5 Must-Know Things about Earle Haven Retirement Village

5 Must-Know Things about Earle Haven Retirement Village
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A reputable retirement village has brought disgrace upon itself. The scandal revolving around the Earle Haven Retirement Village made the news recently where the operator abandoned about 70 residents.

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Here are the 5 things you must know about Earle Haven Retirement Village:

  1. Located at a distance of 12 km inland from the Surfers Paradise Earle Haven Retirement Village is located at Nerang. It is a co-located property with about 500 homes and a separate home for the elderly, housing 70 residents.
  2. Both the village and aged care homes share the same name. Owned by People Care, a company owned by Arthur Miller. It operates the retirement village. About 18 months ago, People Care handed over Earle Haven Retirement Village’s operations to another company named Help Street.
  3. On 11th July (Thursday), one of the staff from Earle Haven Retirement Village called up 000. This is to inform that Help Street had left the 70 residents to fend for themselves, and most of the staff had left the premises as well.
  4. Ambulances and police arrived and found that the aged care home had been stripped of everything. This includes equipment, medicines, and essential items such as food and incontinence pads.
  5. As a result, Queensland health doctors and paramedics relocated 70 residents. Apart from the essential items, removal of the residents’ records was the worst thing that came out of this incident leaving the new carers with no medical histories of the patients and no knowledge of medicines or the doctors. So rendered helpless, having no information on how to best care for or treat the aged residents. The health staff had to painstakingly recreate the medical histories and the medical requirements to fulfill the needs of the aged residents.
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 A harrowing ordeal

Senator Richard Colbeck, Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians, said that this all the departmental sources actively investigating this outrageous incident. A harrowing ordeal for the residents. It looks like all of this happened because of a contractual dispute. It’s between the sub-contractor (responsible for administrative and catering along with other support services) and the approved Aged Care provider.

The sub-contractor withdrew all of the services without prior notice and took everything from the facility leaving it unfavorable for the residents’ living.

Final Thoughts

The incident that took place at the Earle Haven Retirement Village is one example of the plenty of problems which occur in for-profit, private aged care, and care industries. Profit leads to an innate dispute between carrying out the services and cutting costs to save money. These contradictions rarely make it to the public.

The staff is the major cost in an aged care facility, and the less resident staff you have, the more profit you can make. Similarly, the lower the staff is paid with fewer facilities, the lower the costs.


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