening Officer

Casual jobs Dubbo are offering openings for casual customer screening officers for well-known brands.  They will be required to engage the customers in getting their hearing health checked through a 5-minute touch screen test and explain the hearing results to them while recommending the next step to take, check with your medical centres and government agencies for the vacancy.

In addition, a  lot of companies are seeking great communicators in terms of verbal and written communication with a bright personality who can engage with people in Dubbo.

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