3 Must-Know Things About Oak Tree Retirement Villages

3 Must-Know Things About Oak Tree Retirement Villages
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Nothing feels more satisfying than knowing that at the end of the day all the house chores, gardening, and the heavy lifting has been done. Well, this is the life that Oak Tree Retirement Village is offering for retirees. The Oak Tree Retirement Villages are organized by the Oak Tree group and is specialized in providing economically viable, safe and classy retirement communities. Today we are going to look at 3 must-know things about Oak Tree Retirement Villages.

Many locations to choose from.

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Oak Tree Retirement Village has a growing number of 28 villages.  Scattered from Cairns in the North all the way to Hobart in the South. Other villages built in new locations. This ensure Retiree get to choose a village in either a metropolitan or regional location. Oak Tree Retirement Village available locations ensure that Retirees stay close to their loved ones while residing in a familiar locality. Other benefits of Oak Tree Retirement Villages is the large number of locations is the available services and facilities offered. It varies from village to village. Retirees can choose a location that suits their needs and hobbies.

The ownership structure.

Unlike most retirement villages, Oak Tree Retirement Village has two ownership structures; loan and lease, and loan and license. The main difference between the two is that in loan and lease, they will register the Retirees lease on the title. While that of loan and license will not. Registered interest holder is given the opinion about how in-going and ongoing contributions are handled.

Under the Loan and license, Retirees are offered the right to live in Oak Tree Retirement Village over a stipulated period, without having to own the house. License Agreement will dictate the Ongoing fees.
In-going fees for both ownership structures are GST free.  If you wish to sell your villa, Oak Tree Retirement Village will not charge any commission to resell it.  Pay an exit fee only when the villa has been sold.
Entry models and the transaction process is simplified. Curated to benefit you as a retiree.

The people.

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The village has a strictly over 55 entry requirement, subject to special considerations. This results in a feeling of belonging. Fellow retirees provide companionship. Retirees can both relax and participate in the  wide variety of activities. Tasked with maintenance are other members of village. Handpicked to ensure that they are able  to learn the Retirees needs so they can improve on the village services. These details have made them a trusting and easily  adjustable lifestyle for all retirees.  Retirees will feel like they have a new family.

Find yourself a village. Visit Oak Tree Retirement Village. Understand what best suits you and what you need in a retirement village. Is it the peace of mind? Is it companionship? Know this and then thoroughly research each and every village before finally deciding to move. Consult your loved ones too on their opinion and advice, once you have made your decision, you will be rewarded with a lifestyle of fun, companionship, security and a sense of belonging.

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