5 Easy Ways Of How Seniors Making Money Online

5 Easy Ways Of How Seniors Making Money Online

Have you finally joined the retirees’ world? Well, congratulations! You are now entering a world of fulfilment, self-motivation, and opportunity!

Living a retired life does not mean that you have to sit at home all day, idle and stranded. It does not even mean that you can’t work or have to depend solely on your pension or your kids. Instead of using the dictionary meaning or retirement, which is to withdraw from active working life, use its new modern meaning: retirement as an opportunity to withdraw from things you have to do and start doing things that you want to do—whether that is working, volunteering, or learning new skills!

In this age of technology, so much is happening online. So if you’re wondering if there’s a space for seniors and retirees online, let me tell you: there definitely is. In fact, this is how seniors making money online! It is not that complicated. We will discuss 5 easy ways of how seniors making money online to help you find the best opportunities that suit you. Gear up and get ready to explore and experience something new!


1.Share Your Experience and Knowledge

share your knowledge

Now that you have ample experience and knowledge, this is the best time to share that with the younger generation or likeminded seniors. Many seniors making money online by offering their expertise for a price. Think of it as mentoring and consultancy. Maybe you have knowledge and experience to share with those struggling to step into the corporate world or set up their business. Maybe you are an expert in gardening, life couching, pet sitting, social media, travel guide and so many more. I am sure you are good at something and you can always keep upskilling to become better. You can start online mentoring sessions, create online courses, or even turn them into ebooks!

Udemy – Udemy is a leading global marketplace for learning and instruction that connects students with instructors all over the world. It’s one of the most popular learning and teaching platform with more than 35 million learners, 400 million enrollments, and 130,000 courses. If you have a course or skill to teach, Udemy can help you develop a course through video instruction, so you can connect with students all over the world and earn from it. They also have an active instructor community to help you through your course creation process.

SageThis is a platform made especially for seniors and retirees that honours the expertise of the 60+ community to helps foster intergenerational relationships through paid one-on-one classes. All you have to do is decide which skill you want to teach, sign up, get your page set-up, and meet people around the world who are excited and eager to learn from you! Their motto: “We’re not Aging; we’re saging” is a great reminder that your age is an asset, so use it mentor the new generation into becoming better members of their communities.

If you rather play in the stage of like-minded seniors at 4retirees community we also have and look for savvy seniors to mentor other seniors, so if you are not a member then we recommend joining now.

2. Start Freelancing

start freelancing

One of the best ways of how seniors making money online by providing freelancing services. After years of experience, you must already be a pro in your field. So why not use offer these skills and knowledge to make money online? Because of the proliferation of the digital sharing economy, there are so many freelancing platforms now where you can get projects from different clients all around the world. This is one of the best ways for you to be able to choose your projects at your own pace and on your own terms.

Fiverr – Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job, hence its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers on a global scale. Services offered are in writing, graphic design for beginners , website development, stagiest, accounting, business and many more. You work as a freelancer and can work from home or your own office.

UpworkUpwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. You can work as a freelancer and work from home. There is a wide variety of available projects across multiple categories, including sales and marketing, admin support, customer services, data and analytics, science and architecture, designing and creatives as well as writing and editing,

PeoplePerHourJust like Fiverr and Upwork, PeoplePerHour enables anyone to offer their services or hire other people’s services securely through the platform. A ton of categories covers; virtual assistance, online customer service, design, marketing and PR, software development, translation, blog writing, business support, and many more.

3. Search for Remote Jobs

Search for Remote Jobs

You can also work as a part-timer in different organizations. Now that many companies are still following a work-from-home system, there are many opportunities to work remotely. For seniors who are looking to make money online, you can apply for remote jobs such as becoming a sales representative or a personal assistant, etc.

Some online websites cater to basically everyone in the world—which is great, because of the bigger the market, the bigger the opportunities. However, there are websites that cater specifically to the senior market.

LinkedInLinkedIn is now the biggest professional social media platform in the world, connecting people from all over the world. One of its most popular features is its Jobs platform, where companies post job openings and you can apply swiftly with one click since your resume and work experience is already uploaded and ready on the platform. Learn more about this platform here.

IndeedIndeed is one of the most popular job boards online, which caters to a huge global market of more than 60 countries. While there are many local jobs to find, there are also tons of remote work opportunities available on the site.

Older Workers AUIf you’re based in Australia or would like to remotely work for an Australian company, check out this jobs board that specifically caters to seeking workers over the age of 45. Seniors and retirees will be more comfortable to apply knowing that their age will not be a disadvantage to jobs advertised on the site.

WorkForce50 – If you’re based in the US or would like to remotely work for an American company, you can also check WorkForce50.com, which is dedicated to helping workers above 50 looks for new opportunities. They also accommodate retiree concerns where you may not necessarily want to work full-time anymore. Given this, they have part-time, retail sales, online customer service, and telecommuting jobs.

4. Renting Out Extra Space of Your Home

Renting Out Extra Space of Your Home

When it comes to how seniors making money online, passive income is the best income! Since you already invested on your home, might as well make money from it! You can still earn while enjoying your relaxed, retiree life by utilizing the space on your property. Check out these trustworthy websites where you can list spaces on your home for others to rent out.

Store at My HouseThis platform has been the Airbnb of self-storage for well over 10 years. Since commercial storage units can be expensive, some people who need cheaper storage are coming to the site for self-storage solutions. As a person with unused space in your home, you can list your unused space in your home on the platform for a fee. This is great instead of leasing out your spare room to a live-in tenant who you have to share other spaces of your home with. In-Store At My House, you have minimum interaction with the renters, at a very good deal.

NeighborJust like Store At My House, Neighbor connects you with renters who need to store their stuff, car, RV, or boat in your unused spaces. What’s great about Neighbor is that you can rent your space with peace of mind since all hosts are protected by up to $1 million for personal liability claims. They also have an app to make communication and booking easier between the renter and lister. This website is for people based in the US.

SpacerIf you’re based in Australia, you can earn up to $4,200 in a year just by renting out your space for storage or parking. Spacer lets you advertise your space on the platform for free, and will only deduct a small fee for each successful transaction. They will also handle all the payments and deposits so you can rest easy that your renter will pay on time.

5. Create an Online Store

Create an Online Store

Do you have extra stuff you want to get rid off or products you’re interested in selling? Becoming an online entrepreneur is now becoming a popular career option because it requires little to no capital since your marketplace is online. You can list used items that you have but don’t need, arts and crafts that you do, or buy and sell products from suppliers. Here is could of examples of how seniors making money online. You can show your customers how to style them on your online store.

Facebook MarketplaceFacebook is now the biggest social media platform and online marketplace where you can set up your online store with a free marketing aspect! Since it’s a social media platform, the customers are already there—you just have to catch their attention. Listing on Facebook Marketplace is also free, but you may need to use third-party apps to handle money transactions and deliveries.

GumtreeSince 2000, Gumtree has been a popular online classified ads for those based in the UK and Australia. It’s a great place to list secondhand items, cars, property for rent, pets for sale, and even services like metal collection, plumbing, or massage!

EtsyFor handmade crafts and vintage items, you can sell them here at Etsy. Etsy is a global marketplace dedicated to arts and crafts so you’ll find a home for your handmade items and vintage wares here.

eBayeBay, of course, has been around for decades and continues to be a go-to online auction and marketplace website where people buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. Just take note: the website is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items after a limited number of free listings.

Of course, there are so much more online opportunities for seniors and retirees. Take our JOBS MATCH PROGRAM now so you can get matched exactly with the types of opportunities and side gigs that will fit your needs.

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