Best Fashion Advice For Women Over 60

Best Fashion Advice For Women Over 60

Being over 60 is a wonderful feeling – you are independent, free, and ready to enjoy yourself in this next chapter of your life.

This is why one of the most enjoyable aspects of being older is investing in some beautiful dresses, designed to enhance your look as a newfound 60-year-old.

Just because we have aged does not mean that we have lost our incredible sense of style. 

Some of the most fashionable women we know are above 60 years old, and we think that can be attributed to a much stronger sense of self-worth and confidence. Think Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn and Tina Turner – all beautiful and fashionable women over 60. 

When a woman is confident, she certainly looks good in anything she wears. 

A Short Checklist Of Our Fashion Tips For Women Over 60

When it comes to fashion advice and dresses for women over 60, we have a few tips for you to consider:

  • Create balanced outfits with some fun prints and solid colors
  • Wear quality outfits that are both comfortable and stylish
  • Jeggings and other trendy loungewear can be great for casual wear
  • Investing in some minimalistic but aesthetic accessories such as bags and accessories can go a long way
  • Good quality denim jeans will never go out of style
  • Whenever you purchase a cardigan, opt for a longer one which gives you a more unique style statement
  • If you cannot decide what to wear, just bring out one of your classic dresses – it always works.

Feeling comfortable in clothes will naturally bring out your confidence and flair. Don’t wear outfits you may find uncomfortable for the sake of it – but if you’re feeling adventurous, then go for it!

Some Style Suggestions for Women Over 60

We know that being fashionable can be harder as trends change and certain looks go out of fashion, but these basic tips will help ensure that you maintain a timeless and fabulous look.

1. The Monochrome Look

The monochrome look, on a woman over 60 who has gray hair.


If you are a woman over 60 who has beautiful gray hair to flaunt, we suggest you opt for a monochrome outfit. 

Mixing up neutral colors such as an all grey outfit or an all brown dress will give you the kind of classy look that all of us are looking for.

Having neutral colored outfits is a great thing to invest in especially for senior women – because there is nobody else who looks better in monochrome outfits than us. 

2. Try A Splash Of Color

An older woman wearing a red dress and waving.


If you think eccentric dresses for older women don’t exist – think again. 

We believe that a colorful dress would look remarkable on women over 60, especially because we have the confidence to style it properly. 

By wearing something bold and colorful, one can easily feel rejuvenated and positive – and that is the kind of energy that we all are searching for. 

The bold color could be anything of your choice, such as blue, green, yellow, or even a classic red dress. 

3. Floral Sundresses

A woman with gray hair wearing a floral, blue dress.


Floral prints can make anybody happy and vibrant, and the same goes for older women who want to radiate how they feel.

Sundresses for the mature woman are the easiest way to dress up and still feel comfortable in your clothes. 

These are especially suitable for a daytime look in the spring or summer season since the sundress compliments the climate and are usually made of lightweight materials that suit the warmer weather. Goes well with shorter hairstyles designed to help you appear more youthful.

4. Time to Accessorize

A tall, senior woman wearing jewellery, a red jacket with a black handbag.


Accessorizing is the easiest way to accentuate your look and complement what you’re wearing, but most of us forget about it when as we get older.

It is important to remember that dresses for older women can easily be complemented by a range of minimalistic accessories that spice up an entire outfit. 

Accessories are also an easy way for older women to try out the latest fashion trends without changing their overall look, especially those that include different styles of handbags or minimalistic necklaces.

There are no rules when it comes to accessories, so you have all the freedom in the world to develop your own style statement. To make it, even more, stand out, check out this guide.

5. Vibrant Prints

A senior woman wearing a leopard print shirt with a red purse.


Animal prints have always been in fashion and, we recommend that you incorporate some of these vibrant prints into your dresses that may suit you as an older woman.

Fashion for older women does not change dramatically – so there is no need to worry about a cheetah and leopard print scarf unless you’re feeling adventurous.

Some of our favorite outfits are when animal prints are matched with solid colors to create an outfit that looks well put-together. 

If a printed shirt or dress might not be the look for you, then we suggest you opt for a printed handbag or scarf that could transform your entire look.

6. Styled Kimonos

A smiling woman wearing a styled kimono.

Source: Pinterest Aina Celine

As a woman over 60 contemplating what dress you could wear, you may want to consider kimonos. 

These stylish, elegant jackets are optimal for any season since you can find them in many different colors and prints. 

Wearing a kimono jacket over your basic tee can completely change your look into a talking point with ease.

Pair a trendy kimono with a beach hat in the summer and you have the perfect beach dress without much effort.

7. Never Too Old for Skirts

Two women wearing skirts.


When you are over 60 years old, it is time to bring your A-line skirt back and enjoy the modest but stylish look that it provides. 

A skirt that reaches either below or at your knee can act as a fantastic dress for women over 60.

However, if you think a pencil skirt isn’t comfortable enough for you, perhaps it’s time to opt for a pleated skirt. 

These skirts are currently in fashion for older women and certainly look beautiful without much effort required. Add on a new hairstyle to your new skirt if you’re wanting a completely new look!

The best part about a pleated skirt is that you can comfortably wear layers with it – making this dress for older women great for winter.

8. Bring Back the Denim

An older woman wearing denim jeans, holding a handbag.


While you may have kept all your denim jeans away already, we would suggest that it is time to bring them back. 

A simple pair of denim jeans are always fashionable for any age group but especially women over 60.

Boasting a comfortable pair of denim jeans can make you feel more youthful and trendy without sacrificing comfort. 

If you’re not feeling the jeans look, opting for a dress is never a bad choice!

9. Embrace Your Leggings

A senior woman smiling, wearing maroon leggings.

Source: 40+ Style

There is a consensus amongst fashion advisors that leggings are ‘unflattering’, but the reality is, they don’t hurt your look whatsoever.

Hopefully by now as a senior, you realise you have free choice to wear what you like, but embrace your leggings! 

They are one of the most comfortable and minimalistic clothing items women own and for that reason, go well with almost every top-half outfit you’d like to wear.

Leggings are great for everyday casual wear and combined with a long or oversized t-shirt, make it perfect for warmer weather.

10. Derive Inspiration From Women Of Status

Iman, a celebrity woman smiling.

Source: HuffPost

We all want to know what it’s like to be a celebrity from time to time, so what better way than to dress like one?

Plenty of fashionable women over 60 are in the spotlight and with a little research, you might find a look that excites you!

The Bottom Line 

That’s our fashion advice for women over 60 – super simple, low-maintenance looks that are guaranteed to give more confidence and perhaps you can try new hairstyles with new outfits.

Dresses designed for older women can still be exciting, glamorous, help you get out of your comfort zone and make heads turn.

By trying a range of different outfits alongside new trends, older women can create unique style statements that are unmatched. 



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