7 Fun Retirement Jobs That Pay A Small Fortune

As a retiree, I am always looking for new ways to make money. Many of us are part of the gig economy so the nature of work keeps on changing. Ever since I have retired, I have done many fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune.

This is why I have made this list so that you can benefit from these jobs as well. Here are 7 jobs that you can do with ease and make money from.

1. Become A Driver For Uber or Lyft

Technology has made earning money extremely easy. If you own a car, why not make use of it to earn some money? This is one of those fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune in a consistent manner. Since Uber and Lyft are reputable companies, payouts are done regularly and efficiently over the app.

Moreover, you can easily earn extra cash and fulfill all your financial obligations if you take a good amount of shifts. The earning potential is in your hands.

2. Tutoring

Many kids need extra help when it comes to their studies. If you like teaching or if you like kids, this may be a fun retirement job for you. In the beginning, you can tutor kids of people you know and earn money through that. Word-of-mouth is the best way to grow that. Eventually, you’ll find your market and clientele growing.

Tutoring also allows you to choose your working hours and hourly rates. Isn’t that the dream?

7 Fun Retirement Jobs That Pay A Small Fortune 4retirees tutoring

3. Consultant

Think about what it is you do best and offer consulting services for it. This is one of those fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune, while helping you focus on what you love doing. You can also do this online!

Consultancy includes talking to clients, helping them meet their needs, and achieve their goals. Your task is to provide various viable options, and coming up with solutions. You can do this for almost anything. For example: construction, marketing, legal advice, sales, public relations, financial advice, etc. The sky is the limit.

4. Babysitting

Parents never get time to themselves with their busy schedules. This is why babysitters are always in demand. If you like spending time with kids, this is certainly one of those fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune. It also allows you to earn casually. You can do it on and off if you are looking for a more casual and flexible job.

5. Work For A Non-Profit Organization

I may have said that I’ll give you fun jobs that pay a small fortune. However, working for a good cause is actually a fortune beyond measure. Working for a non-profit organization can be an incredibly meaningful experience.

Firstly, you have to find a local charity or nonprofit organization in your area and start working for them. For example, organizations in the US that benefit seniors are Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), Second Wind Dreams, and Shepherd’s Centers of America (SCA). In the UK, there’s Age UK, Friends of the Elderly, and the British Red Cross. On the other side of the planet, in Australia,  there’s National Seniors Australia, Council on the Ageing, and Older Women’s Network.

After that, network with them and tell them about your skills and experience. After all, you never know about a job opportunity until you ask!

7 Fun Retirement Jobs That Pay A Small Fortune 4retirees tutoring non profit organization

6. Part-Time Nurse

Going back to fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune, you can become a part-time nurse if you have a background in health. Home health care has increased in recent years and many seniors and retirees are always looking for assistance.

If you don’t have a nursing degree, then you can look into other areas of home care as they pay well too.

7. Receptionist

Any local workplace near you can hire you as a receptionist. You don’t need much of a skill set as you just need to answer calls, do admin work, and take care of regular reception duties.

However, this one can vary between casual and full-time work. Think about it if you want to put so many hours in a week.

senior retiree receptionist

Final Words

All of these are fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune in my experience. You can easily look for these opportunities around you and start earning now just as I did!

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