5 TRICKS For You On How To find Gumtree Casual Jobs

5 TRICKS For You On How To find Gumtree Casual Jobs
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Gumtree is a famous online platform in Australia connecting buyers and sellers. Part of this trade include jobs, where you can look for jobs. In all of Australia Gumtree boasts of over 3 million listings. As a retiree you can easily look for jobs in Gumtree, all you have to do is sign up by registering and creating a profile. The process of doing this is quite simple. After signing in you then are allowed to look for your respective jobs posted.

Here are some of the tricks you can effect to help you in your job search at Gumtree.

  1. The two options.

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What makes Gumtree exceptional is in how you can look for jobs. To find Gumtree casual jobs, there are two ways for job seeking. Simply one involves buying and the other involves selling. In the first one, as a retiree, you log in to your Gumtree account and search through the already posted job adverts. Just click on the  ‘Jobs’ subcategory in Gumtree homepage and search for Gumtree Casual Job of your choice in the region of choice After running a search then you can go through the various jobs posted looking for particular one in your select industry. Hence you are ‘buying’ a job.

The other option that involves ‘selling’, involves posting your own add. After logging in at the top right corner of the Gumtree homepage, there is a post an ad button. Click on it and then give it catchy title to the ad. Choose the ‘jobs’ category followed by ‘I’m looking for work’. In the next window, tick ‘Advertised by private’ and your preferred payment structure. The most important part here is the ‘Description’ part where you sell the prospective employees why they should pick you. Take your time and curate a description that is honest and informative to the employers. Tell the employers what makes you exceptional. Once you are done ensure that you copy the description to save you the pain of retyping it again when you will be reposting the ad. To liven your ad a bit you can put pictures showing you at work. The trick, in this case, is to repost your ad regularly while deleting the old one so as to stay top of search results.

Know which kind of job search works like a charm. Be consistent in it, master it and in no time you will get a Gumtree Casual Job.

  1. Know the keywords

Regardless of how you look for Gumtree casual job, keywords are paramount. Keywords are specific words which people search for while looking for ads, they are those that must appear while ads are being posted. After knowing what casual job you looking for, go ahead and think of the possible keywords. If you looking for a freelance job, then use the correct keywords like for example ‘freelance news reporter’ or ‘freelance research’. These keywords help narrow the search and make it simple to find more relevant searches. If you use keywords while posting a job ad you will be able to get more views, which could land you a job.

For a given job, always try various keyword combination to see the result.

  1. Know the location.

A location is a key tool in narrowing your search and making results more meaningful and realistic. It would be even more beneficial if you know the regional location of Gumtree Casual Job search. Where possible, narrow down the search to a specific radius. Narrowing down the radius comes in handy when your location is not in the Gumtree database. All you got to do is select the nearest town and widen radius range to accommodate your locality. Similarly in a city with a lot of job ads, narrowing the search to include a couple of blocks or particular suburb will avoid too much unnecessary search results.

If you manage to be more specific it will make your work more productive.


  1. Be on the look for scammers.

In such a vast internet community, they’re bound to be scammers. It is important to know how to spot such while searching for Gumtree casual jobs. A good example of scamming is when the ‘company’ offering you the Gumtree Casual job starts making demands; requesting payments from you, asking for your personal details like card number and pin. There are also fake websites, which under closer scrutiny fail to pay attention to detail. At such sites, you will find spelling mistakes or even name changes. The other type of websites to stay away from are those that your web browser or anti-virus has blocked.

Generally, every time you manage to land a Gumtree Casual Job, do a background check to verify the legitimacy of the job and company.

  1. Have a precise and concise CV

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The most lucrative bait for employees is the CV. A well-tailored CV will gift you a competitive edge over the rest of the job seekers. Create a CV in such a way that it highlights all your strengths and what you are good at. You can even customize your paperwork to suit a particular kind of job, writing it to explain why you are fit for that job. Research to know all the trends in that job industry, and if you need to update your skill set, then go for classes to do so.

To be successful in securing a Gumtree Casual Job, tailor CVs to suit different job applications. Create a unique CV for each and every job.

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