Best Retirement Gifts For Men 2022

Retirement is one of the most significant life changes we go through, so it is natural that we would mark the occasion with a thoughtful gift.  Retirement gifts can either be something connected to a hobby or pastime the retiree is looking forward to spending time doing or a reminder of their achievements during their working life.  Men can be difficult to pick a present for, so we have put together a list of some great suggestions to give you some inspiration.

1 – Socks


Hopefully, retirement will mean more time for relaxing and putting their feet up for the retiree. A pair of socks to keep their toes warm is a welcome gift, especially if the soles are decorated with a funny adage related to retiring. Socks are a popular gift, so there are a lot of choices available.

2 – Beer Making Kit


Men often spend all their time and energy on work and their family and can be a bit at a loss about how to occupy themselves in retirement. A beer-making kit can help them start a new hobby that produces something they can enjoy drinking, something that appeals to many males’ practical side. This kit gives them everything they need to get going, and they can reuse the equipment by just buying new ingredients, making it a gift that keeps on giving!

3 – Personalised Luggage Tags


Most retirees look forward to travelling more when they have stopped working, so giving them a gift that makes that easier is a great idea. Luggage tags are a very practical but the kind of thing people rarely get round to buying for themselves. As well as making it easier to identify your luggage on a carousel, tags also make it easier for your possessions to be returned to you if they get misplaced. Personalising the luggage tags makes the gift even more special.

4 – Decanter

whiskey decanter

A good gift is something that the person would like and use but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. A decanter fits that description perfectly. Few of us would go to the expense of purchasing a decanter when we can easily pour our drink of choice straight from the bottle. However, a decanter is a lovely thing to own, and it is both decorative and practical, so it would make an excellent gift for any retiree.

5 – BBQ Tool Set

bbq toolset

It may be a cliché that men love to BBQ, but there is some truth to it. Men also love a tool set, so giving a retiring male friend a BBQ tool set would be a welcome gift. With all the spatulas, tongs, forks and skewers any outdoor cook could wish for all packed into a handy case, a BBQ tool set will equip a retiree with everything he needs to get cooking.

6 – Noise cancelling headphones


After a busy working life, every retiree is looking forward to relaxing in peace and quiet. In today’s hectic world, peace can be challenging to find, so a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a thoughtful gift. Noise cancelling headphones are a great invention allowing the user to shut out the outside world. Wireless versions allow you the freedom to move around and can be integrated with your phone and TV.

7 – Shaving Kit

shaving kit

Work may have finished, but a man’s facial hair will keep growing. Whether a completely clean shave or just a trim, a shaving kit could be a welcome gift. With a bit more time on his hands, your friend will appreciate the luxury of a traditional shaving kit to keep him looking smart even in retirement.

How To Choose The Perfect Retirement Gift For Men

There are two kinds of retirement gifts: gifts to help them recall good memories or gifts to help begin a new chapter of life. Giving presents like photo albums or an engraved plaque highlighting their working achievements fall into the first group. The second group could be equipment for a hobby or sport and gifts to enrich leisure time.

A popular trend in retirement gifts for men is something humorous. Socks, mugs, bags or hats are often decorated with funny sayings relating to retirement. A personal touch can be added by using the recipient’s name or initials on the gift. Finding out how the retiree is planning on spending their retirement or if they have any hobbies can help ensure you are giving them something they will use and appreciate.

While buying a retirement gift for a man may seem a daunting task, we hope our list of suggestions will help make it easier.

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