9 Tips on How to Make Friends Online For Seniors

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9 Tips on How to Make Friends Online For Seniors

Being retired or even after you cross the 60s line is starts to take a toll on you. Feeling friendless and lonely becomes part of your routine. This retirement age has a certain irony to it, now that you have all the time in the world, you don’t have many people by your side.

In your seniors age it is extremely unlikely you’ll get to attend parties (like in high school) or be present at a school conference. This, by the way, means that you have fewer opportunities meeting new people and making friendships in a very open and extroverted way. As a result, we’ve observed seniors struggling to know how to make friends online. Because that is one way you can be sure that you have a chance to interact with strangers.

Therefore we will give you some valuable tips on how to make friends online. We have also a perfect place for you to meet new friends online , simply JOIN US FOR FREE and make new likeminded friends retirees around the globe.

So here are some tips for you:

  1. Become part of an online community:

Being in your 50s or 60s or 70s has its own advantage; you finally know what you want. Embracing your passions and pursuing them is a great way to start relationships. It can be joining a local fitness club, reading an appealing book, playing some sports, collecting stamps, cooking or as simple as walking in a park. Find a hobby and then search a club online which has other like-minded seniors like you. These people connect through their common interests. And sharing your passions on an online platform ideally breaks the ice. You can bond over on the internet and once you feel comfortable, meet up wherever you like. It can be a physical club this time.

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Even though you’ve lost contact with them, your high schools/college connections used to be a major part of your life once. If you have your social media intact, get up for a wild-goose chase on Facebook or Instagram. This could actually be fun and occupying. And the excitement of a reunion gives you goose bumps. You may feel a little hesitant contacting them but that’s probably what your old friend might be thinking on the other end. Send a short message or email or use Skype to reconnect. Or create a Facebook page or community and invite everyone from high school or college.

There are specific groups on social media that are especially for retirees and elderly, you might find some of your acquaintances in such groups or simply join us and meet more global retirees on our network. Worst case scenario; you get to meet new people.

  • Join a senior dating website:
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If you’re still single and have enough time to focus on your love life, stop thinking about how to make friends online. There are over 50+ 60+ and 70+ mature dating sites on the internet. Even if you’re just looking for a great friend, a dating website has thousands of people looking for companionship. Just like you. Create your online profile and be regularly present. This will help you find a person whom you would want to meet personally in future. And chatting via your phones first can curb away the shyness. If you become a global member in our community, we also have an option to suggest others that you are looking for companionship so we can connect you to some global retirees who are after same thing.

  • Become a Mentor:

That is probably one of the greatest uses of your retired period. Being a mentor to younger generations or other likeminded retirees will produce so much positivity and break through several barriers. An online mentor, nonetheless, is the best approach to bring about change in lives of people, along with yours.

It would be like starting a social revolution. Where you for example can share you knowledge, you share their life-learned experiences – check this mentor program we have as an example. You can mentor younger generation, they can take advices and obtain solutions to the practical problems they’re facing at their age. Be it business-related, social, financial, professional, educational or personal. Seniors can prove to be an asset by utilizing their knowledge and experiences. This has another advantages, you would not need to worry about how to make friends online. You’d be gaining fans!

  • Work part-time or as a freelancer:
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When you’re retired, you might have a lot of free time on your hands. Since it’s the age of technology, many people, both young and adult, look for remote-positioned part time jobs or freelance work. You can do editing, graphic designing, content and academic writing, teaching or training jobs and earn a handsome amount of money. This way you’ll be exposed to people of different ages and occupations, and provide an opportunity to make friends. If you don’t know where to start, simply take our FREE JOBS MATCH, this is one such perfect platform where you can find out how to earn in the easiest way and within flexible arrangements. Join us in a matter of few minutes and discover your earning potential after retirement, check many of our suggested flexible jobs for over 60s.

So these were the key tips on how to make friends online. The above mentioned guideline will help you in getting started. But once you decide about being involved in online relationships, there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • Stop being shy and get rid of prejudices:

You have to get over the idea that every person who’s same age as yours have already got friends. Nobody carries a tag around saying ‘I am friendless and lonely.’ Don’t try to hide from your feelings. Once you are confident about yourself, you will attract others too- whether online or in person. Check this online course about socializing. 

  • Avoid giving personal information:

If you are going to join an online seniors group, do it ambiguously until you’re sure it is safe. Never off personal information like your residential address or particular contact number or any financial information. Please do not send money to anyone, the real thing is donation so go ahead but not an individual asking you for money. Moreover, be vague about your exact full name too (surname).

  • Take it slow:

It is better to take your online relationships at a slower pace. The prospect of meeting you new ‘friend(s)’ is thrilling, but putting too much pressure on a fragile new friendship, especially through internet, may scare away the other person. Move slowly from social media contact, to  online 1:1 messages in the community platforms then perhaps skype or what’s up calls and then meetings.

  • Log on to real likeminded community for retirees only:

We are purpose build online community who believe that retirement is freedom rather than a limitation. We connect you to new friends online, we tell you how to earn money online, how to learn new skills online. You don’t need to worry about how to make friends online; we are here to help you achieve both your social and financial goals.  

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