51+ Must-Try Hairstyles For Women Over 60

The grace that comes with being a senior lady is the refined taste that comes with the age. However, most ladies still find it quite an experience selecting the perfect hairstyle for women over 60. Experience makes most seniors opt for comfort over new experiences. The beauty of hair is that with the right choice you can just look fabulous, elegant and beautiful as a senior lady. Just understand what hairstyle will complement your facial features, fit the occasion and make you most comfortable. Here are 51+ must-try hairstyles for women over 60. Whether you have fine hair or thick, you like it short or long, there is a hairstyle for everyone.

  1. Sleek bob

A blonde sleek bob hairstyle on a woman over 60. The bob haircut has been around for ages but it never disappoints. The sleek bob offers a chin-length haircut full of vibrancy. This is the hairstyle for women over 60 befits those with round faces attracting attention towards the jawline. It also requires minimal layers hence a perfect one for women with thick hair.

  1. Feathered pixie

A feathered pixie hairstyle on a senior woman.

The feathering of hairstyles is a simple way to try something both comfortable and less demanding on your hair. The layers of feathers are made to run from the front towards the back while shearing is done over the ears. The feathers and layers work in tandem to give women with fine hair some volume. This style can also be personalized by adding some highlights and choppy layers

  1. Voluminous blonde crop.

    A voluminous blonde crop hairstyle on a woman wearing a brown jacket.
    Pinterest@ CHUNKOFSTYLES

The point of this hairstyle for women over 60 is to introduce volume to fine hair on top. The hair at the top is cut to be relatively long and made to fall on the sides, back and front. Its short nature makes it possible for the hairstyle to draw attention to facial features. Don’t be afraid to look stylish in grey hair.

  1. Short Liberated Shag

    A blonde, short liberated shag hairstyle on a woman over 60.
    Pinterest@ THEUNDERCUT

If you are growing your hair and you still not decided on which hairstyle to wear, consider a shag. Shags are the ideal hairstyle for growing out hair as it frees up all the ends of your hair. You can play around with your hair to get a tousled look with choppy layers for fine hair. It is best suited for women with triangular faces, who want something both flirty and messy.

  1. Layered bob

    A blonde layered bob hairstyle on a woman who appears to be over 60.

A style requiring little attention and maintenance shoulder long. Flow can be introduced into the hairstyle by creating waves. The layers also make it possible for women who want volume as hair appears thick after this hairstyle.

  1. Messy Bun with bangs

    A messy bun with bangs hairstyle on a senior woman with grey hair.
    Pinterest@ SharonStricker

Who said that updos don’t look sexy! This unstructured hairstyle for women over 60 is for long hair, and for those who want something simple that brings youthfulness. This relaxed style can further be styled by adding bangs. The messy nature of the hairstyle allows those with thick long hairstyles their hair in a playful manner.

  1. Spiky Edgy pixie

    A spiky edgy pixie hairstyle on a woman with grey hair who is over 60 years old.
    Pinterest@ ALDAREIS

A very bold sexy hairstyle for women over 60 which brings youthfulness to your hair. The top hair is cut to be longer while the sides and the back are trimmed to be shorter. This also passes as a hairstyle for women over 60 with glasses, as glasses make this hairstyle more pronounced.

  1. A-line bob

    A-line bob hairstyle on a senior woman who has grey hair.
    Pinterest@ KimRiddle

This is the hairstyle that is common on the red carpets. The hairstyle defined by graduated haircut from the back towards the front. This also makes it a superb hairstyle for women over 60 with fine hair. You can also play around with this hairstyle to give your hair an elongating effect

  1. Pixie Bob With Swooped Back layers

    A pixie bob hairstyle with swooped back layers, on a woman who is over 60.
    Pinterest@ Lyn_Buckman

If you want to add edginess to your hair, this is the style. In addition to the edginess, your hair also will get some sleek bends. The artistic shape and the swooping layers add glamour and softness to hair while adding volume to fine hair. This is a mix between the bob and the pixie, bringing both style and class to women over 60

  1. Side parted bobs

    Side parted bobs hairstyle on a young woman.
    Pinterest@ Donna_Morris

This hairstyle defined by dividing the hair into two sections, then giving one section a relatively shorter curve cut. The curve cuts allow the hairstyle to focus on your sharp features and make you look chic and youthful. If you want to make the hairstyles more pronounced, introduce layers.

  1. Soft bun.

    A soft bun hairstyle on a young woman with blonde hair.
    Pinterest@ Deidre_Mercantini-Hammell

Women over 60 with long hairstyles, can try this relaxing, soft hairstyle. It is a perfect hairstyle to try if you want to effortlessly make your hair fuller. The bun is positioned at the center of the head, to make it easy on your hair strands. This hairstyle for women with straight and curly hair.

