51 Must-Know Online Ideas For Your Next Profitable Retirement Projects

51 Must-Know Online Ideas For Your Next Profitable Retirement Projects

Retirement is and should be the best time of your life. You get to have enough personal time for yourself and recreate your timetable to relax. More importantly, it is the best time to jumpstart or find a profitable retirement project you actually enjoy.

Even in retirement, you may find yourself on the hunt for work. This could be the need to supplement your pension, keep yourself busy, or just find retirement hobbies that make money and you’re passionate about. But as seniors, we sometimes forget the benefits of the online world. The digital platform enables anyone to work anywhere, anytime, in a calmer and more comfortable environment. So, what if we tell you that there are so many opportunities for seniors and retirees to find online?

Therefore, we will be looking at 51 ideas for your first or next profitable retirement project. Let’s start earning online!

1. Become a YouTube vlogger

YouTube videos can be educative or entertaining. These videos are usually posted by people who created their own channels for a certain niche, or to showcase their own hobbies and interests. If you believe you have an educative idea or entertaining video, you can create a YouTube Channel in retirement and grow a decent following.

Before you can make your channel profitable, you must be approved for the YouTube Partner Program. You must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the last 12 months. Upon qualifying, you can then start earning around $2-$4 for every 1,000 views.

Once you meet the threshold, you can then start monetizing your videos with ads.

2. Develop software or an app

There are thousands of apps in the Apple and Google stores that are ranking and earning. So, why not start your own app or software? First, you can take a comprehensive course on web or app development like this IT for Beginners Course Bundle. Remember, learning new things is a great activity in retirement! Next, identify upcoming trends in technology. Then, you can start developing a software or an application that can help other people or even your fellow retirees.

However, if you don’t want to go through the effort of coding yourself, you can alternatively hire expert developers to develop the software for you. All you need to have is a profitable idea.

3. Create a start-up business

With the many years of experience in your field or profession, you can actually start your own business in retirement.

To start a business, you must have a deep understanding of the market place dynamics and demographics. You must have a product that your target population must be willing to pay for. You may also require to understand the competition in the market and how to raise seed capital. Most importantly, to have a successful start-up, remember that you must be willing to put in a lot of dedication and patience.

4. Sell your handmade crafts on Etsy

If you have the hands of a craftsman or those of an artist, then you’ll be pleased to find a market for your products on Etsy. Do you have an existing retirement project or hobby? You can create handmade bracelets, earrings, ornaments, and even furniture, and sell them on Etsy. Develop your skill and grow your customer base there, and after that, you can move to your own physical store or online shopping website.

5. Start an online marketplace

Speaking of online shopping, every day, we browse goods online and even make purchases. Have you considered offering goods for sale in a virtual shop? You can either find goods which you can resell or create niche products that are on demand.

These days, creating an online shop is as easy as making a cup of coffee. Sites are available where you can create customizable eCommerce sites like Shopify. You can also create your own website using Wix or Squarespace.

Profitable Retirement Project senior crafts

6. Sell or rent your luxury items

Throughout the years, you must have grown your wardrobe with luxury clothes and accessories. If you find your favorite luxury items gathering dust inside your closet, why not rent them out or sell them? You can rent out your designer bags at Bag Borrow or Steal, rent out your designer dresses at The Volte, or sell your stuff at Tradesy.

7. Rent out your tools

If instead of bags and accessories you have practical tools and equipment at home, you can also rent these out! For instance, if you have tools and expensive machinery lying around that you only use once or twice a year, you can rent them out for the rest of the time. Those in Australia will benefit from the platform called Tool Mates Hire, where real people list their own tools and equipment. Just register, list your tools, and earn up to $600 a week.

8. Create a blog

Find a topic that you are passionate about and create a blog in retirement. From this blog, you can attract enough audience for profitable opportunities. To earn from your blog, you can start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way of marketing where you refer your readers to an online store, and earn from every successful purchase. You can also partner up with brands, where you can review and promote their products and services. Another way is to set up ads on your blog and earn every time your reader clicks on your ad.

