9 Great Things You Should Know About Aveo Retirement Villages

9 Great Things You Should Know About Aveo Retirement Villages
Source: Aveo Taringa Retirement Village

Retirement is a phase of our lives that everyone should look forward to and a reward for their hard work and sacrifices made during life. Simple things that in our youth we often took for granted such as health, safety, social engagement and an overall sense of self are no longer guaranteed.

Aveo Retirement Villages offer residents the opportunity to re-engage with themselves and others and so much more. With 90 locations throughout Australia, Aveo Retirement Villages are one of the largest retirement providers in the country. They offer independent living, serviced apartments and aged care options.

So, what are the 9 Great Things about Aveo Retirement Villages?

Aveo Retirement Villages are able to provide a wide range of excellent services and consequent benefits. Here are the 9 stand out features and benefits:

1. Physical and Mental Wellbeing

As we age, it’s inevitable that we need to focus more and more on caring for our physical and mental well being. Aveo Retirement Villages provides services ranging from medication management through to 24/7 care. Specialist services such as physiotherapy and podiatry. Access to General Practitioners are also available.

Aveo Retirement Villages
Source: Aveo Magnetic Island retirement village

2. Combatting Loneliness and Social Re-engagement

Studies have shown that social isolation and loneliness are common among seniors. Retirement, loss of loved ones and increased time spent alone are all contributing factors to feeling isolated. Unsurprisingly, mental health can be affected resulting in depression and anxiety. Cognitive decline and decreased cardiovascular health are two lesser known but detrimental issues facing society surrounding loneliness.

Aveo Retirement Villages offer the ability for increased social interaction resulting in the formation of new friendships. Even more, there are organised social activities. A variety of hobbies, outdoor recreation and arts and crafts. The ability to reconnect and feel engaged as a human are only limited by you

3. Care and Support

Aveo Retirement Villages understand that every person’s situation is unique. Therefore, health care services that can evolve with your personal requirements are very important. The availability of home care services, state of the art health care and a partnership with Allied health services to provide pain care management and rehabilitation make Aveo Retirement Villages the perfect place for all your health care needs.

Aveo Retirement Villages
Source: Aveo Newcastle Community

4. Amenities

Aveo Retirement Villages provide shared facilities for residents such as a pool, media room, library, café, dining room and BBQ facilities. Therefore, Aveo Retirement Villages provide the chance to stay active and engaged – no matter what your preference. Note that facilities vary between residences.

5. Pet Friendly

Pets can be a great source of companionship for the elderly and people living alone. In particular, dogs and cats can reduce stress, minimise anxiety and depression and decrease loneliness. They are also provide motivation and structure to one’s daily routine. Not to mention the health benefits of taking your dog for some daily exercise.

Many Aveo Retirement Villages provide the option to bring your best friend with you.

6. Lifestyle

During the independent phase of our lives, we all become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Some of us chose to live an active lifestyle or undertaking sports and outdoor activities. While others chose to pursue more intellectual and/or sedentary hobbies. Whether you enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle or a less active one, Aveo Retirement Villages have the facilities to enable you to continue your passions. Check out this beautiful lifestyle video by Aveo.

7. Community Spirit

A sense of community is a sense of belonging. As humans, we all aspire to and gravitate towards building our own communities throughout life with like-minded friends and family. As humans we cherish social contact and engagement with other people. Our lives are built around it. As we age, this sense of belonging becomes more important to enable us to combat loneliness, maintain mental and physical health and provide motivation.

Aveo Retirement Villages are built on this foundation of community spirit. Personal interaction, common shared interests and activities are just the beginning of the journey towards building a new community – just like the ones you’ve had all of your life.

Aveo Retirement Villages
Source: Aveo Island Point Community

8. Nutrition

As we age, our appetites decrease. Our ability to purchase and prepare nutritional meals is compromised by means beyond our control. Consequently, many senior people don’t have a diet that provides the required vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. This can exacerbate existing conditions and result in new ailments.

Even more, Aveo Retirement Villages introduced national nutritional food standards, applied across all food prepared within Aveo Retirement Villages. Meals tailored to suit anyone’s dietary and portion size requirements.

9. Locations

Location, location, location. Because this is the one thing that all Australians desire and place importance on when purchasing a house during their life. Somewhere that is close to their family. Likewise close to the things they love. And why should retirement be any different? The answer is, it shouldn’t.

And it doesn’t have to be when you choose Aveo Retirement Villages. 90 locations Australia wide to choose from. A location is bound to suit your needs, proximity to family and provide everything you need to enjoy your life.

Retirement – it’s a new beginning.

We started with the belief that retirement is the career move we all wish we could make sooner. It’s the fast track to freedom. A chance to take adventures off hold, rediscover your life, and start living those dreams.

Furthermore, decisions that you make regarding where you choose to retire are exciting. Embrace this new chapter in your life. Above all, the options available is choosing not just where to live, but also the associated lifestyle you want are many.

If Aveo Retirement Villages don’t offer what you’re looking for geographically, then also consider Oak Tree Retirement Villages. Similarly, most Oak Tree Retirement Villages are located in areas away from the major cities of Australia in smaller cities and more rural areas.

Whether you’re looking to retire to on the Central Coast of NSW, the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria or Buderim in Queensland, there is the perfect place for you certainly. Happy hunting and enjoy the journey.

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