5 Most Wanted Casual Jobs For Seniors In Brisbane

5 Most Wanted Casual Jobs For Seniors In Brisbane
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Retirement in Brisbane does not mean that your professional life has come to an end. In fact, if you wish to stay active, there are a large number of casual jobs in Brisbane that senior citizens can opt for. These jobs not only offer flexible schedules but good pay as well. Hence, it’s a great way to make money during your retirement while also putting your skills to good use.

The most wanted casual jobs in Brisbane for senior citizens include:

Work in The Food Service Industry

If there is one industry that has been thriving for years in Brisbane, it is the food service industry. It has seen a large amount of expansion and has a large number of job openings available in the CBD and inner suburbs area especially. One of the most popular occupations in this sector is as a senior barista at a cafe. The schedules are flexible and the tasks simple. These are highly lucrative casual jobs in Brisbane for seniors.


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The Logan and the Southern Suburbs area offer a lot of potential for financial and marketing analysts. People are regularly on the search for investments and devising strategies to scale their businesses. As an analyst, you can use your years of experience to provide them with advice. This consultancy job is not just going to be flexible and simple to perform, it is also going to provide good compensation. Helping people with their financial planning is something that a senior citizen can use their experience and wisdom for quite easily.

Hair Stylist

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If you have experience as a hairstylist or hairdresser or are interested in it, you could realize this interest by working as an assistant stylist or even as a part-time one. It is one of the most popular occupations for seniors and makes for a very simple casual job in Brisbane that is also able to keep you active. You can find multiple requests looking for a hairstylist or hairdresser online and it is a great way for seniors to meet seniors.

Public Service

This casual job in Brisbane is actually more than just work. It’s a service to the people of Brisbane and Australia. While it may not account for a lot of money or any at times, there’s a great sense of fulfilment about it. Not only will you be helping people, but you will also be keeping yourself active. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to interact with people and learn about then. If you’re a people’s person, there are no better casual job opportunities than this one. This casual job can mostly be found in the inner suburbs.

Skin Beauty Therapist

If you have had experience with the cosmetic industry before, the idea of being a skin beauty consultant can be explored. It is a simple job with a flexible schedule. You can simply choose your work hours and also make the most of your knowledge in order to help people. It’s definitely one of the most wanted casual jobs for seniors in Brisbane.

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