Read more about how you can promote and monetize your blog here.

9. Carry out email marketing

If you have a website or a blog or a decent following on social media, you can create an email database. By creating a sizeable amount of email subscribers, you can engage this population by sending out periodic newsletters. How can this project be profitable, you ask? These newsletters can contain marketing information, or you can partner up with brands. More importantly, you can even start affiliate marketing.

Check out existing email marketing platforms like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and AWeber. These online platforms can help grow your subscribers and increase email deliverability.


10. Sell photos online

If you are good behind the camera then you can make a fortune from selling your photos online. Firstly, you can create a private photography website to showcase your work and also attract corporate work. If that’s too much work, on the other hand, you can also sell your images online to stock photography images like Shutterstock. In websites like these, you’ll earn a percentage of sales every time someone buys your photo. So, what are you waiting for? Improve your photography skills now!

Profitable Retirement Project photography senior

11. Be a freelancer

Over the years, you have gained extensive experience in your field of expertise. For example, it may be as an editor, marketing consultant, sales, HR, etc. And in retirement, you definitely want to work in your own time and pace. For profitable projects in retirement, can find work in your field by visiting sharing economy sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

12. Self-publish an eBook on Amazon

Are you passionate about writing? Have you always wondered how to publish your book without having to go through a publisher? Therefore, why not self-publish! You can create an informative, educating, or inspiring material in the form of an eBook.

Selling your ebook on Amazon is a great option for self-published authors. You don’t have to pay anything upfront and Amazon will only keep 30% of the generated sales. Moreover, listing on Amazon connects you to a sizeable market of shoppers who are already on the platform.

13. Graphic designing

Have you always been creative? Turn your creative skill into a profitable retirement project by learning graphic design. Apart from taking online courses, YouTube also has thousands of tutorials that can help you sharpen your graphic design skills. In other words: make your retirement interesting and challenging! You can offer your graphic design services in sharing economy platforms like Upwork, to local companies, or friends or family members starting a business.

14. Be a consultant

This is another field similar to freelancing. Instead of selling your skills, you can sell your advice. By coaching in your area of expertise, you can rake in a fortune as people are willing to pay for coaching and mentorship. As a retiree, you are brimming with experiences and insights—so it’s time to share that with the next generation.

You can either set up your own consultancy services company or join online platforms like Sage. Sage is a platform specially created for seniors to offer one-on-one classes on different topics for anyone around the world.

15. Create online courses

You can also create and design classes that you can sell and earn from. Currently, there has been an increase in the demand for online courses because of governments worldwide initiating lockdown. Learning institutions are also closed in a bid to manage the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, you can take advantage of this new opportunity.

You can offer your own online courses through your own platforms—via social media, website, or personal contacts. However, there are also online platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, where you can sign up to become an instructor, offer your courses, and earn from every enrollment.

Profitable Retirement Project online course senior


16. Be a relationship consultant

In a world full of people constantly looking for love, not everyone can master the art of dating and relationship. Having lived longer, you might have more experience handling and keeping a successful marriage. Therefore, why not share these with couples who need help? Become a relationship coach and offer your heart-to-heart services to your local community. You can also become a remote relationship coach at Relationship Hero, where you can offer your relationship services 24/7, to anyone in the world.

17. Be an online therapist or counselor

If you already have a license from being a clinical social worker, professional counselor, family therapist, or psychologist, you can actually continue practicing online. Similarly, telemedicine and teleconsultations are now becoming more popular as more people turn to online for help. As a profitable retirement project, you can pick up on your consultancy and psychology background, and focus on offering your counseling to those who need it. These counseling sessions can be done via chat, voice, or video call. Companies like Better Help are always in need of new counselors.

18. Manage online corporate workshops

Meanwhile, instead of offering your services to individuals, why not offer them to companies? With your many years of experience in service, you can now help businesses better their workforce by training them online. Decide how you will package your knowledge and business skills to fit various sessions. Maybe it can be a half day online seminar, or for something more extensive, over the course of a few days. You can hold these online workshops via Zoom. To find clients, utilize your connections, advertise on LinkedIn, and create a professional website as your landing page.

