A Helpful Guide On The Best Shampoo For Gray Hair In 2021

A Helpful Guide On The Best Shampoo For Gray Hair In 2021

One of the most common changes with age is the inevitable graying of your hair.

Graying shouldn’t be a daunting period and it’s made much easier with a fantastic hair treatment plan. And that includes choosing the best shampoo for your gray hair.

Going grey is normal and is simply a result of losing pigment cells in the majority of your hair follicles.

You may even have black and white hair (commonly known as salt and pepper hair) – which means some layers of your hair have turned grey, but others remain black.

If you find yourself greying, it’s time to search for the best shampoo for gray hair – one that protects the vibrancy and beauty of your newfound colour.

Here Are Some Of Our Best Product Recommendations

The process of buying the best shampoo and conditioner for gray hair can be troublesome and overwhelming, but we’ll aim to make it much simpler for you. 

Most, if not all of these recommendations are purple or violet based which is a shampoo that is designed for women with blonde, gray, silver and platinum hair.

woman with grey hair

Later in this article, you’ll find some further information about picking a suitable shampoo for your gray hair.

10 of The Best Shampoos For Women With Gray, Silver & Platinum Hair:

As women, you may have a tough time embracing your natural hair especially if you are accustomed to dyeing it frequently. 

But, here’s the truth: no hair type looks more beautiful than your natural hair. 

That is simply because your natural hair can be more nourished and looks far healthier than any unnatural hair dyes. Our suggestions for the best shampoo for women with gray hair are:

1. Pantene Silver Expressions Shampoo

pantene silver expressions shampoo

This is a purple shampoo that is specially designed to keep gray hair healthy and nourished. 

The Pantene shampoo has anti-yellowing effects which can be common amongst people with gray hair.

Since the shampoo is packed with antioxidants and hydrating lipids, it keeps silver or gray hair moisturized and free from any frizz. 

The purple color of the Pantene shampoo for gray hair also helps in reducing a brassy effect from gray hair. 

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2. Royal Moroccan Argan Oil’s Purple Shampoo 

royal hair

Royal Moroccan Argan Oil’s purple shampoo for grey and silver hair is formulated to give clarity and shine.

This natural shampoo with organic Moroccan oil reduces unwanted brassy and yellow tones for natural and colored white, silver, and blonde hair.

The clarifying purple shampoo is designed to moisturize and revive shimmery highlights while keeping the beautiful silver and blonde tones you love. Suitable for both women and men. 

The formula is non-greasy and provides protection against heat and humidity, making it great for curly hair and all hair types. 

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3. Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo

clairol shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner

Given its relatively inexpensive price tag, it’s a great choice for those wanting to enhance natural gray hair and restore color to faded highlights.

Just as a side note, if you have dry or flaky hair, you may want to avoid this shampoo due to its purple pigments.

Otherwise, a great, cost-effective choice for women who are wanting to embrace their gray hair without too much effort.

P.S. Amazon offers a package deal that includes the conditioner as well, for an all-round hair treatment that will tone down brassiness and enhance your gray look.

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4.  L’Oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

loreal serie expert silver shampoo

L’Oreal is a universally known brand with a huge customer base to back its success, which makes it an obvious inclusion onto our list.

A shampoo that is purpose-built for gray, white, silver and light hair should always be your first choice when it comes to picking a new shampoo for your hair.

A purple pigment shampoo, it aims to neutralise unwanted brassy tones whilst nourishing and protecting hair fibres for a shiny look.

Enriched with magnesium and anti-yellowing agents to help you maintain white or silver streaks for a consistent look.

It has great user-generated reviews on Amazon and starts at a reasonable price.

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5. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

fanola no yellow shampoo

Similar to the above suggestion from L’Oreal, Fanola No Yellow is a violet pigment-based shampoo designed to keep consistency and vibrancy.

Ideal for women wanting to avoid unwanted yellow hues on grey, light blonde, or streaked hair.

Not only does it neutralise these undesired tones, but it also provides your hair with a cool, shiny and healthy reflection.

It also appears to have plenty of positive reviews on Amazon which adds reassurance to your purchase.

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6. Keracolor Color + Clenditioner

keracolor color clenditioner

An honourable mention for those women who may not be ready to ’embrace the grays’. 

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner is a vegan, cruelty-free shampoo (hasn’t been tested on animals) that adds an incredible of amount of vibrancy and shine.

It’s a great choice for those women wanting a colourful look, designed to infuse colour into your hair with every wash in over 18 different colours. 

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7. Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo

matrix total results color obsessed so silver shampoo

One of the best choices for women wanting to eliminate brassy overtones and maintain a vibrant silver look without stripping your hair of natural oils.

Purple helps maintain a uniform colour across all layers of your hair, corrects yellow tones, allowing you to embrace your new-found gray look with ease.

