5 Desirable Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Aging is an experience accompanied by many reconsiderations. Most of these include decisions about our lifestyles, our taste in fashion, our clothes, our hair, and even our health. Looking for a hairstyle for over 60 also becomes a more important thing as facial features are changing, in some cases the hair has begun thinning. The bob hairstyle has been around for quite a while, and some may even term it as outdated. With the very many variations and styling options there are, the bob hairstyle for over 60 is not outdated, but rather a stylish way to redefine you and your lifestyle.
No matter your type of face, a bob can be styled to fit perfectly. Whether you want a cut that is just below the shoulder or something shorter, there is a style to suit you. Here are 5 Desirable Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 60 with pictures. These 2019 over 60 hairstyles are chic and trendy and will complement your desired look.

1. A Sleek bob

An A-line bob hairstyle 4 retirees

This simple yet chic style is full of vibrancy. For a perfect sleek round bob, go for a chin-length bob, to achieve a graceful look. This is a style for ladies with square faces as it helps focus attention on the jawline owing to its curved style.
The minimal layers make it a go-to over 60 hairstyles for ladies with thick hair. While styling it, ensure that each strand is equally straightened by using separate thin sections of hair. Experiment with your hair by varying the lengths of the sides. Look stylish and classy with this sleek bob hairstyle for women over 60.

2. The layered bob.

bob hairstyles for women over 60

There is something that layering does to the hair that gives the bob a unique look. This style requires little attention which means little maintenance. It is an ideal bob hairstyle for women over 60 with shoulder-length hair. The layering can further be styled by adding waves to the hairstyle which will introduce flow in your hair while highlighting the edges. The length of this over 60 hairstyle allows the use of accessories to add a more chic look. You can also opt for the shorter version of this bob hairstyle and even create bangs that can be swept to one side. Playing with colors to create a splash effect is something also worth a try.

3. An A-line bob.

An A-line bob hairstyle 4 retirees

The A-line bob is defined by cutting the hair to be slightly shorter at the back compared to the front section. Doing this gives hair a great movement and a superb side view. The asymmetry gives a new approach to the bob, with a revolutionary youthful look. You can also add some volume to your hair, by creating shorter layers at the back and longer ones at the front.
To angle the cut, it starts from the back, down between the chin and the shoulder. The A-line bob can be styled to give elongating effects, you just need to find the correct style of A-line bob that suits you.

4. Side parted bob.

bob hairstyles for women over 60 3
Source; Hairstyle_Camp

As the name suggests this hairstyle is created by your hair being styled in two separate sections. One side of the hair has a long cut curve, while the other section is cut short. This hairstyle suits those with rectangular faces or with well-defined features.
You can also get funky with this hairstyle and introduce some side partition, which is subject to your taste. There is no one right way to style – even curls are on the table.  To finish off this style, your stylist can highlight your hairstyle appropriately to suit your taste. Layers are also a great idea to make this side-parted bob more pronounced. If you are looking for an edgy youthful over 60 hairstyle then this is the style for you.

    5. A blunt bob 

A blunt bob hairstyle 4 retirees

This is bob that looks endearing with or without bangs. If you desire a hairstyle that enhances your facial features then a blunt bob will do the job perfectly. The blunt bob with bangs is achieved by giving the bangs a blunt cut. These two variations of the blunt bob hairstyle for women over 60 are very stylish and youthful.
This is one of the most versatile looks as it can fit oval, square, or heart-shaped faces. Fit for any type and texture of hair, so if you have thick hair, you do not have to worry.
The blunt bob is an over 60 hairstyle that is simply beautiful and quite easy to style.
Bobs give a simple appealing look, befitting women over 60 who want a short to medium length bob hairstyle. Why not try one of the above bob hairstyles for women over 60. Have fun with your hair and look and feel exceptional. Discuss with your stylist which style will suit your features as well as your personality. Who said women over 60 cannot look fresh and bright in a bob!
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