19. Record podcasts

Another profitable retirement project is to create podcasts. The demand for audio content is steadily rising. But, creating a podcast has become easier than ever!

To start, firstly, you will require a microphone and software to record your voice. Check out this introductory course to podcasting for some guidance. Next, you need to find an interesting topic to talk about. The topic should be able to engage your audiences and keep them entertained. Upon selection of your topic, you then decide which kind of show you want to put for your audience.

If you want a talk show format, you can look for interviewees on social media or experts on LinkedIn. On the other hand, if it is a narrative show, carry out in-depth research.

You can showcase your podcasts on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, or Spotify. To make this venture profitable, you have to work hard to attract a sizeable amount of audience to attract advertisers.

20. Narrate Audiobooks

If not podcasts, why not narrate audiobooks? If you have a good reading voice and impeccable acting skills, you can start your audiobook career as your profitable retirement project.

With the growing demand for audiobooks, publishers and authors are now looking to transform their printed works into a new format. To find audiobook narration projects, you can connect with authors and publishers in online platforms. For example, ACX. ACX is an online marketplace and resource platform for everything audio book-related.

senior audiobook podcast

21. Sell your voice to voice-overs

On the other hand, you can also do voice-overs for commercials, corporate videos, animation series, or educational videos. To make this a real profitable retirement project, create your voice-over portfolio. After that, sell your services to online platforms. For example, you can visit websites like Voices.com or The Voice Realm to start getting connected to clients.

22. Become a contributing writer

Media outlets and websites now abound, and many are willing to pay guest writers to produce niche articles for them. As a retiree, you can grab the retirement niche, and start writing articles for your favorite online periodicals!

To start, just contact your preferred website and inquire. In addition, it is also good to have writing samples ready, because most websites will look for these.

23. Edit articles

Apart from writing, you can also utilize your written communication skills by becoming an editor or proofreader. Many companies and individuals are looking for individuals who can proofread and edit their content. To get connected to potential clients, you can visit platforms like Contena or other sharing economy platforms.

24. Improve letters and essays

Do you trust your writing and mentoring skills? You can help students and professionals nail their admission letters and essays to get them into the college they’re dreaming of! Mentor younger students to improve their letters and essays, and let their voice shine through. Help make their writing concise, persuasive, and original. Start helping—and get paid for it—in websites like ScribendiTop Admit, or Essay Edge.

25. Be a website tester

Do you have a good eye for quality website user interface? Therefore, you can make additional income by reviewing various websites, surveys, or software. Different tests have different target audiences, so you will be given tests that match you. It’s just something you can do on the side where you can earn up to $30 per hour!

To start, check out trustworthy sites like User Testing, Userlytics, or Testing Time for example.

senior retiree online jobs

26. Be an AirBnB partner

If you have extra space inside your residence or if you have a spare home altogether, you can consider listing it for rent at AirBnB. This gives you a chance to earn extra and interact with various visitors you will be hosting.

The AirBnB market is now continuously growing and picking back up as travel and tourism return to many countries. Be ready with your AirBnb when the world is ready to open its borders again!

27. Tackle professional questions online

Did you know you can make money in retirement by answering professional questions online? For example, in JustAnswer, there are thousands of people seeking clarifications various questions in almost all fields of practice. As a retiree, you can make money by answering these questions if you’re a verified expert in a certain field.

To sign up, you need to submit your Curriculum Vitae, professional verification, and a form of identification. After that, once approved, you can start answering questions related to your expertise, and get paid for it!

28. Become a virtual assistant

What exactly is a virtual assistant? Well, a virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location, which is usually a home office. As a virtual assistant, you can do administrative work, answer calls, book travel arrangements, manage social media, and more. All you need to do is a good laptop or PC, microphone and headset, and good internet connection. You can find virtual assistant jobs in sharing economy sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

29. Virtual English tutoring

Your next profitable retirement project might just be helping more people learn how to understand and speak English. Many people from all over the world are willing to pay good money to learn English. If you’re confident about your teaching skills, you can be part of the vast community of online tutors in sites Cambly or SkimaTalk.

