7 Most Desirable Casual Jobs For Retirees In Melbourne

7 Most Desirable Casual Jobs For Retirees In Melbourne
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For people that retire, there are usually two ways of life going forward. They can either choose to enjoy their retirement life or continue to work in a small capacity. The latter usually points towards the need to stay active during retirement. Thankfully, there are a large number of employment opportunities for retired individuals looking for a casual job in Melbourne to bide the time. Some of the most desirable casual jobs in Melbourne for retirees include:


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Ride-sharing applications and platforms have revolutionized the concept of driving as a profession. Now, by registering on platforms such as Uber and Lyft, you can earn by driving people off to where they want to go. It’s a casual job in Melbourne that offers a flexible schedule. Just go online whenever you want and earn. The CBD is bound to bring you a lot of rides since office employees have to go to lunch.


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Accountancy is a field which sees a large amount of outsourcing or contractual work. If you have the bookkeeping skills, you can simply market them and get hired by a company or a business to do their accountancy for them.

Lab Assistant

Have an interest in science or medicine? While it might be too late to join those fields fully, you can play your part in the supporting aspect of it. Becoming an assistant in labs will not allow you to earn money, but it will help you do so by making a dream of yours come to reality.


Melbourne offers a lot of opportunity to people who are looking to help keep houses and clean them. A housekeeper is highly in demand and is something that a retired individual can do as a casual job in the city. It is not very taxing and the schedule will be flexible. Furthermore, it’s going to offer a decent salary. Such jobs might be more easily found in the Western suburbs during the day.

Working at Hotels or Resorts

The service industry is not going to slow anytime soon as Australia continues to receive a larger number of tourists with each passing year. Hence, the hotels and resorts they stay at will need the manpower to cope with the load. As a retired individual, there are a number of casual jobs in Melbourne you can take up in the services industry.

Market Research Interviewer

If you’re a people’s person and like the idea of interacting with them, a casual job as a market research interviewer is a good option. Companies in Melbourne are constantly trying to find out more about what the public wants and needs. As a market research interviewer, you can help them with just that.

House Sitting and Pet Sitting

A significant number of Melbourne residents have to leave their children or their pets alone when they head out to work. Hence, house sitting and pet sitting are casual jobs in Melbourne that can be easily found if you look for them. They are not taxing by any means and pay well

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