5 Interesting Casual Jobs For Seniors In Adelaide

5 Interesting Casual Jobs For Seniors In Adelaide
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Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is a large cosmopolitan area that is a business hub inside the province, while also being a major city in all of Australia. It houses a large number of retired seniors. These seniors often look for work to stay active during their retirement. For that, there are a number of interesting casual jobs in Adelaide being offered for seniors. Here are some of them:

Customer Service Consultant

If you have experience in dealing with customers and happen to enjoy being around people, a job as a part time customer service consultant is one that you will like. It’s a casual job in Adelaide with flexible hours. All you need to do is follow company protocol and let your words handle the customer’s request. It is a great bet for anyone who feels they have the right conversational and interaction skills to deal with customers.

Sports Coach

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If you have had a keen interest in sports, you’re obviously going to want to explore it during your retirement life. While it’s too late to play, it is never too late to coach. Whether it is kids or adults, a job as a sports coach can help you not just interact with people and stay up to date with modern life, but it also helps explore more about your favourite sport. It’s a casual job in Adelaide that is for aficionados.


The food services sector in Adelaide is one that shows no sign of stopping its growth or slowing down. The best part about that is a large number of available jobs in the sector. Most cafes nowadays are looking for part-time or senior barista. If you happen to have an interest in working for the food services industry or like coffee a lot, this opportunity might just be for you. Besides a barista, there are a number of other openings such as those for waiters and kitchen staff.

Retail Assistant

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Retail is another financial sector that is continuously expanding and growing. It’s growth has opened a number of opportunities for part-time work that are available to anyone. Working as a retail assistant means that you have a casual job in Adelaide which is not just secure, but is also very flexible in its schedule. Furthermore, a job in retail pays a decent amount and happens to be quite interesting otherwise too.

Front Office Receptionist

There is no exact age for a receptionist. You can take on the job whenever you want to, given you have the skills and composure to deal with employer requests and questions put towards you by customers and visitors. Furthermore, the position of a front office receptionist is one that has a number of vacancies currently. It’s a casual job in Adelaide that you can easily find and do well in since it does not require you to invest too much physically.

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