9 Fun Retirement Casual Jobs That Pay A Small Fortune

Retirement time means a lot of free time with not a lot to do. Retired individuals in Australia often experience some time where they are stuck in the transition between their working life and their new found freedom. For some, the transition means more time to have fun, while for others, the need to work again soon takes over again. What you need is a casual job to occupy yourself.

If you’re looking to make sure that you do not have to stay idle during your retirement, there’s a lot you can do. There are a number of great opportunities for the elderly in Australia to both work and have fun while they are in retirement. Here are 9 fun and casual retirement jobs that are going to keep you happy, while also bringing in some good money:


Have a skill that you still feel like using? Freelancing can help you exercise that and profit from it as well. There are a large number of freelancing platforms all over the internet where you can register yourself and publicise the work that you can do. These platforms allow you to access a large number of people who are looking for what you offer. Hence, you can now work and use your skills on your own schedule and time. From content writing to consultancy, there’s no shortage of what you can do in the freelance market.

Hotel or Resort Concierge

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The services industry provides a number of opportunities for retired individuals to make use of. One of the most appealing aspects about this job is the fact that you can work on a flexible schedule. While you may have to show up on weekends from time to time, the flexible schedule does not tire you out and the job pays well too. It’s something that you can do as a second casual job as well.


The driving service has evolved into something far different and easier than what it was before. You do not have to act as a chauffeur for a conglomerate or drive a taxi full time. Instead, you can just register your car at a company like Uber or Amazon and work as a driver on a flexible schedule. You can drive whenever you want and either pick and drop people for a car-share service or deliver parcels for retail outlets. Either way, you will be earning money on a flexible schedule that is entirely dependent on how much you want to work. It’s a great career to go for if you like driving.


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Babysitting and house sitting are casual jobs that are perfect for retirees. They do not require a lot of movement or physical activity, unless, of course, if the children you’re looking after are naughty. However, even in the case that you will face minor issues on this casual job, it does not take away from the fact that it is a very simple task that will earn you a decent amount of money. Just Google for jobs in caretaking or house sitting. There are bound to be opportunities abound.

Pet Sitter

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If you happen to love animals and feel that you are good around them, then pet sitting can be your choice of work after you retire. Pet sitting is not just a task that will pay you well, but it’s also something that you will highly enjoy if you like animals. It would be a nice getaway from the mundane retirement life, and who doesn’t like being around animals for a major part of the day?


The retail industry is one that shows no signs of slowing down. Another factor that this expansion influences is the employment. The booming retail industry can never have enough people to work in it. Hence, if you’re looking for employment after retirement, the retail industry is a great place to look at. It’s not just the fact that the casual jobs are available and pays fine, it also does not require a lot of effort or physical movement. Retail’s a great idea for work after retirement.

Substitute Teacher or Aide

You accrue wisdom with age and what better way to use it than guiding the next generation with it? As a substitute teacher, you have a job that allows you to get in touch with the youth. Not only are you able to impart knowledge onto them with this casual job, but you also get ideas from them about the current generation. You get to keep your mind active and modern by interacting with your students. It’s not only a decent job, but it is helpful and educational for both parties.

Event Planner

Have experience as a manager and planner? If so, event planning is a great opportunity to explore after retirement. It also allows you to act on a number of different hobbies that you might have. For example, if you like music, being a concert planner can be quite fun. Being an event planner means that you have to work occasionally. It does not require you to work round the clock. You get paid for simply working the days leading up to the event.

Doing the Taxes

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Not many people know how to file their taxes. It’s a major part of life that is often unclear. If you have experience in taxes and accountancy, being a tax expert for people is a good idea and also a profitable one. You will only have to take on this work once a year and the number of tasks that you can take on are not few by any means. Everyone needs to have their taxes done, and you can be the person who they trust for it. While it’s a stressful job and not simple by any means, you only need to put your skills to the test once a year and earn a fair amount of money from it.

These nine casual jobs are not just fun for retirement, but they are also quite profitable. They are bound to keep you active and happy during your retirement time.

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