3 Most Wanted Casual Jobs In Hobart for Seniors

3 Most Wanted Casual Jobs In Hobart for Seniors
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Hobart, Tasmania is a fantastic small city full of life and fun activities. The beaches make it a fantastic place for a vacation and is the reason why Hobart attracts a large number of tourists. This large amount of activity means that there are a large number of opportunities for part-time work. Hobart presents a great platform for seniors looking for part-time work. They are able to find work in all kinds of fields and are able to secure positions which help them stay active and happy during their retirement time. Some of the most wanted casual jobs in Hobart for seniors include:

Hotel/Resort Worker

Since Hobart sees a large number of people coming in to enjoy the beaches, the hotels and resorts are fairly full during the year. They are always looking for some extra help and part-time employees are their solution for that. As a senior citizen, work in either a hotel or a resort means that you will have to put in some hours when they are required, without having to follow a set routine.

A job as a hotel concierge or an usher or guide at a resort is some ideal positions that you can make use of. They do not require a lot of physical movement or activity and are jobs that you can relax on until you are called for action. It is work that is not just simple, but also quite secure for a senior citizen. The only downside to it is the fact that night shifts are a possibility. Besides that? It is a near-perfect casual job in Hobart for retired citizens.


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People who come to Hobart will need to be driven around the town. This makes cab drivers and ride-sharing very common. Driving’s taken on a new turn with the introduction of ride-sharing platforms such as Uber and Lyft, and you can use it to your advantage by driving when you want to. Simply register your car and drive as per your mood. You can go online whenever you want and work. Besides ride-sharing, you can also seek employment by a retail company to deliver goods or by one of the tourist agencies, where you will have the task of showing people around Hobart.

Tax and Financial Consultant

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A financial consultant is a necessity for most households. Planning requires expertise and taxes require bookkeeping knowledge and experience. If you have had experience with the finance sector before, working as a freelance tax and finance consultant is bound to be a lucrative job during your retirement. It is a casual job in Hobart that will require you to put in the work once or twice a year. There’s no shortage of people who might hire you and the returns you will get from it will not just be about the money; you will also be utilizing the skills you have accrued over your professional life. This casual job in Hobart will help you stay professionally and mentally active during your retirement.

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