3 SHOCKING Aveo Retirement Villages Reviews

3 SHOCKING Aveo Retirement Villages Reviews
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Across Australia, Aveo has about 13,000 residents and this number is growing at a fast pace. These numbers are going to increase to 20,000 in the coming years. It is one of the most reputable retirement villages. Therefore, any Aveo retirement villages review that seems to deviate from their approach to care for the residents and elderly is hard to believe.

Here are a few Aveo retirement villages reviews that got public attention due to their disappointing nature:

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Various other cases surfaced in the past few years where residents alleged the company for ripping them off of money.

Gwyneth Jones, a former resident of the retirement village, The George. She states that she was admitted to the Biala Unit. A psychiatric department for dementia even when she did not have dementia. Jones claims that Aveo had ulterior motives behind the diagnosis, so they could evict her based on this particular form of dementia. Her health records also support her claims that it was all a deliberate plan to evict her from her home in Aveo.

There have been complaints regarding care and attention as well.

John Hayto, 86, is one of the residents who is still recovering in a rehabilitation centre after a fall seven months ago. Hayto suffered for five days without food, water, or medication and his dream of safety and emergency services alone. He was a resident of Veronica Gardens and his Aveo retirement villages review describes the negligence of the staff. The man fell down on November 13th, 2016 at 5 AM with his foot pinned beneath him. He was on the floor for five whole days. He drifted in and out of consciousness without water, food, and the 16 tablets he has to take due to his diabetes.

The old man blamed himself for not having his mobile phone or the pendant around his neck which the company offers to the elderly so they can contact the emergency services. But due to the absence of these things, the staff did not get to know about it earlier. His friend Bob Becker had called the reception desk on the second day asking to check on him. The girl went for two minutes and came back to contact him later. But Becker did not hear from her. Thankfully, Hayto’s cleaner found him who comes once in two weeks. If not for him, or if he had fallen in the other week, he would have been dead.

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There was no record of this particular incident at the company’s end.

Monica Johnson’s lung issues worsened after she moved in the retirement village. According to her doctor, the damp and black mould of her unit in the Aveo Mountain View Village is the reason behind her deteriorating health. Johnson revealed that black mould had been spreading through her property for years. It began in the guttering at first and later infected the eaves around the building as well.

After conducting a series of medical tests, Johnson was diagnosed with long-standing chronic lung disease. And since she moved to the village, her condition and respiratory symptoms had worsened. Her doctor says that there is an evident improvement in her condition when she is away from the unit. The village took four years to do something about the mould. But it has returned and the doctor has recommended her to find better accommodation for herself.

The company dealt with these issues professionally and has shown resolute efforts to deal with these troubling methods. The company has stated that Aveo can do better and it will. It is pretty huge on the company’s part that Aveo admitted its faults and negligence in certain areas leading to disappointment of the residents. Following these troubling reviews, the company has enhanced and strengthened its policies and procedures regarding complaint handling that also includes a requirement for independent mediation.

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