The manufacturers recommend wearing gloves, applying to wet hair, lathering for 3-5 minutes and rinsing once complete.

Has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5-star rating, making it one of the best-rated shampoos for gray hair.

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8. Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo

davines alchemic silver shampoo

A colour-enhancing purple shampoo designed for silver, platinum and cool blonde hair.

Using this shampoo once a week or regularly is guaranteed to enhance your gray hair, negating any yellow undertones and bringing out the silver look that slowly comes with time and old age.

For the best results, it’s recommended to follow up with the Alchemic Conditioner Silver to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. 

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9. Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Treatment

kevin murphy blonde angel treatment

Blonde Angel Treatment by Kevin Murphy is one of the best shampoos you can get for gray and silver hair for a variety of reasons.

It’s sulphate free which is guaranteed to preserve shine and healthiness.

It is also an ethical vegan product that hasn’t been tested on animals (cruelty-free is always good!)

Contains unique colour enhancers, is purpose-built for women with gray hair and contains lavender that will help ensure your hair stays stunning and glowing after every wash.

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10. BIOLAGE ColorLast Purple Shampoo

biolage colorlast purple shampoo

Another purple-pigment based shampoo that neutralizes brassy colours whilst maintaining a healthy and silky shine.

Defends against breakage which is fantastic for aging hair and is also suitable for color-treated hair without the hefty price tag of a salon treatment. 

Colorlast by BIOLAGE has received a lot of favorable reviews on Amazon, amassing a 4.5-star rating over 2000 reviews.

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Other Factors That Come Into Play When Choosing A Shampoo

We understand that even though we have provided 10 expert-picked shampoos suitable for platinum hair, there are still a lot of questions you might have.

Rest assured, we’ll help address some of the most common factors you should consider when picking a shampoo.

1. Your Hair Type

There’s a wide variety of hair types and you might be unsure of where you fit in. For example, you may have dry hair, frizzy hair or thin hair and these can affect your decision dramatically.

Taking into account your hair type is an important consideration before buying a shampoo and conditioner – especially for gray hair.

This is because every company makes specific types of shampoos according to hair type. 

For instance, the best shampoo for dry hair may not be the best option for thin hair.

Your decision should also factor in if you have gotten your hair dyed in the past, have patchy hair, or have chemically treated your hair. 

With these things in mind, you should consider your hair type before looking for the best shampoo to suit your salt and pepper or gray coloured hair.

2. Ingredients of the Shampoo

Unsurprisingly, the best shampoo and conditioner to give your gray hair a nice, healthy shine would contain more natural ingredients in comparison to harsher chemicals.

A natural shampoo for gray hair will help you keep your hair clean, healthy, and glowing – without having to treat it with strong chemicals that could affect your hairs health and may even dry it out.

Some of the most popular natural ingredients for hair care include henna leaves, amla, and barberry, so it pays to look at the label and check the ingredients to ensure you know what you’re putting into your hair.

3. Nourishment

Have you been drinking enough water lately? The easiest way to keep your hair gray hair healthy is by keeping both your body and your hair hydrated. 

To slow down the process of graying hair and to keep all of your hair nourished, it is recommended to choose a hydrating shampoo for silver hair. 

The best shampoo for graying hair should have hydrating effects on your scalp as it keeps your gray hair looking healthy and shiny. 

If you forget to drink a reasonable amount of water throughout the day, here’s a good reason to do so!

4. Moisturizing

Apart from hydrating, you should protect your gray hair from any frizz and dryness. 

The simplest way to do this is to choose a shampoo with moisturizing properties, such as aloe vera, coconut oil and honey.

Having a dry scalp results in flakiness which is an unpleasant feeling, so a moisturizing shampoo should be able to assist with that. 

Silver Vs Purple Shampoo: What’s The Difference?

There is no discernible difference between purple and silver shampoos as they are essentially the same thing.

Purple or violet based shampoos are designed to counteract the yellowing tones of gray hair, which can look brassy and dull and are always a primary choice for women with platinum hair.

Some brands may refer to them as ‘purple-pigment shampoos’ or silver shampoos but rest assured, they are both targeted towards women with blonde, white, platinum and gray hair.


By now, we hope that we’ve made your decision a whole lot easier.

Going gray is a part of life and it shouldn’t be embarrassing, nor should the process for maintaining your new look be difficult.

You may also want to consider checking out the best hairstyles for women over 60.

For those with shorter gray hair, there are plenty of options available in styling your hair.

We are a global community full of retirees, seniors and seniorpreneurs who are embracing the process of getting older and wiser!

If you loved our tips and found them helpful, feel free to join our community. It’s completely free and you’ll have awesome conversations with like-minded seniors.

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Disclaimer: Some of the products linked may contain affiliate links to continue providing content as a self-funded community for retirees. Despite this, we only provide and recommend high-quality products that we thoroughly research in order to provide our readers with the best advice.



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