30. Become a transcriber

Recording has made work easier for a lot of professionals, which in return generated a demand for expert transcribers who can transcribe audio to written text. If you’re good with typing, you can check out transcriber jobs at Go Transcript or Transcribe Me. To become a transcriber, you simply have to pass their test. Most importantly, there is no certification or prior qualifications required.

senior virtual assistant jobs

31. Become a translator

If you’re proficient in more than one language, you can also offer your translation service to different individuals and companies. Platforms like Lion Bridge are always hiring translators to translate website content, documents, apps, and more. To prepare yourself, you can also brush up on your French or Italian by taking online course certifications.

32. Offer your services doing taxes and returns

If you have a background in doing accounting work for companies, you can extend that service to individuals who do their periodic returns regularly. To be accredited and to brush up on your skills, you can attend training provided by online institutions like Income Tax School. This platform offers courses for a three-month period.

After that, upon certification, you could then start charging per return or get tax contracts with companies. With this profitable project, you can keep your mind sharp in retirement and earn well.

33. Become a travel agent

Do you love travelling and creating itineraries? If yes, you can certainly turn your passion for travel into a profitable retirement project! Become an online travel agent by connecting people to travel discounts, best rates, and accommodations, and itineraries.

In the beginning, you can start small by offering your services to your family and friends. After that, you can eventually market to bigger audiences on Facebook or Linkedin.

As a travel agent, you must be up-to-date about all the trends and all the best deals around. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a traveller yourself! You just have to channel your expertise and passion for it.

34. Create slogans, taglines, and company names

Are you creative and do you find yourself coming up with names and taglines for everything? Did you know that you can earn from this unique skill? For example, Squad Help is a unique website that lets you join “contests” where you will come up with slogans, taglines, product names, and company names. If clients like your pitch, you then earn immediately! What an interesting and unique way to keep your creativity running in retirement!

35. Earn from taking surveys

Do you like sharing your opinions with others? If you have free time, why not spend it answering surveys? For instance, websites like Vindale Research will pay you for taking their surveys, opening promotional email, and even watching videos. How easy is that?

senior online jobs

36. Get a data entry job

This is for those who have a keen eye for detail and with impressive typing skills. Your job will be simple: to enter and sort data for businesses and individuals. Data entry may sound simple. However, actually, it takes great attention to detail to nail. To find such jobs, you can browse websites like Craigslist and Indeed.

37. Sell your teaching materials

Are you a retired teacher who has developed tons of teaching and learning materials throughout your years in the trade? There are hundreds of teachers out there who are looking for the very same resources that you already have! Sell your teaching materials to your fellow teachers at Teachers Pay Teachers.

38. Manage social media accounts

Most businesses now require constant and active social media presence. Therefore, if you resonate well with a brand or if you share the same advocacy, maybe you can manage their page for them? Learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing techniques, and then challenge yourself. Make social media managing your next profitable retirement project.

39. Manage communities and forums

Have you been frequenting online communities in retirement? You’ll find that there are forums and communities online that are starting to thrive and grow. If you like connecting with people and you have a particular niche, you can join these forums and communities, and apply as a moderator or admin. For practice, you can check out how mods manage communities on Reddit and Facebook groups. After that, once you gain experience, you can now offer your services for a fee to other websites and forums.

40. Sell your old electronics

Do you find yourself with extra electronics and gadgets lying around the house? Maybe you’re upgrading and you don’t need your still perfectly usable smartphone anymore. The secondhand smartphone industry is rising, and you can make money from it. By listing your smartphones and other gadgets for sale in Buyback BossOrchardGazelle, or Swappa, you can definitely make extra money online.

senior retiree smartphone

41. Sell your collection of books

As you enjoy your retirement, you may find your bookshelves filled with so many books that you no longer need or want. Instead of leaving them without use, other people can actually benefit from them. Therefore, why not make money off of them? And the good part is that you won’t have to physically look for people to buy your books. Stores like Half Priced Books are willing to buy your books at discounted original prices. Book Scouter will also help you check how much each book is worth by simply entering the ISBN number.

