4 Best Casual Jobs In Cairns For Senior Citizens

4 Best Casual Jobs In Cairns For Senior Citizens
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Cairns is a beautiful city to live in. Located in Queensland, this city is based in a tropical area in the North-West of Australia. Highly popular among the locals and is recognized for its location – being considered as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Furthermore, the tourism potential of the city, along with its presence in Queensland makes it a highly lucrative area for people looking for part-time work. In fact, the senior citizens who wish to remain active after their retirement are bound to find a number of opportunities for casual jobs in Cairns. Here are some of the best opportunities:

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Caretaker and Guardian

One job that senior citizens can easily fulfil with all of their knowledge is looking after younger people. Senior people have years of experience behind them and know just how to act as caretakers and guardians of the younger generation. Casual job as a caretaker or guardian highly suited for them. They can babysit while the parents are out and the task does not require much physicality. Furthermore, you will also be able to keep in touch with the younger generation and impart wisdom onto them. It’s perhaps the best casual job in Cairns for senior citizens.

Supervising Project Developers

Just because people retire does not mean they lose value in the job market. They have years of experience behind them and with that experience comes a lot of expertise that makes them highly valuable for the market. Senior retired citizens can be hired as mentors or supervisors by different companies. And invited to give seminars and train the entry-level workforce. It’s a casual job in Cairns that is high in demand and allows you to stay in touch with your former profession and knowledge.

Tutoring and Counseling

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As a person with years of experience professionally and in life, a retired senior citizen is a perfect person to seek advice from. They can tutor younger children at school and even university level, while also counselling them on their professional decisions. A casual job in Cairns as a counsellor or a tutor allows you to guide the newer generation and stay in touch with the changes forming in the world. It helps you stay up to date and constantly learn more even while you are out of the workforce.

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide is one of the most lucrative casual jobs in Sydney. Sydney has many historic and architectural monuments that attract tourists. Being a native of Sydney it is easy for retirees to help tourists go about different places. It is an interesting casual job in Sydney that helps you find out more things about your hometown. This work has flexible timing and you can be your boss.

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