9 Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60 Who Want To Reinvent Themselves

9 Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60 Who Want To Reinvent Themselves


Are you looking for a huge transformation that can help you reinvent yourself? Why not chop off all your hair and go for one of the show-stopping bob hairstyles for women over 60?

You may want to undergo a transformation because you’re going through a rough time in your life. Maybe you’re moving on from a painful experience. Perhaps you just want to try something new! Whatever your reason is, you’ll find that you can find a refreshed point of view and aura when you change your hairstyle. Many senior and retiring women went for a bob to change their life and perspective. Why not try it, too?

Are you ready to go through the biggest transformation of your life? Check out these bob hairstyles and transformations that women over 60 did!

1.  Chestnut long bob

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60 lob

Just look at this transformation! From long thin hair, you can actually achieve a much more voluminous look by going for a longer bob a.k.a. a “lob.” Add some chestnut brown color, some side bangs, and you’ve got a lob that will take you from plain jane to ooh-la-la!

2.  Asymmetrical one-side lob

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60

The woman in this transformation is Wendy, who lost her husband four years ago. The transformation was a gift from her children–and just look at how much it did for her! Since she did not want to cut off too much of her hair, they went for a longer asymmetrical bob that’s parted to the side for that modern and feminine touch.

3.  Feathered bob with side fringe

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Create a modern, sophisticated woman look with this feathered bob with a side fringe. It’s as if this woman has turned into a celebrity! This side fringe is very important in this look as it helps frame the frame and add to that natural celebrity glow.

4.  Pixie bob with full fringe

pixie cut bob
Bogomolov Image School

If you already have a short bob, you can still do so much to elevate it even more! See how this chin-length bob was transformed into a pixie cut bob that immediately turned this woman into an edgy, confident senior! One of the most sought-after bob hairstyles for over 60, this look also makes use of the full fringe to add dimension and character to the face.

5.  Retro bob

retro bob

Time to dye! Meet Kamp, whose transformation from grey to ash brown is incredible! To give her a much more sophisticated look, she got this chopped retro bob with an almost full fringe. It’s good to embrace your grey hair as a woman over 60. But if you want something new and fresh, don’t be afraid to dabble in hair color.

6. Messy wavy bob

messy wavy bob

Got a head full of curls? Why not change it up and got for something more sleek? If you have wildly curly hair, you can get a hair rebond or relax to achieve this messy, wavy bob. It’s still kept messy for that natural look. But this is one of the bob hairstyles for women over 60 that will definitely help you look professional and glam.

7.  Voluminous bob

voluminous bob

Just look at the instant volume that’s added with just a simple change in haircut and style! From limp and flat hair, this woman, Alma, was able to achieve a voluminous bob that was more fitting of her title as CEO. To add texture, she got ash blonde and light brown highlights that celebrates her graying hair.

8. Chin-length Korean bob

Chin-length Korean bob
Bogomolov Image School

This kind of bob originally became popular with Korean boys. However, it actually matches women over 60 pretty well, too! It’s straightforward, jet black, cut short so it’s cool on the neck, and comes with a full fringe that frames the face well. Just look at the smile on the face of this woman who underwent this transformation. Clearly, she is very happy with the change in her aura!

9.  Platinum bob

platinum bob
Instagram @jackmartincolorist

When this woman came to the salon of Jack Martin, all she wanted was a haircut and color that will match her graying roots. She said that she did not want to continue covering up her gray hair with brown box dye anymore. To match her silver roots, she got a full platinum color cut in the most regal chin-length bob. The full fringe also falls effortlessly on her face, helping highlight her beautiful cheek bones.



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