Best Retirement Gifts For Women 2022

Shopping for retirement gifts is becoming a regular feature of everyone’s lives as more and more people worldwide are retiring.  This has led to a growing need for retirement gifts.  So it’s not surprising that the number of Google searches for retirement gifts has increased over the last five years.  Data shows that women are three times more likely to retire than men.  Choosing a suitable gift for a female friend who is about to retire is trickier than you might think, so we have put together a list of some great options.  Don’t forget to checkout our retirement gifts shop for more ideas as well.

1 – Wine Tumbler/Coffee Mug


Cups and mugs are popular choices for retirement gifts.  They are practical and come with funny slogans or are even personalized with the recipient’s name.  Our favourites are the ones that come in an attractive shade of rose gold with double-wall insulation to help keep drinks warm for 12 hours or cool for 24 hours.  Made from stainless steel, these tumblers are durable, unbreakable, sweatproof, rust-resistant, dishwasher safe and don’t transmit taste when used.  They come with a transparent BPA-free lid and a reusable straw, so there will be no spilled drinks no matter what activities your retired friend is engaged in.

2 – Key Chain


A key chain is a very adaptable and helpful gift for any retiree.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit the tastes of the person you are buying for.  Extra fobs can be added to make the key chain unique.  Even retirees have to carry keys, so a key chain is a practical gift that will remind them of you every time they use it.

3 – Make Up/Wash Bag

makeup bag

According to research, the most popular activity retirees look forward to after they retire is travelling.  A wash bag or make-up bag is one of those things we rarely buy for ourselves, but it is a useful thing to own.  They are available in many different sizes, materials, colours and prints and can also be personalized with names or slogans.  Look for practical features like pockets, waterproof lining and a hanging loop.

4 – Socks/Slippers


Retirement should involve a lot of relaxation, which is much easier with warm, comfortable feet.  Depending on the person you are buying for, a pair of slippers or socks could be the perfect gift.  Socks come in all kinds of colours and prints.  A popular choice is a pair with writing on the soles celebrating the fact that the wearer is enjoying putting their feet up.  Slippers can be a welcome gift for tired feet, especially if you choose ones with a soft lining.

5 – Scarf


Depending on the climate where your retiring friend lives, a warm winter scarf or a light summer scarf is an ideal gift.  A woman can’t have too many scarves!  A warm, woolly scarf to keep ears warm on winter walks is a thoughtful present.  In summer, a pretty silk scarf can be the finishing touch to an outfit.

6 – Photo Album/Digital Photo Frame

photo frame

Retiring is a time to celebrate all the things the retiree has achieved in their working lives.  Giving them a photo album filled with highlights is a great way to show them how much you have valued your time working together.  A traditional photo album is a lovely thing to have, but a great alternative is a digital photo frame.

7 – Bathtub Tray

bath tray

Hopefully, your friend will have plenty of time to relax in a hot bath during retirement.  Giving them a bath tray can help them enjoy their relaxation time even more.  Look for multi-functional trays that can hold everything they may need, such as a glass of wine, book, phone, snack, and a candle.

How To Choose The Perfect Retirement Gift

Retirement gifts fall into two categories: things that remind them of good memories or something to celebrate a new phase of life.  In the first group are gifts such as photo albums or a plaque engraved with their notable achievements and number of years working.  The second type of gift would include equipment for a new hobby and items to enhance leisure time.

Personalizing a gift can make it more unique and appreciated by the recipient.  Whether it is a pair of socks, a mug, a keychain or a bag, it is easy nowadays to add your friend’s name.  Including a humorous saying on your gift related to retirement is also a popular trend.

Thinking about how the retiree you are buying a gift for is planning on spending their retirement can help when choosing an appropriate gift.  The 2021 Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers showed that 65% of workers are looking forward to travelling, 59% are going to enjoy spending more time with family and friends, and 51% anticipate pursuing hobbies.  A further 21% can’t wait to take care of their grandchildren.  This is especially true for women.  Whether it is sharing memories with older relatives or babysitting younger ones, having the time and energy to spend quality time with their loved ones is a highlight of retirement for many.

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