  1. Blunt bob.

    A blunt bob hairstyle on a young woman with blonde hair.
    Pinterest@ Bethany_Manning

This hairstyle for women over sixty comes with or without a bang. The bluntness of the cut has made this hairstyle be adored all through time. This is for ladies with oval faces and fits either women of thick or fine hair. It gives perfect focus to your jawline and allows you to accessorize.

  1. Modern Layered Cut

    A modern layered cut hairstyle on a woman over 60, who has ombre coloured hair.
    Pinterest@ Rebbeca_Andrews

This hairstyle for women over 60 befits women with either straight or curly hair. Layering is done over several occasions, hence it requires patience to be attained. The good thing about this hairstyle is once complete, management is easy. The short layers give your hair ease in movement and the much-needed bounce.

  1. Short Volume Cut

    A short volume cut hairstyle on a woman over 60 who has grey hair.
    Pinterest@ Carol_Margetic

A hairstyle for women over 60 who want to add some volume to the hair. If you are afraid that your hair is thinning, tell tour stylist to give you this hairstyle by removing hair that looks damaged. This is one of must consider hairstyle for women over 60 with grey hair.

  1. Classic Bob

    A classic bob hairstyle on a senior woman with blonde hair.
    Pinterest@ Charlotte_Teel

It’s a short chin-length hairstyle for women over 60, common among celebrities. It also is a fine hairstyle to add volume to hair. This hairstyle requires frequent care as it is easily weighed down by longer lengths. It also redirects focus to any of your sharp facial features by drawing hair away from your face.

  1. Edgy pixie

    An edgy pixie cut hairstyle on a woman over 60, with blonde and brown tipped hair.
    Pinterest@ Kay_Hughes

The short hairstyle for women over 60, is a youthful hairstyle that allows for a lot of customizations. You can push this hairstyle to the front to give you some bangs. Considering the shortness of this hairstyle one would have to do frequent trimming depending on the speed of your hair growth. But once the trim has been attained little maintenance and styling are required. This is a hairstyle for women over 60 with fine hair and symmetrical facial features

  1. The braided updo with bangs

    Braided up-do hairstyle with bangs on a young woman with blonde, brownish hair.
    Pinterest@ Flor_Guillén_Molina

If you are a woman over 60 looking for a style that will fit your long hair, try this updo. First, braid your hair, then interlock them to form an updo. In addition to creating a wavy side bang, the simplicity of this hairstyle enables it to be an elegant quick fix.

  1. The Inverted bob.

    An inverted bob hairstyle on a blonde woman who appears to be over 60.
    Instagram @ STYLING_BY_JEFF

This is one of the very unique hairstyles. Instead of the normal trimming of hair which always involves, cutting stacked layers that elongate towards the back, this is the other way round. The stacked layers are cut with the lengths increasing towards the front of the face. The result of this style is it draws attention away from the face as it irradiates.

  1. Short feathered layers.

    Short feathered layers hairstyle on a senior woman.
    Pinterest@ Faces_of_ONY

This crop hairstyle draws hair away from the face managing to give focus on any of your facial features. The best part about this hairstyle for women over 60 is that you would not have to worry about your hair being all over your face. Hence this is a perfect hairstyle for women over 60 who like it tidy and simple.

  1. The short updos.

    The short up-do hairstyle on a woman who appears to be middle aged with blonde hair.
    Pinterest@  wb_upstyles

A hairstyle for all women, both with straight and curly hair. It also allows for versatility as there are various styling options available with and without bangs. The effect of this hairstyle is that it gives hair relaxation. A simple styling option is rolling your hair at the back while ensuring the sides are flat.

  1. Classic curved wedge cut

    Classic curved wedge cut hairstyle on a senior woman who has brown hair.
    Pinterest@ Malou_Lucero-gilbert

A short voluminous hairstyle for all hair colors. A hairstyle for women over 60 who want a style that keeps hair off the face and neck. The gradual transition of layers allows it to frame your facial features. It also adds volume to fine hair creating the impression of thickness.