42. Offer food delivery

If you love cooking and eating, why not make your next profitable retirement project related to food? Many people are finding it a hassle to think and craft well-rounded and balanced meals every day. If you already love cooking, why not learn more about nutrition and health, and then offer a healthy food delivery service? You can deliver ready-to-cook meals or ready-to-heat meals, tailored fit to the dietary requirements of your clients.

43. Become an online chef

Follow the footsteps of Jamie Oliver and Donna Hay, and create your own cooking show online! If you have recipes and cooking techniques you’d like to share, you can start filming. After that, share these with people who need guidance when it comes to cooking. At first, you can start streaming them on Facebook and Youtube. With enough viewers, your videos can earn for you. But as you get more following, you can start selling your videos and recipes on a subscription basis. What a profitable and delicious retirement project, right?

44. Become a yoga instructor

Yoga for seniors is now becoming a more popular niche. However, there are very few senior practitioners who are actually teaching their fellow seniors and retirees. Become a yoga instructor by starting a movement in your local community, or starting a YouTube channel. You can start uploading your yoga flows and sessions on your channel, and then earn when those videos gain popularity. You can also offer Zoom-based yoga classes for seniors, which you can charge for.

45. Offer expert fitness advice

If yoga is not your thing but you’re still into fitness, you can still offer your personal training services online. As a senior or retiree fitness expert, you have a unique niche of people who need to look after their health and body. Apart from fitness classes, you can also partner up with brands to promote their products. Moreover, you can promote them by including them in your fitness regimen for retirees.

senior fitness


46. Sell your music online

Are you a musician or artist by hobby? Do you like creating music? If you have songs and compositions sitting at home, why not sell your songs to licensing platforms? You can turn your love of music into a profitable retirement project by signing up to platforms like Tune Core, Envato, or Epidemic Sound. Sell them your music, get paid for it, and maybe even find your songs used in the next big commercial or film!

47. Offer remote customer service

As businesses grow, most of them find that they need to have dedicated people answering to product and service queries and orders. If you’re good with people communication, you can turn your retirement into a profitable opportunity by offering remote customer service. This can be via telephone, chat, or e-mail support. Most importantly, if this is your first time handling customer support, you can also upskill by taking Customer Service courses online.

48. Become a telemarketer

Instead of maintaining the current customer base for a business, you can also work to generate new sales and customers. To become a telemarketer, you don’t need to have prior experience or certifications because companies usually offer training for these. With online technology, you can now become a remote telemarketer by just having a stable internet connection and a telephone.

49. Marketing consultant

If you have a reputable business career in the marketing field, you can spend your retirement offering your services to small business. You can guide these small businesses on how to market well to increase their sales and, consequently, their profits. Think about it: your profitable project is essentially helping people succeed with their profitable project!

To start attracting businesses, find interesting ways to sell the idea to local businesses through networking. After that, it will also be beneficial to set up a professional account on LinkedIn and create a website to showcase your portfolio and services.

50. Complete Micro-Jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a service that lets you make money online by doing paid microtasks. Each task is something super simple that requires human interaction. For example, you will be asked to rate search results, check for the right spelling on search terms, or just translate a sentence. This allows you to work from anywhere and make money online.

51. Become an influencer

Do you have advocacy? Are you an expert on something? Do you have a hobby or skill that you want to share? Or are people just naturally drawn to you? You might have what it takes to become an online or social media influencer! As an influencer, you need to have a voice online, so people will want to follow and engage with you.

While Influencers are usually younger millennials, actually, there is no age to pursuing your online stardom! You can certainly be the next Baddiewinkle, who became an internet sensation at the age of 85.

senior become an influencer

Spread good vibes and helpful information to the world by becoming a voice for seniors and retirees. This can be your new meaningful and profitable retirement project. 

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