  1. Layered Mushroom

Layered mushroom hairstyle on a woman over 60 with blondish hair.
Pinterest@ Sixty-and-Me

This hairstyle is cut by layering and elongating the sides to create an artistic mushroom shape. Maintenance for this hairstyle is minimal and can be as simple as a wash and dry. Besides, the layers add to the volume of the hair, while making your face radiate since it does not cover the face

  1. A modern updo.

    A modern up-do hairstyle on a young woman with blonde hair.
    Pinterest@ updos_hairstyle

This the long natural way to wear that neck long curly hair. To style this hairstyle, the hair at the back must be trimmed to be relatively shorter as its shortness gives the hair the glamorous balance. On top of this, it gives your hair relaxation and allows you to grace formal and informal events.

  1. Short Curls

    Short curls hairstyle on a senior woman who has brown hair and is wearing glasses.
    Pinterest@ Shavon_Bolton_Stalnaker

Women looking for a curly hairstyle for women over sixty should consider this, neither long nor short, just above the shoulders. It adds volume and texture to your hair and is also a must-try hairstyle for women who prefer hair with a lot of movement.

  1. Short with a twist

    A short cut with a twist hairstyle on a woman over 60, with grey hair.
    Pinterest@ GLAMINATI

Women of medium hair length can try this hairstyle. This hairstyle for women over 60 is accommodative in terms of flexibility. You can fashion it by making it wavy, adding some bangs or even tousled. The best part is that it keeps off your face.

  1. Soft Bangs

    Soft bangs hairstyle on a senior woman, who has reddish hair.
    Pinterest@ Sue_Bollinger

Bangs can bring out any effect you want. Mostly if you are an over 60 woman looking for a hairstyle that attracts attention. The hair then is then styled to have gentle waves. This hairstyle helps one focus attention on your eyes and nose.

  1. Asymmetrical pixie

    Asymmetrical hairstyle on a senior woman, who has blonde hair.
    Pinterest@ TheHairStyler

A very genius way to wear your pixie in so many different styles all with one pixie. By playing around with lengths and giving it a wavy or a straight touch, it is a nice way to get two different looks from the same hairstyle. This hairstyle for women over 60 is appropriate for women with a rather busy lifestyle. When styling the front is relatively made longer, to give you that elegant

  1. Shaggy bob

    Shaggy bob hairstyle on a senior woman, who has brownish hair.
    Pinterest@ Joan WIllems-Blankenship

A great hairstyle to give hair texture with minimal maintenance. The shorty hairstyle for women over 60 is given a chin-length trim, the waves are chopped and styled in any way you want. This style goes well with wavy natural hair.

  1. Chic crop

    Chic crop hairstyle on a young woman who has ombre coloured hair.
    Pinterest@ Cheryl_Kolich

A style suited for both thick and finer affine hair. Requiring little layers for elegance this style is for women over 60 with natural straight or wavy hair.

  1. Curly Shag

    A curly shag hairstyle on a woman who has grey hair and appears to be over 60.
    Instagram @ ASH_WINSLOW

A great way to keep your hair elegant in its natural grey color. The medium length hairstyle for women over 60 is styled to let the hair fall on the side of the head. It allows you to avoid any additional expenses that come with dying of hair.

  1. Tapered pixie

    A tapered pixie hairstyle on a woman over 60, with blonde hair.
    Instagram @ HAIRBYELENA

A very simple way to add length to hair by creating extra-long pieces on top. The hairstyle is further styled by creating side-parted bangs. This sexy hairstyle for women over 60 adds to hair‘s texture and flow. It also a great hairstyle for women over 60 with glasses.

BONUS: Enjoy these 20+ Additional Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Those 31 hairstyles are guaranteed to improve your confidence and make you feel younger, but there are also some other honourable mentions if you didn’t find that any of those match your style or personality.

Here are 20 additional hairstyles for short hair, long hair or for those looking for edgy haircuts.

32. Classic bob

classic bob

This type of bob is the right length and style to give off that classic and elegant vibe. When styling, bring out your trusty hair dryer to add volume.

33. Fade mohawk with upsweep

fade mohawk

Mohawk is usually a hairstyle associated to men. But this mohawk variation is so chic and classy that it works as one of the best and most modern hairstyles for women over 60. The different highlights and hair colors also add dimension to the hair.

34. Tapered shag with bangs

tapered shag

This tapered shag donned by country music legend Emmylou Harris is such a great look for women over 60! The long layers partnered up with the shorter layers and soft bangs make this look laid back and casual, but glamorous at the same time.

35. Ruffled boy cut

ruffled boy cut for women

This boy cut for women over 60 lends a laid back and casual look. Since you’re going for a messy and ruffled look, it also needs little to no maintenance and after-shower preparation!

36. Shoulder-length straight cut

diane keaton hairstyle

This shoulder-length straight cut by celebrity Diane Keaton is gorgeous! If you have straight hair, maintaining a straight cut is easy. It also lets you flaunt and embrace all your white hair because to be honest, platinum hair looks awesome!

37. Super short boy cut

super short boy cut

If you don’t want to fuss over your hair anymore and just want zero maintenance, chop it off and don a super short boy cut just like Judi Drench.

38. Buzzcut

buzzcut senior women
Instagram @clairedeluneblog

Feeling bold and adventurous? Grab the razor and run it all over your head! There are so many hairstyles for women over 60 that you can browse through, but sometimes, just letting it all go is also an option. Femininity is not measured in hair length, so just go for this hairstyle if that’s what you feel like doing.

39. Purple pixie

purple pixie

Who says colored hair is just for the younger ones? Women over 60 can totally rock colored hairstyles just like this purple pixie that automatically cuts 10 years off your age!

40. Bold fringe

bold fringe

If you’re not yet ready to color your whole head, why not start with the tips? Highlight your fringe with a dash of your favorite color.

41.  Rainbow faux-hawk

rainbow faux hawk

If you can’t decide, why not put all the colors that you want on your hair? This rainbow faux hawk is definitely a conversation starter, drawing attention to you as you enter any room.

42. Two-tone split color

two tone split color

Does this hair color not remind you of Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians? Think of it as Disney villain, but made more chic! And the subdued colors is also much tamer than other hair colors, if you’re not yet ready for that.

43. Shaved head with design

shaved head design

How about a side shave with a mandala design? Barbers can help you design different patterns with your hair using a shaver. So look for different designs that resonate with you, and have that shaved into your head! This may be a bit harder to maintain compared to most hairstyles for women over 60, so prepare to visit the salon every 2 weeks.

44. Long hair in braids

long hair in braids

If you don’t want to chop off your beautiful locks, you can keep them neat and tidy in this one-side braid.

45. Stylish fly-aways

stylish flyaway

To achieve this stylish fly-away hairstyle, ask for a layered cut. When styling, bring out the blow dryer and dry in sections. This look gives women over 60 such a refreshing and youthful glow!

46. Sexy curls

Sexy curls

Don’t tone down your allure just because you’ve reached a certain age! Instead, embrace it and flaunt it. Permanent curls can now be achieved through salon treatments, so go for it so you’re ready to party and look good anytime.

47. Bowl cut

bowl cut
Instagram @sulekati

For a modern and adventurous look, why not try the bowl cut? The bold silhouette created by this hairstyle says a lot about a person’s character, so go for it if you feel like it resonates with you.

48. Voluminous layers

voluminous layers
Instagram @janellenelson

For something classy, women over 60 love this voluminous pixie hairstyle. This layered pixie is done well so that it gives extra volume to thin hair.

49. Ombre curl

ombre curl

Let’s bring two things together: an elegant ombre hair color, and a nice big curl at the bottom. If your hair is just starting to turn white, you’ll see that you may have varying shades of hair in different sections. This is okay! Ask for a hair color that will match your greying hair and achieve this nice ombre. Finish with a good curl.

50. Chin bob with curly bangs

curly bob bangs
Instagram @tanya.borisovskaya

Who said bangs are only for those with straight hair? Even curly-haired women over 60 will look good with this chin-length bob with curly bangs! This look is definitely perfect for someone quirky and fun.

51. Lob with full bangs

Lob with full bangs
Instagram @ashesrgray

A longer bob is actually called a “lob” and this look a very classy and polished look for women over 60. Chop straight and add full bangs for the full effect. This hairstyle is great for women with straight hair.

52. Styled afro

styled afro

If you’ve got a head full of afro hair, you have so many ways to style it beautifully! To keep it away from your face, use a cloth headband like this.

53. Side-parted ponytail

older women ponytail

This sophisticated side-parted ponytail is perfect for women who don’t like to fuss over their hairstyles. You can pull this off with any hairstyle that’s longer than your shoulder, and looks especially good if you have ombre-colored hair.

A hairstyle is not just your hair, it’s in how you wear it, your attitude. So wear your style with pride, own it. Whether it is straight, curly or grey it has a story no one can tell but only you. Explore out of your comfort zone and give a try one of these sexy hairstyles for women over 60.

Discuss your hair with your stylist and go for it. Take care of your hair with hair foods and always keep your hair clean. To help accentuate and highlight your new hairstyle, we recommend choosing a suitable shampoo for gray hair. Choose a style that suits your way of life, one that will make you most relaxed. Choose a hair that makes you youthful and brings back all the memories, the fun. Hairstyles for women over 60 are far from boring, they can be chic, sassy and rejuvenating. Do not shy away from rocking it as a senior.

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